Americans will defend this

>Americans will defend this
>Americans will say their spic immigrants are well integrated and behave better than European muslims

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>implying that muslims rape less than spics

Bravo, cuck

The difference is that they went to jail and exposed in the media instead of #NotAllLations or #TheyAreTheRealVictims shit fest.

You are talking to Mehmet.

Ever heard of Donald Trump?

t. mehmet osman

He went to jail Mehmet, meanwhile your cousins can rape freely.

fuck off ahmed

the faces of everyone in the picture are very symbolic

Do spics kill hundreds of Americans at a time in terrorist attacks?

that guy's hat is resting on his head. at first I giggled a little bit but now I'm thinking perhaps it is a hat from his childhood and he has a strong emotional connection to it and wears it to remind him of happier times

There hasn't been a single terrorist attack in Germany up to date.

That just means it's only a matter of time.

France and Belgium are just the beginning

No, but Mossad does.


hmmm... "no". maybe 1 or 2 here and there.


Let me tell you about your country.

Well not terror attacks, but they do kill tens of thousands of Americans.

But aren't many of their victims African Americans?

MS13 is fucked up.


>rapists going to jail triggers the yuropoor


Amazing how white people have to care for brown people. They always come to white people to taken care for. Wherever white people are they will come.

Or am i an Islamophobic racist Nazi? And must be punished for that hate thought?

You're right, which is why you should support Trump.


not to sound like an SJW, but it has a lot to do with economics. Nobody was migrating into Europe in the dark ages when the continent was plagued with constant, brutal warfare.

A lot of the way the world is today was set in stone by mere biological chance. I highly recommend this short video to give insight, it's a great watch

>Those women
Maybe the one closer to the camera
The further one looks like the average spic.


>refugees costed Germany 94 billion euro
>94 billion euro

Spotted the Sup Forumstard

Murica. All Escobars MUST go to prison, pronto.

At least we put them in prison instead of giving them houses and free money.

Actually, yes. This. Nobody is standing up for this kid screaming "he's a good boy!"

That dudes ass hole is non existent by now. People don't treat rapist and molesters very good in jail.

They need the wall

He's right though, retard. In America if you commit a crime, you go to jail. Unless you're rich enough of course, but that's an unrelated matter.

All of my life i hear that i must take care of brown people. From collecting money for Africa in kindergarten to pay taxes for refugees. And giving away my own culture. I don't buy it anymore. And it has nothing to do with germs and viruses.

Patently false.

>A knifeman killed a passenger and injured several others during a rampage at a train station in the Bavarian town of Grafing near Munich this morning.
>The knife-wielding man shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is great") during the violent attack at 5am local time, according to witnesses.

And uh,
>September 18 2015
An Islamic terrorist was shot dead after stabbing a German policewoman in the neck during a savage attack in west Berlin.

>Police cancelled a Germany v Holland football match at short notice due to a "concrete" threat of a terror attack at Hanover stadium.
>Hanover’s police chief Volker Kluge later revealed the plan was to “detonate explosives” at the stadium. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had been due to attend the game

He's in a gang though so I doubt his asshole is in danger. The idea of prison justice is exaggerated. Like in the outside world who you know is everything.

There's also that guy who shot two Americans outside an Air Force base. Rammstein?

I was talking about the larger scope of our current state of affairs, not the widespread liberal indoctrination present in western society.

The issue you walk about is one formed out of wealth. With wealth comes ideologies like these, for better or worse. With industry, we have the time to ponder about the condition of other humans, and thus develop a propensity to feel sorry for them. I want all nations of the world to succeed so this kind of thinking does not develop, but unfortunately that is, and will forever remain, a fantasy.

I don't know much about the politics of your nation, but from the sound of things it seems you will not swing to the right fast enough. You are alway free to move to the US if you have the skills, work ethic, and moral compass



wtf is this travesty

isnt 12 years of prison a bit long for a teenager?

what is that


So a single death happened due to "terror" by one deranged knife man?
And other than that only failed attempts and one attack on American soldiers (which is a good thing)

just some germans on a parade

Not here! We try minors as adults and give them the death penalty sometimes. Murrican justice.

>pure german descendant with no religious background but background of selfmeditated psychiatric problems shouting the FotM line before snapping makes it legit

Regarding to that logic screaming "Heil Hitler" before robbing a bank would mean the Nazis are back to get the remaining jew gold.

They most certainly would fuck his shit up. He got 12 years in prison and is from El Salvador. No one is going to save that little boys fresh ass.

>Conservative wiggers shoot up schools
>"Mental illness is a tragedy"
>Foreigner commits crime
>"omg they're ANIMALS"

MS-13 are a bunch of assholes from South America.

Did you not just read how there a bomb plot they foiled?
>Which is a good thing
Hellooooo Mehmet, how's Germany treating you?


actually it's
>migrant commits crime
>not on the media
>if it is, it's always a mentally unstable person

why do muslims point their finger in the air and say 'takbir'? are you reminding each other what the sky is?

Guys, the Americans (without overseas territories) don't believe us because their press freedom is worse than Botswana's.

don't believe you how, aquafresh?

At least I have cheap dental care.

Says the person who has 50 socialist stars on his flag

Why are you making zero sense?

Botswana is a decent country though, better than France and Spain

Good post Ahmed

Why does your flag have a yellow dot on it if you zoom in?

So do I, going in today actually for a cleaning.

No one except his gang? There are a ton of MS-13 members in prison.

Then why do France and Spain end up better than you in press freedom?

Every time

It's the I am Greek sub human who is absolutely not T*rk and never is on the Side of muslims

>12 years
>not the death penalty
what is the matter with white people?

Good thing I'm voting for Trump
Also if a Muslim did that in Germany he'd get off scot-free

Outdated data?

It's just data of a different source but it doesn't change the fact you're 41 of the 180 countries

Okkkk, it's not like France is a repressive, backwards dictatorship. It's not ideal, but I don't see the problem.

But in southafrica last year some parliaments members were taken out of the house of representatives

No one protects a child rapist in prison. Being a gang member would probably make it worse because he would be stuck with only gang members instead of the general population. Most likely the gaurds will look the other way too.