Went to Continental Europe (Spain, France, Italy) on vacation for the past week

>Went to Continental Europe (Spain, France, Italy) on vacation for the past week
>People all smelled like shit, didn't wash their hands after going to the restroom, refused to queue at restaurants, and had no sense of what I would consider decorum
>Everything was overpriced and shops closed early
>Shitty roads, shitty internet
>Seems like nobody has a job
>Refused to speak English but seemed angry when you make attempts to speak in their language
>Everyone thought I was Australian or Irish (?)
>They have the nerve to call Americans uncultured and primitive

>Went to Norway for a day before I came back this morning and it was like the opposite, where people took care of themselves and were kind to tourists; they loved Americans and liked speaking English
>Everyone had good hygeine and seemed eager to interact
>They had better technological infrastructure and better environmental infrastructure than America

Good god why is Continental Europe so shit? It's funny too because I am half-black and the memes about southern Europe being dark were true. Aside from being 188cm and taller than most I looked a lot like some of the Spanirds and Italians I saw. I honestly expected the Scandinavians to be the assholes

>I am half-black
Move along.

they love black people up there

Norway is continental Europe you fucking goof

I don't count it since it's far removed and not in the EU

Would be like counting Alaska as continental America tbqh

>I am half-black

It's a meme that Scandinavians are racist assholes. We're just polite here and not very race-conscious

And half-British :)

Britain is nice too up North

People don't smell like shit there either. Seriously do all Europeans except scandinavians and brits/irish not shower?

>Britain is nice too up North

Heh there goes your credibility, fucking yanks...

>People all smelled like shit, didn't wash their hands after going to the restroom
we are very clean people, you probably hanged around with some gypsies or refugees without knowing it.


I like the north way better than London and the other tourist traps

The south just seems like America with British accents to me

Why are Italians so greasy?

Btw I went to Salerno

>no bidet

>btw i went to salerno


I have baby wipes family

I don't want shit getting splashed everywhere

>implying he ever came here

Yeah, of all the famous cities you went to a shitty city in a shitty region, I'm totally believing it

>Went to Mallorca, Paris, Rome last week
>Don't pack deodorant because euros have bad pits anyway, got perfume for my flag anyway.
>Why does it smell like shit everywhere I go?
>Tried to cut in queue, not happy, less happy when I try to stare a people at the urinals and tell them I want to show them my ar-15, faggots.
>Try breaking into a local bakery at 3 in the morning, they called the cops, fucking commies
>Start speeding while downloading my latest anime in the car in order to ease some stress. Police pull me over, and give me a warning, the pigs
>3 year old in back especially unhappy, have to buy her two Big macs to shut her up
>People were actually enjoying the weather, and weren't in Walmart on a weekend the shitstains. Probably unemployed
>Elderly woman couldn't speak murican when I wanted to know where the nearest whorehouse was, got angry when I started saying 'J'ai un petite eclair', so I punched that bitch in the face
>People dare to nervously joke that I'm Irish after waving the murican flag wherever I go, the cunts
>Someone had the nerve to say I couldn't take my flag into a swimming pool. Eventually relents after I moon her, and her replacement comes to take her body away from the sight of my obese ass. Freedom fight won

>Head to Norway, idiot pilot keeps calling it Finland.
>Wife tells me we're in finland to trick me
>They've even given us eurocuck bucks to fool me, pffft, can't fool the embodiment of freedom
>Tell them I hated russians, they eagerly accept american patriotism
>5 star hotel actually helps me from toilet when my fat gets stuck between the seat and bowl, unlike those dirty spics who laughed for ten minutes first
>Unlimited wifi, all the anime I need to be able to ignore my children, who will of course be eagerly looked after by locals

Sorry, took me a while to translate, murican to english is hard. Going to be difficult in 2 years time when everyone else either speaks this, hindi or urdu.

well it's pretty much the worst place you could see

I had a guide I went to school show me around

He spoke French and Italian

>american education

>>Everything was overpriced and shops closed early
So you didn't actually come to Spain then.

Memeing aside I noticed that Brits, Dutch, and Scandinavians have no body odor while most other Euros smell bad

I've heard that Americans smell like burgers and/or corn to others lel

That's a lot of baits for a single post.

Catalonia is in Spain

>DeShawn was mad because everyone was enjoying the holidays but him.

Also, do you really believe Europeans would think your crispy kool-aid loving ass was Irish? Lebron pls.

Nice fanfic though, man. 6/10

>falling for the 'Paris is a beautiful white city' meme

Not even once

I look more arab than black tbqh

My dad is British-American though

Mom is a black American

If you say shops closed early you clearly didn't come here.

Cataluña is not overpriced, just like the rest of Spain.
You must be some poor nigger to say that.

I was speaking generally about southern europe

Tbh I didn't do much in Spain I was only there for like 9 hours

Most of my time was in France and Italy

Also Spanish girls are overrated by Sup Forums

The cutest were the Italian girls, though the Norwegian ones were better imo

And you say you look like us? Nigga pls.
Either you saw moros or other immigrants or people were just tanned.

Lots of us look lighter

Hey OP.

How long did you stayed in Salerno ? Did you stayed long enough to have any kind of useful perception of the city ? I'm about to spend some time there, like a year.

I had the same problem you had when i went to France, and after that i went to Germany and felt the complete opposite. After a year of that experience i went to Italy and you know what i did? i just don't gave a fuck about'em, it was my vacation, so iam the one that must enjoy something. And yes, for some reason they don't shower everyday....

My best wishes on your next vacation. Don't give up on Continental Europe, just treat em like they treat you.

This deserves a (you) at least. Your humour is nice.



>things that never happened

This posts reads exactly like some meme shit you picked about these countries here on Sup Forums. I'm not believing any of it.

how is your saturday night going?

What's wrong with Salerno ?

Campania is mafia central
Also people living there generally can't speak english for shit. Also passive aggresive attitude and weird sense of humor

Dude how is that cakey faced chick "light"? She looks orange.
Your eyes need checking, DeMaquone.

>went to europe
>people were nice
>had a lot of fun
OMG... pffttata fucking yuros aklkdsjksakdkajsdjk LOL

I spent two days there and did normie stuff like go out to dinner with friends, go to the harbor, go on a boat, etc

Ciao amico! lol

Io ho imparato italiano, penso che posso parlare e comprare un pane e una birra.

Io ando da Salerno per finire mia Laurea.

Quale problema io potrò avere con la Mafia ? Niente, giusto ? Sono solo un studente, giusto ?

Grazie e scusa per il mio italiano.

Spaniards are Moors tho