>walk into a bog
>see this
what do lads

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hes saying dont drink that its filled with cow shite

>what do lads
Complain about them ever thinking they could take on the Brits being delusional, say we need to focus spending on Church donations and buying cattle.

The whole origins of Ireland are shrouded in Marxism.

Real shady shit.

Marxists love the original IRA.
No wonder. Ireland and Irish nationalism have always been to the left of poltiics.

The marxist murderers you idolise (IRA) wanted to build a communist country.
It's a good thing orange-men exist to oppose your insanity.
Otherwise the last sane corner of this island would fall to you people.

Creepy stuff. Ireland's a creepy country. Like an experiment gone wrong.


Ahh thanks.

Kek whatevs.

You sound like a man who is well read on the personalities involved in the Rising and War of Independence, as well as the political and cultural situation of Ireland at the time.

Post the picture where they burned the flag of the Ivory Coast please. Or post all their spelling mistakes. How about a couple of videos where they're attacking the fire service after ringing in fake calls? Please, show us more of how they counter our "insanity".

Go cry somewhere else.



I don't understand the reference.

>He's STILL going after getting blown the fuck out numerous times
Looks like we have our class clown, hopefully he sticks around. Seeing him getting destroyed on every point he makes is always a joy.


I do enjoy myself.

Their names in Irish. Iarmhí doesn't sound anything like West-Meath. Tiobraid Arainn doesn't sound like Tipperary.

No fucking way. Is that legit?

You better believe it. They really are the brightest bunch, those orange folk.

>enjoy *it myself.

It is actually phonetically correct for the accent.


ur not 2 brite r u

>says Hugh doesn't sound like Aodh
>give more examples
>"i dun get it"

But still grammatically incorrect for their language. I love how they use the red hand of ulster as their emblem, yet it's from Irish folklore.

No. But could you please explain the point of your post?

>says Hugh doesn't sound like Aodh
He never said that.

It's also common to see murals of how they 'stand with Israel".

>It is actually phonetically correct for the accent.
Then "no" should be "noi"

That was what the post implied. Quite heavily.

The appropriation of the Red Hand actually makes sense in Ulster Loyalist symbolism.

>says Hugh doesn't sound like Aodh
That was my post, not his.

I'm confused, then who was he?

some other guy who tried to understand what we were referencing

They call our language stupid and barbaric.

>That was what the post implied. Quite heavily.
It may have been implied it but it wasn't very clear your intention.

>I need to go drop a cludgie
Honestly the word fits.

Unionists support Israel for the bants to piss off uppity taigs that support Palestine
It's not sincere

>taig flag most commonly confused with that of a third world african shithole
how poetic

First post highlights "Hugh", with a picture of Aodh Ó Néill whose name is anglicised as Hugh. Reply references anglicised placenames that also don't sound like their original Irish form. It was pretty clear.

Poetic because you basically are a 3rd world shithole.

Taig, comes from the actual name Tadhg. Literally not offensive. Same as Fenian or Paddy.

Not to mention this gobshite has a following.

No it wasn't. It was just an image with an Anglicised version of an Irish name and then a list of counties in English.

Irish lads please explain how to pronounce words in your language.

Táim ag dul go dtí an trá - I'm going to the beach.

Who would actually want to live in NI? You've ruined the place for everyone. The next generation of loyalists are the biggest bunch of uneducated twats ever. If there were a vote for reunification, I'd only tick yes if genocide of the orange people were included.

Made this in about 5 minutes, there might be one or two inaccuracies but for the most part it's fine.

Mint, thanks bro

Image name is "Aodh", highlights "Hugh". Put 2+2 together and see the theme continued in the reply. It's clear enough, if you can't pick up on it it's either that you're uneducated or slow.


Who here /MasteredAnChopail/?
Bádóir is ea mé
Is bádóir mé
Tá mé i mo bhádóir
Bádóir atá ionam
All of these mean: I'm a boatman.


Bhí bean ag Joe.
Bhí banjo ag Joe.
B'fhearr go deo Joe ar an mbanjo ná bean Joe ar an mbanjo go deo.

It's light out, the birds won't shut up, I was exhausted all day yesterday but I still can't sleep.

I have autism. But no it wasn't very clear especially to a monolingual English speaker.

I should add I've even been taking sleeping aides.

>to a monolingual English speaker.
That's where the problem lies, honestly.

Tá sicín ina seasamh sna sneachta lá siocha.

