1. Your ethnicity

1. Your ethnicity
2. The ethnicity if your ideal mating partner

1. """""Persian"""""
2. """"'Persian""""" or Slav (Ethnic Russian, Ukrainian, or Croatian)

1. English/Scottish
2. White or East Asian, no mating though, or marriage, just life partner

1. botanical
2. Ashkenazi Jewess

1. Bengali
2. Anyone from the middle east

1. Rusyn Ukrainian
2. Rusyn Ukrainian or Ukrainian

""White"", Italian-German
White, East Asian, or one of the light skinned Arabs

a fucking white male
a fucking white female


1. White Latino
2. White Latina

>Mating Partner

No wonder nobody here can get a girlfriend

Some kind of spic
White female to eliminate the spic.

1.South Asian (North Indian and Pashtun)
2. Ashkenazi Jewess

1. Chink
2. A strong, virile, white male to pour his ejaculate into my gaping boipucci

1. Azerbaijani.
2. Any redhead.

1. Black-Italian American
2. Black


Even China is whiter than you

FUck off Juan.

el ukrainiANO

el mexico de norte

Confirmed. Fuck off Juan.

Зaпaднaя Poccия

1. German/Irish/Arab
2. Indian, white-black mix, Latina, Jewish

1. half yoruk turkmen half adyghe circassian
2. a circassian or turkic qt patootie

1. Germanic/Scandinavian
2. Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic, or Italian mix, would consider Korean

different mix