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Newcastle Brown Ale


daily reminder that lefties cannot understand democracy

Why do people keep going on about this google search thing?

How do they even know it's Brexiters googling it? Why couldn't it be remainers googling it because no one expected brexit to happen?

>brothers having friends over
>asked him earlier if he was getting a takeaway since I wanted one too
>he says alri
>just text me to tell me he's already ordered



Very retro.


just had a blowout with the gf lads

silly cunt was throwing a wobbly because she bought an extra garlic bread

i tried to tell her, you can never have enough garlic bread but noooo

this 2bh lads

back when lethal bizzle was lethal b


Because lefties are morons and need anything to support their warped view.

I miss Craven. I don't care that he was fake.

what da fuq that's a pie with a baby crying inside it

Doombar amber ale

this is /brit/

made Sedat vote for leave. hope you won't deport him. he is well integrated and will bring me a shirt of Coventry City.

>appendix scar

third eye: calcified

>second half starting
>get VERY comfy on sofa
>realise I forgot my beer
>suddenly gf walks by and hands me the beer


no, I'm /brit/

Only because you let it be

Look at this fucking dog

How do you think Craven voted in the referendum lads? I think he would vote leave, but he knows that without his French chef he would starve to death.

Looks british

james blunt must be brought to justice for his war crimes


>You will never be financially secure to start a family in your early twenties and have a healthy loving relationship for the world to see

Emilia Clarke 2bh lads

oh, sorry about that
wont let it happen again
I didnt do anything

Did some cleaning, laundry, and made food for the hubby. Time for some vino I think! x

Black Sheep Masham Ale

RIP in peace m'lord.

spending £20 on this takeaway out of anger

what you getting

How does /brit/ feel about this?


>look at pictures of pretty girls
>willy doubles in size and becomes hard

is this normal?

you cheeky cunt

>Singer James Blunt 'prevented World War III'

Shame she got fat

not clicking this virus

wait, craven was fake?

I thought he was real but his manservant james was fake


qts that freckled

no you should get that checked out

hey /brit/

no, it should expand when you see pretty boys

we are all /brit/

sushi for tomorrow lunch and prawn katsu curry for tonight

Would you?
Be honest.

been getting fat

>The Chinese government has expressed that it will form "closer ties" with Britain and the EU with prosperous deals that will "benefit everybody".
>The People's Daily (Chinese government run newspaper) is reporting that the Chinese government "laughs" Britain when they think they will have a trade deal with China.

So which is it?

I didn't vote but at least I virtue signalled on Facebook how progressive I am

Get me a scallop.


moved me a bit when i saw it on the telly desu

very cute


is she about to test a fucking machine?

This is a perfect example. "This isn't my vote", the 16 year old who's smarter than all the leave voters, "xenophobia" winning. What the fuck goes through their heads.

southern rubbish

Was proper shitting myself yesterday lads but it seems as long as we stay in the EEA we'll be alright. Why the fuck are UKIP against it, leaving that would actually destroy our economy?

Just changed pants without showering haha. x

god I hope so
wish id saved all of the webms when the jew posted them
I only have 1

>the 16 year old who's smarter than all the leave voters

Well that's not hard.


haven't seen lili in ages
what happened?

wonder what a guardian columnist's kinks are like

this 2bh

t. Skateboard design graduate

Ah yes my 2.2 in sports science from the University of Bradford makes me an expert on politics.

wtf i hate space now

>all this butt blast from the EU

This just proves the UK made the right choice. France and Germany are acting like you declared them enemies. The EU itself is starting to see itself as an individual political machine instead of a mere union. Good. People deserve the right of self rule and I'm glad the UK now has it.

It's very important to watch how the EU treats the situation. If the leaders of the EU forget the goodwill that has existed between the UK and the continent for the past century, then you know you made the right choice. I'll feel bad for countries like Denmark or Austria when that happens. Austrians or Danes will now understand that they are not being ruled by themselves anymore, but by the EU.

ah yes

How does it feel knowing you are the embodiment of a smug liberal demographic 52% of the country voted against?

I knew my media studies degree would come in handy!

quite nice to have yanks defending the UK for once

also not nice at the same time because, yanks, umm no thanks?

mm but yeah


Why are chinks such smug humourless twats

To be fare, France and Germany are our enemies, they always have been.

Probably both.

One for home, one for abroad.

now france wants to do frexit

Is it our fault that their economies took a hit?

Someone had to save Europe from it's self

Worse thing about these Guardian pictures is that they make them look somewhat average looking. In other pictures you can tell they are uggo

>this post
>coming from US home the chlorinated chicken and fluoridated water

ah yes... the ol' global recession, very impressive

>when you're sat there stoned as fuck and remember you got some junk food downstairs that you forgot about

>I'm smart, i'm just lazy and never bothered getting a degree

>independence day 2 comes out to coincide with the UK's independence day

Thanks for thinking of us Jeff Goldblum


doing a swexit

% residents sent to leftist indoctrination camps

Yes because we import most of our stuff

>i don't have an argument so i'll just make up a quote and post a picture of a frog

Do French people know longer think of the British as allies anymore because they chose to govern themselves?

as you can see from the graph, slumps in the FTSE take many months to years to actually appear