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oh shit waddup

literally within 10 seconds of the thread being made

what is wrong with you

can you not count

I don't like it, but I'll have to go along with it

need my cum swallowed

>last night
>bits in the kitchen
>everyone shouting 'bits in the kitchen!' because of this
>bits in the kitchen is now stuck in my head, like some sort of music lyric

Do you have what it takes to wield the mighty Drilldo lads?

>We arrived when the ‘glitzy’ premiere was in full swing and its commentators in garrulous humour. We heard gems including “the idea of pooled sovereignty is bollocks”, “the EU isn’t undemocratic it is antidemocratic” and – my favourite – “unelected bureaucrats in Brussels get free Viagra”.


I know... and Hillary Clinton, saying they have to stay, but Republicans aren't commenting and I don't want them to

alright then 12 seconds

doesn't make you any less autistic

Her tits are spectacular

Me too

need to swallow some cum



>We managed to jump the horrendous queue and entered the foyer. The film was financed by 1,800 supporters who raised £100,000 – half of which came from a single hedge fund manager. Inside we found those supporters – many wearing UKIP or Vote Leave badges. They were not shy about their radical views on Europe, nor shy about their radical idea of what constituted an outfit.

>radical views on Europe

Enjoyed this video of scottish tarts scrapping. Good quality video too but the twat filmed it in portrait view.


cambodian princess

peaky blinders any good boys?


no, you are the autistic one

>let me calculate how long it took him to post cara
>do it wrong anyway

daft cunt


Feelin' Fine.

getting my daily dose of Nick Land



Indeed they are


Has anyone here ever tasted poo? Recommended?

Fucking machines!

reckon it'll get any upvotes on reddit?


consists of looking at two times you mong

as a child, was not a fan

your love keeps lifting me higher and higher

yet you still couldn't do it LMAO

out of ice


still pissed from last night tbf

Why don't you own an £8,000 extension cable lads?


warm out

Italian weather

ITT: we thank the based machine fuck Jew


used to unironically find these memes funny


I do though

don't assume, it makes an ass out of u and me


intentionally gave myself blue balls

>White supremacist society

Dis bitch


yeah same, i also unironically browsed 9gag like pretty much every class in year 10 or 11 until i discovered reddit.

Trying out the new headphones lads

Do they really think African society is better? Do they think Asian society is less racist? They're so fucking stupid

this desu

chineses everywhere

I know you are but what are they?

Any law lads on? What's the likelihood of going to prison if somebody is caught driving drunk, without insurance and whilst already disqualified for driving drunk?

absolutely disgusting. i found Sup Forums through a DUDE WEED forum that i used to frequent when i was about 15 and have been here since then, that was in 2009

FBF was top meme back in the day

fuck off you clog wearing dutch cunt

I've never studied law, but I even know that you're going to jail.

>why yes, I will be voting to stay in the European Union

Are you bed ridden? Are you paralyzed? Why are you always, always here?


Tumblr forced meme. Fuck yourself.

Forgot your pic, allow me to help

Sup Forums 2bh

that boy is a hoxton hero skinny fit jeans and dresses in pink


>why yes, i do enjoy posting EU referendum related material on a little chinese girl cartoon forum


at least I'm not Irish though LOL


not every dutch flag is me 2bh assuming you were aiming this at me :^)

Depends. I know someone who escaped with a suspended sentence on the third time being caught. He basically cried like a bitch in court though and used his fucked up home life (divorce, lost his home, kids etc) as mitigating circumstances.

A bit difficult on the eyes to read the bold fonts


lisicki's lover

Much obliged

>bullying caralad
*taps sign above door*
think on

Unlikely that you'll get an actual custodial sentence

who are you and why are you pretending to be me?

a much loved classic

Ok fair enough, why are you always here though?



top bored neet 2bh but i've been coming less and less to Sup Forums

Spent 30 mintues looking for a mediocre porno and still can't find it

>skinny blonde british schoolgirl, big tits, short hair, blue top(?)
>complains to teacher that the American school makes her feel lonely but that she likes his british accent

Can't find it ANYWHERE


please stop.

If you lads don't vote for us on Eurovision tonight, I'll have your guts for garters.

Is Kev's life the perfect example of the tragi-comic?

vote4vote bby

*rips down your sign and wipes my bare, smelly arse with it*

>i've been coming less and less to Sup Forums
Good, this place is a crutch, I'm trying to stop using it so much too 2bh

i'll vote for you lad

Ffs. I'm hoping he gets sent down, he's such a cunt.
Annoying. It isn't me, I'm the one who called the rozzers on him.

This is why Americans own guns


not sure why but i really like cara lad


How dear you


Nah dude it's fine.