Why are Asians physically incapable of pronouncing the letter L? I'm genuinely curious

Why are Asians physically incapable of pronouncing the letter L? I'm genuinely curious

Because L is the first letter in Love and Asians do not feel emotions.


It doesn't exist in their language

Same reason westerns can't pronounce asian r/l sound properly

especially americans (not shitposting but true)

Why are you physically incapable of pronouncing the letter ﻉ

why cant french pronounce "h", or anglos "r"

>terrorist letters

L exists in Chinese, the stereotype is because of gooks and nips.

Nonetheless my native tongue is English so I've no problem with pronunciation.

It is not true
There your curiosity is sated

t. Asian

h is silent in french so we naturally don't pronounce it unless we focus on it.

Mostly Singaporean with a bit of finn here
It's an exaggerated stereotype but it does have some truth to it, some relatives of mine have trouble saying L or R properly.

I've only really seen it with Japanese, they just take the English pronunciation and make their own words with an R (unless there was already a native term)

Lion ---> ライオン ---> Raion
Philippines ---> フィリピン ---> Firipin
Mobile ---> モビール ---> Mobairu

and so on

>Mostly Singaporean with a bit of finn here
How on earth did that happen m8

>no trouble with english


I know way too many SingChinks to believe that meme.

Unless you are expat?

>Mostly Singaporean with a bit of finn here

>I know way too many SingChinks to believe that meme.
Sadly that is true. Most people here are terrible at English.
I speak in a ripoff American accent without the meme creole so I'm fine.

To simplify: when you're growing up, your brain builds a database of patterns from sensory inputs - images, sounds, et cetera. Your developed brain is then able to understand what your senses are observing by searching the input for known patterns. As such, if a certain pattern doesn't exist in your database, your brain literally can't see it. Learning new patterns becomes harder the older you are, so Asians who move to the West struggle with sounds that don't exist in their own language.

This also explains why people from other races tend to look the same. You're more used to the facial structures from your own race, so you find it easier to tell people from said race apart.

international relationships are a very interesting thing
people think im middle eastern.


>writes mobiiru in runes
Please decide.

And you've been in Finland your whole life?

Only Japanese can't pronounce L while the Chinese can't pronounce R. I don't know about Korean tho.

>the Chinese can't pronounce R
I'm _pretty_ sure this is exclusive to southerners

>I don't know about Korean tho.
They're just like nips; their language doesn't differentiate between R and L.

Made more sense to write it that way in English to me, you're right though

Just ask a korean to say "rural" and you will know it

Only spent like 3-4 months in my entire lifetime in Singapore on like 7-9 trips or so, can't remember exact number because I was a kid
Used to know chinese but forgot it at like age of 11 and only know very basics now and can't read it.

East Asians* this is important

>we iz not Arabs ayoo

Why do you have a letter you never pronounce

Aren't the Firipins in East Asia?

you must be one of a kind, ever meet someone with the same mix?

why do you have penis if you never use it

No one whose parents are actually Singaporean, just a bunch of chinese mixes that hang out with the 100% singaporeans here. I've never met anyone who has been both singaporean and from here ethnically

>the 100% singaporeans here
dhe fugg? There's a community there that's significant enough for them to hang around together?

never heard of this

That's Old English you knob

For the same reason you're unable to pronounce the letter ы.

I myself am pretty good at pronouncing English like a native but anyway what do you expect from us when even people with much closer relations to the English speaking world like Indians, Pinoys and most Europeans speak shit retarded English.

People have developed facial muscles differently depending on the languages they usually speak.

Very, very small. Enough to fill about a third of some celebration hall in Helsinki when the president visited for a bit more than six years ago, although I'm not sure how many of the people attending it were Singaporeans though (Some may possibly be chinks, since the social group is connected with them) but most of the attending me included got to meet and shake hands with the president.

what's the sound?

was supposed to be a reply to

I know this is going to sound silly but most people describe it as "the sound you make when you get punched in the gut".
It's a very loose interpretation but I can't say it's inaccurate.
But basically the reason for all that stuff is having sounds that don't exist in your native language. A lot of Russians can't pronounce "thin" for example, because the sound θ doesn't exist in Russian, so those with less learning capability tend to just change it to a "f" or an "s", same with ð in "the" changed to a "z" or, again, a "z"

>people think im middle eastern.

guess someone's mom got KEBAB'd

Eng. /l/ is a alveolar lateral approximate (often velarized).
Eng. /r/ is a alveolar approximate.

Both sounds don't exist in Japanese/Chinese/Korean. IIRC, the closest sound in Jap./Kor. is the alveolar tap, which doesn't occur as phenome in English, but does occur as an allophone of /t/ in N.Am.Eng. 'butter'. I believe the same phenomena occurs in PR Spanish as well.