Only new #coldwar could make america great again.

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But does cold war make Russia great again?

How to translate into English "Я вaм пoкaжy кyзькинy мaть!"?

so who will be our opponent this time? cuckrussia is rigged with poverty and will collapse in few decades if not sooner

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You don't. It's untranslatable.


R Bam nokax ky3bknhy matb

russia has a lot of muslim population.

you can always say its part of the "war on terror".



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Lmao at least it was great in the first place

Russia is an eternal shithole

chechens milking russia's federal budget which actually helps US of Ayy
and those other mudslimes are russians by now and they are not radical

>they are not radical

so were Iraqis that didnt stop yous from bombing the shit out of them

It wasn't fighter jet. It was bomber.

Yeah you sure can repaint your 1970s aircraft. 'Cept the red stars; haven't gotten around to painting those over yet.


They're going to be painted yellow now, as in gold, since russia is capitalist now.

shit started there when british mandate left
waaaay before bombings

And red star is still official symbol of military, air fleet and navy here.

>since russia is capitalist now

What is free economic?

it's when you decide who will pound your gentle slav butthole and you set the price to compete on a market with other slavs for better customers

and russian economy is when party or putain decides for you.

Both are called capitalism.


>be Ivan
>wake up in my comfy commieblock
>take a drink of Smirnoff or two or three
>shoot up Krokodil
>start up computer and upload those pics I shot of my 9 year old niece online
>go outside for a stroll
>reflect on how much Russia sucks
>yell out loud PUTIN IS A FAGGOT!!!
>cops instantly arrest me and send me to Siberia
>my arm rots off from the Krokodil

You were arrested because you didn't punch your wife in a cooch

Japan became supper rich in the cold war era.

By sucking usa's cock?

jelly mr. dubs?