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Mr. Key edition.

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then why isn't nz in it?


>tfw no good tactical fps games in 2016





um scuze me m8 aren't u forgetting team fortress 2?


recompiling my kernel

>tfw only gave a shit about dark souls 3
>nothing else to look forward to this year
>and probably next year too
Video games don't feel fun anymore. Nothing does.

Fuck this jew is ugly.

ėėėė kurmi ėė kaa teee veiki

Finished Dark Souls :)

Going on enemy territory lads ha ha haa


lord of cindre was way too easy

just remember to never deescalate a situation, always act as aggressively as possible otherwise people will think you a bitch

>raining outside
>windows open
>sitting shirtless
>still sweating

>Video games don't feel fun anymore. Nothing does.
i know that feel

thank (You)

Is this bait?


Look harder.


good dubs

good dubs

spot the dubs

I actually got triple dubs m8

i think it's because they're too simple/easy now

and usually short

it's a business instead of an art now so you get the bare minimum of what they think you'll pay for

>be sad
>haven't touched desktop or vidya in a week
>decide to see what's going on
>DOOM released
>Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster released

I can feel some semblance of hope inside me, now all they need to do is actually crack DOOM

good dubs

Have you already arranged your vacation in May 2017, /balt/? We are going to Sydney to watch some Eurovision.

>War stimulates technological advancements and innovation

give me some tactical shooters

Open your eyes and look.

>Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster released
>I can feel some semblance of hope inside me

>>Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
nigga just upscale your emulator


Please respond


Forget that one

Fill out this one lads

>Overwatch has less than 600 viewers on Twitch
>less than a week after release
You can't make this shit up 2bh

best one desu

>being a twitchbabby

Is it released?
They proudly stated they had 9.7 mil players in open beta

I guess that was released too huh, and Battleborn?
Didn't care about either but at least they're out of the way. Overwatch seems fine.

>Initial release date: May 24, 2016

>it's an 'underaged kids talk about video games' thread

>playing computer games

literally children in a man's body


I feel pretty sorry for you guys desu

i'm sick of gaming now and i'd love to take up another hobby but nothing seems interesting to me


Excellent posts

hello dad what are you doing here on Sup Forums?

pls seed

Literally why?

Have you actually tried anything else?

Go do something outdoors or improve yourself.

>too lazy and lacking the motivation to play video games
>watch streams instead

>it's a depressed and decaying oldfag episode

>14h 50m

Why do the captcha images keep disappearing when I want to click on them
That is pretty counterproductive in all honesty and it costs me a lot of time

>a grown man literally playing games meant for children

>He has 100 games on steam
>He quietly chuckles to himself as he discusses games in /balt/
>He internally pats himself on the back as he reclines in glee
>"I pity adults" he whispers as he reaches for another handful of tendies
>He spits breadcrumbes through stained, smiling teeth as continues to chuckle
>"Bath time!" his mother and primary caretaker calls to him down the stairs to the basement
>He lets out a disgruntled sigh as he clicks off Sup Forums.org
>"I'll be back for the rest of those non-game players later" he thinks to himself as he struggles to lift himself out of his sticky chair
>Still chuckling on his way up the stairs he yells
>"You better be quick this time, mum, I have important things to do on my computer!"
>"Yes honey, it's just that if we rush it too much, you'll get another rash" his mother replies as she cries internally
>His chuckling and smile fades and is replaced with exhausted grunts and groans as he approaches the top of the stairs
>"I don't care, mum, I'm having a very important discussion with people about things I don't like, they're all fedora wearing neckbeards, I have to show them what they look like" He exclaims through gasping breathes
>"Okay honey, I'll be as quick as I can" the mere shell of a woman replies
>"Well, get on with it then, whore" he tells her as he enters the bathroom
>His mother sheds a single tear as she reaches for the sponge on a stick to clean between his flab
>She silently wonders how nice her life would have been had she decided to go through with the abortion
>"Too late now" she utters
>"What's too late, mum? The cretinous melt asks
>"Nothing, honey... Nothing"

stop fighting

Same. I can't get motivated enough to play anything myself. But actual good streamers/let's players are so rare. I don't know what to do anymore.

and what do you do big boy?

>not using legacy captcha


Live a happy and productive life.


I get that too, but there are still good ones out there. Plenty of old games you might not have played too.

Lmao @ the hag

heh similar speeds
I don't get any more upload than you unfortunately

Because you can't appreciate the wonder that is video games. It's fine, it's just saddening that not everyone can experience them positively.

that's living in NZ bud, well and downloading a torrent that has doesn't have many seeds compared to leechers right now

>tfw 991 games on Steam

I only watch Giant Bomb's stuff

i'll stop if u promise to respect my feelings

doesn't seems so t bh because you wouldn't spend your time here

>Because you can't appreciate the wonder that is video games. It's fine, it's just saddening that not everyone can experience them positively.

But I have appreciated them, when I was a child, there is no positive in celebrating a vice.

>I only watch Giant Bomb's stuff
Same here. But im a poorfag, wanna MEGA latest UPF?

>bad torrents

Lmao@u t bh

Download via mega nz links. Beats torrent any day and has 0 risk of mail

I was being facetious tee bee haitch

>respect my feelings

>991 games on Steam
no (you) this time buddy only scorn

>Because you can't appreciate the wonder that is video games
kek. Are you 12 by any chance?

>he's an adult
>he doesn't regularly read

Why so many games? I have like 100 and even then I've played about half of them.

>tee bee haitch

it's aitch you backwards abo

>heh similar speeds
I have other torrents going and its fluctuating quite a lot
I limit my upload speed

good posts

I played more with ur mum than you have played with ur games.

r8 my reading material

inb4 weeb and other cruel, hurtful things

>he is unironically americanised
Pic related

I read visual novels.
Been falling behind lately due to school though.


Nice digits, weeb.


Good taste.

that was a great one but it appears you're reading a translation which makes you a nigger and impure

in fact i'm literally disappointed


For /balt/.
FOR /balt/!!

newzies are on fire today