Do this: Thabhairfainn gal don té a thabharfadh gal dom is gal aige is gan gal agam; ach an té ná tabharfadh gal dom is gal aige is gan gal agam, ní tabharfainn gal dó is gal agam is gan gal aige.

Why are all you lads still up?

My addiction to shamberleaf has me up.

I like that. Is it an original personally created pun?

Have a wank.

Going to bed at 6

Well there you go, you're just plainly uneducated.

Tis indeed. Only shams smoke it.


Tá bhur ngé
Inár ngort
Tá ár ngas
I ngob bhur ngé
Ag ithe
Ár ngas glas

I have no fucking idea, I had only fixed my sleeping schedule yesterday too.

Going have one myself right now.

Ya bleedin' sham, ye

Had one earlier for the first time in 3 weeks.

Not being able to speak a useless language hardly makes me uneducated, but you are correct I am uneducated.



Are you from Donegal or just go to the Gaeltach there? It sounded like Dublin.

Wow, you're good. Dublin born and raised. Goath Dobhair Gaeltacht 3 times.

I'm on 3g lad so I didn't listen to it.

Being Irish and not having enough Irish to understand what's being referenced is what makes you uneducated, regardless of how useless you think the knowledge is.

No it was just poorly formatted.

>Wow, you're good
No, I just remember talking to you before about you going to a Gaeltacht in Donegal so when you said you spoke Ulster dialect and you have a Dublin accent, I just wanted to make sure.


Please no bully

>I-I'm not dumb for not piecing together something simple

just correcting you quick, the german language has no gh sound. it would just be pronounced as a g followed by a h, not a voiced ch.
otherwise perfect

lad i have a 7 year education in irish, never paid attention for any of it, and i got the reference.


I love the emphasis on the time.
I can't put an area to your accent though.

How am I meant to contextualize the implication of an image entitled with an Irish name and the subject of the post being an Anglicancized version of that name with random counties in English?

How are those two posts so apparently related. An historical figure and geographic locations.

At first I thought it was a reference to his military campaigns.

>I love the emphasis on the time.
I was supposed to be waking up at this time, not going to sleep.

>I can't put an area to your accent though.

If you had Google'd one of the counties, you'd probably have been able to guess tbf.

I cant stop shitposting about Eurovision. Help.

Laois - westmeath - meath.
I'm locking in those final awnsers.

>I was supposed to be waking up at this time, not going to sleep.

I share you pain. I planned to study for the night, got a little drunk, watched eurovision, and shitposted on Sup Forums all night.

Why the fuck would I Google a county?


To not look like a stupid fuck? Just hazarding a guess.

Dublin. How on earth didn't I get I that. You're definitely not near the city, so I'll say you're near the border of Cill Dara. I couldn't catch the last part.

Googling a county would not make me look like a stupid fuck?

Kek. The suggestion in itself makes you a thick cunt.


If you had Google'd it, you might not have seemed a thick cunt. Instead you didn't, and you seemed a thick cunt.

Seems like you chose the 100% chance of looking like a fucking mongoloid path, aye?

Lads, do you think a good step to actually reviving Gaeilge to extent where it's spoken more commonly around the country would be to remove English off road signs?

Whatevs lad, the whole thing is stupid n i dont care anymore and I should be asleep.

But it certainly wasn't obvious.

Make the Gaeltachts tax-free zones. If Google wants to only pay €2 million in tax, they can fucking support the Gaeltachts at least.

make the givernment irish only
put a high tax on importing english language media
remove the constitutional status of irish

You contextualise it by not being thick and detecting the obvious. It's a picture of Aodh, "Hugh" is in quotation marks, something often done to emphasise the spurious use of a word or name. Ask yourself what could be questionable about Aodh being called Hugh? The answer is obvious. Apply this theme to reply.

>remove the constitutional status of irish
english ofc

No that would cause accidents you wally.

>Ask yourself what could be questionable about Aodh being called Hugh? The answer is obvious.
No it's not.

>make Gaeltacht tax-free
>place becomes flooded with even more cancerous English speakers looking for low tax


Not even tax free. What about the idea of "lower tax zones" In conamara and ulster? Try and expand the Gaeltacht areas, give higher preference to people who can speak it, or to those who want to learn the language.

It's shocking to see how RT has a learn russian section on their website, a complete beginners guide. And you look on RTÉ.ie. Doesn't even compare.

>i dont care anymore
>replies anyway

have u ever considered that ur a thick?

They'll speak Irish to adapt or we'll just put the language out of its misery. All or nothing.

*The answer is obvious unless you're a complete retard

If we lose Gaeilge, then the Brits would've won.