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>tfw I'm exclusively attracted to boyish looking androgynous girls

Who else?

>tfw the SA80 is a piece of shit
gib SLR pls

They're a civilized nation and have tons of regions, I'd be working on this one thing the entire game

We Rhodesia now

nigga you gay


You need to step up your imperialism lad, nothing is civilised until it's painted British red.

*puts Rohypnol in your drink*

Currently executing a jam

where's the twat that called me an attention seeker 2 hours ago

I'm literally disgusted by gays though so no

Girls just look better with short hair

It's a game mechanic. Basically it means that I can't go apeshit and annex a multi-region country in one go if it's civilized

Has anyone else noticed yanks wearing the new British army camo in pictures?

Multicam was designed jointly by the Brits and americans

we both use it

Like the F35


I actually went out with a grill just like this, but with blue eyes and a lot more pale.

Turned out she was crazy

>Like the F35
don't remind me

Open support. War is now mate there's no other option.


>A US that knows it's place

Lucky lad.

Friend of mine is selling a shit ton of Nazi memorobilia + jackets + army wear from other countries as well

gonna grab a Wehrmacht jacket off him and an SS dagger

desu considering my current haircut and the fact I have big muttonchops atm and regularly wear combat boots/US Army camo I'm starting to look a bit like a Fascist

not that I mind
girls dig fascism and I'm swole enough to pull it off

There's something fascinatingly cosy about the thought of being asleep while others are awake
Makes death seem not so bad, you just get in your cocoon and rest there forever while the world keeps turning around you
If there's no life after death then you have the added bonus of never having to wake up; if reincarnation is a ting then you'll never remember anyway; and if there is a conventional afterlife, then you get to wake up and continue to exist in hopefully more pleasant circumstances

based Eisenhower came around

Just farted and it smelled great

>the F35

I vetoed the UN's attempt to intervene on Egypt's behalf. I don't know why I lost Suez since I won the war, but it looks like Egypt is going to annex Sinai
Maybe they'll transfer Suez back after
This mod is a lot better than I expected

>that nighttime map
I should actually buy Victoria2 since most mods won't work on pirated copies, and honestly I'm bored to death with vanilla having put hundreds of hours in

It isn't an actual map, it's just the background for the various menus

Did you get the Suez back?

either way
I REALLY want a cold-war game
not since Darkest Hour has there been anything close
but Vicky has better politics and population/economy sim than HoI

I don't know what the fuck is going on right now
Israel won against Egypt

So you got fuck all?

>tfw Paradox cancelled East vs West
fuck you Parajew

There might be an event soon-ish. If there isn't by like 1960, I'll just give myself Suez

to make Stellaris and HoI4

both of which are pretty EZ mode
though Stellaris is cool and has potential if they keep supporting it

>tfw can't get mods because im a pirate

You think that's blobby, whenever I play as a united Germany I get my arse handed to me by the UK even after I've zergrushed the rest of Europe

sounds about right

Alright keep us up to date on happenings.


Most educated country on earth

it's /brit/ related

you have a time machine that can only transport your one way and only 50 years

would you rather go 50 years into the past or into the future?


It's no more unrelated than the average post here so fuck off.
Nice lad.

I feel like most of these events are tailored for people playing as the USA

Woah, the UK has a population of 60 million. Figured you guys were around the size of us (Bout 25m) for some reason.


making an arrangement

Can I bring my camera with me and interact with historical figures?

It is too late for me to stop us from joining the bad guys in WW2 but maybe I can give us a warning of what our traitors have done to the country.

just teasing since it looks like its turned into /gsg/

Can you take a selfie with Oswald Mosley.

50 years ago is 1966
you can't bring anything back but you get some cash and period clothes


yank tier ignorance

we nato now

Watching the Long Good Friday
>tfw old London is dead
wish I could live in 1950s-70s London

>when we hit the 50million mark we'll probably be non white

If I can't bring anything back then I would just sound like an insane man.

I could play the stock market, but that is just personal gain without helping the UK not self destruct.

The future is something I don't even want to know about. 50 years and our race will be completely genocided.

we're in trouble boys

that girl isnt so boyish looking cept for the short hair

if she had long hair she'd look normal desu but flat chested

just try to be moderate about it
make billions and use that money to sway the country in your favor

no one with a million dollars sounds like a nut no matter what they say.

but they have vaginas, the least gay thing a man can like

How will you solve this issue prime minister?

I made them successful, maybe there'll be more events in the future

ahoy hoy lads

pulled up pretty well after last night hahaha yay

Is it true europeans don't like peanut butter?

It's strange how it refers to Northern Ireland when you completely annexed Ireland.

It's okay on occasion.

Peanut butter and jelly sounds fucking rancid.

it might be the same as here, where a lot of people hate the mass produced kraft peanut butter but like actual peanut spread

>mfw I hear about people eating it straight from the container

How would we know?

Event is probably slightly broken because of that

I checked and I think Egypt was supposed to be partitioned between the UK and France, with most of Sinai going to Israel
I'm going to do a compromise, take back Suez and let Egypt remain independent

whatd you do lads aha

gf just sent me this

It's great, m8

My sister does this then puts the fucking spoon back in the jar

Well let's just wish on a star that the IRA disappear.

>American food

>Peanut butter and jelly sounds fucking rancid.

Literally one of the fattest things you can do.

Absolutely disgraceful.


got super drunk, called my m8s gf sister a cuck because her bf cheated on her and then hit on her 9.5/10 friend like i had a shot even without the sister being all mad at me for calling her a cuck

haha ok

I unironically eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. It sounds gross, but it's amazing. Anyone I've convinced to eat it ends up liking it

whatd u do la

Peanut butter and cucumber is great

My sister is a annoying cunt, but I'd cry if she died, 2bh

pre drinks w friends

lined up to go to some fuck awful club that i despise

slipped away and caught the train home and watched everyones snaps in bed


did anything come of it?

I-I-I love little girls they make me feel so good.

little girls dont live forever
enjoy them while you can
theyre made for little boys
and soon you'll be a man

If you faggots would actually speak English then you wouldn't be triggered by that post.


i'm on pluto
i'm on mars

i made up with the sister and we were like cuddling friendly and shit and the 9.5 added me on fb and said i was really nice hahaha waheyy


just got in from a night out and its bright as fuck and the birds are loud FUCKING LOVE THIS CHEERS

>If a colonial power (UK, Holland, France and Belgium) gets to the point of loosing some control to rebels, the US will get involved. The US has large WW2 direct and indirect debt demands on those nations, and is given the decision to demand immediate repayment. If the colonial nation can't cough up 1 mil gold, they will go bankrupt. Once in bankruptcy any colonial province with colonial_unrest lost to Rebels will force you to release them.

why is the US so pestiferous?

How the fuck do people get into comics these days? I've literally never seen them in the store. You have to go out of your way to find them

I wish I had a sister. Would you recommend it, m8s?