Lets go faggits

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>tfw redman

sucks, bros.

pls r8 me

Nein, danke.

Do you live on a reservation?

used to, moved the fuck out.

That's some cringy shit.

>his father did """""something with """"""trade"""""""""""" """"""



El UcraniANO

I'd love to post mine but I can't make one of those charts.

Are you an alcoholic?
Do you fear blankets and long hikes?

>Are you an alcoholic?

nope, that's my dad.

>Do you fear blankets and long hikes?
Long hikes are GOAT, desu. but not accepting any blankets from you.



Which tribe?

Used to live on the Ojibwe rez in Michigan myself

Hidatsa, from Fort Berthold

you red? what's it like in Europe for infuns?


Eh it's ok. I'm half white so people just assume I'm Spanish or East Russian.

I got the red skins and the native face so I am thinking my euro trip will be a lot of "And where are YOU from?"//"Where is your feather?"

i am a greek

Very true, not many natives here. I made frybread for a cookout the other day and the Germans I work with were like "wtf is that"

They ate the shit out of it though

>I made frybread for a cookout the other day and the Germans I work with were like "wtf is that"
frybread hasn't made it over there? rly? shieet, I wonder what else I could surprise them with.



I am sorry for you pal

Does anyone have the template for this one?

It's good?

Nice bro


Because it is. :D

Stop posting the same pic. We alle know you and it

Yee, is there a Spain and Portugal version?

This is the only one I have about them

Pls r8 no h8

The fuck is that supposed to be?

That's flag of Småland, dude

Nah f am. I feel if I pulled out the Indian tacos, their minds would be blown

kind of surprised they didn't just go straight to indian tacos after you gave them the frybread, t b h f a m


monarchy is shit if you aren't the monarch tbqh

Do you lads speak your languages?

The British seem to be having fun with their royalty, I don't mean for the monarch to hold power of course

Yeah, but it would be rather pointless, T B H

That's why we have never had any kings or any other feodal rulers
Ẋoə marşa voġiyla! Are you serb, lad?

post some please?
quite interested in NA native languages
I am, just really interested into Chechnya
Chechen is my favourite language t b h

That's fucking strange, dude. Serbs are the biggest russiaboos, they are literally obsessed with everything about russia. And you are interested about Chechenia and our language...
And also I feel shame that I've been always trolling serbs here. Didn't know among serbs are some good guys.

Mabeedzagidz, Serb-iuku, Di hahkua Hidatsa.

I know a few words. Not as much as I should. Fluent in Spanish and know enough German I suppose though.

could have just said it was langos

nah, a decent monarchy is better than the shit we've got now.

nice dubs
I dislike Russia t b h
also don't worry about trolling Serbs here, most of them on Sup Forums are dicks anyway
thanks f.am, appreciated
what does it mean exactly? I got that the first word is 'Hello' or some shit
post Ojibwe please
Algic languages are usually quite interesting

this thread is bad, better thread ;^) is here

>what does it mean exactly? I got that the first word is 'Hello' or some shit
Hello, Serb-(brother/friend) This is Hidatsa (language).

Hello, Serb-(friend/brother), this is (the) Hidatsa (Language)

parentheses means implied words.

my b. I double posted. because I thought it did not go through.

Boozhoo Serb, aainiish naa ezhiyaayin?

You are based as fuck, dude. If you are interested in I can add you to the skype group for studying Chechen language

really, thanks f.am
it feels nice to see some rare languages here

>Hello Serb, what is your name?
Did I get it right?
beautiful language btw, thanks

would you really do that?
sign me the fuck up f.am, lemme just make a Skype account so I don't have to post my actual one on Sup Forums

Nah just asked how you were.

Our language is kinda dead

np, I am mildly curious that people even care that we still exist, t b h, but i am happy to help if you have questions.

>Our language is kinda dead
Hidatsa is considered endangered even in Native American circles, f a m. iktf.

Ok, I'm waiting for you.

Even the Chechen language with appr. 1 000 000 native speakers considered endangered by UNESCO

we have less than a couple hundred native speakers famalam, I'm related to all of them.

there's likely atleast 70.000 Ojibwe speakers left t b h
you're not so dead
I'm glad to see that you're on Sup Forums t b h, it's sad that there's so little of you today
How's life in general for all of you?

That's cool and sorrowfully at the same time. I've never heard about Hidatsa people and their language before. Will read wiki about you now.


>How's life in general for all of you?
shit. alcoholism and apathy have taken a hell of a toll.

it's lots of fun in uni, t b h. don't want anyone else to read what your writing on your laptop? do it in Hidatsa. want to have fun with pseudo-spiritualists? teach them a "prayer " that any other speaker of the language would get stitches from.

They encourage it in schools but no one takes it seriously. Kinda how they do Gaelic in Ireland underneath the English.
They're mostly elders and people who want to save the language. I don't really care to learn it. Traditions and shit yeah I guess if I have kids.

that must be shit, I can't possibly imagine a tightly-knit community of people getting ruined by alcoholism

foreign people, foreign problems, such a shame there's little information on all of you

>alcoholism and apathy
What are you drinking on tonight?

Pic related

Hendrick's Gin, fa.m

>tightly-knit community
m. here is a bit of a thing: We are a lot like the Nordicks, you can in fact go a day on the res going about your daily business without saying anything past "Mabeedzagiz"


Good choice, niijii

>danish and italian flag

ty, iuku, how is the Tullamore?

that's a bit weird, media does show all natives as a really social people
it's Sardinian, she's that qt from Sardinia

what the fuck are you memeing or is this actually true

we have social events quite a bit, but in day to day lives, it's a bit of apathy. At pow-wows, you show up, you better be ready to be social, polite, and chill with people or you will be ostracized.


God save the Queen


Got mit uns.

that doesn't so bad t b h, atleast you organize such things

i prefer it, t b h. but nothing wrong with more social spontaneity.

Anyone got the template on hand?



as far back as can be traced

Pretty good. It makes this shit job tolerable on a Monday.

This thread has me miss the Rez a bit f am

>This thread has me miss the Rez a bit f am
that makes one of us, I still live ~3 hours away from it. far enough to forget some bat times, but close enough to indulge that inexplicable nostalgia.

Are you that girl with the jewnose from the "mistaken nationalities" thread the other day?

I haven't been back since 2010. There isn't jack to do in Sault Ste Marie but mainly for the people and sometimes warm Lake Superior. I've been overseas for six years and miss the nature and stupid hoodrat shenanigans with my friends

If you go far enough, my BR ancestry will be either Portugal or Spain

This is actually something I fear, and so I am afraid to move too far away. Also don't want to lose my Hidatsa proficiency 'cause getting that back would be a lost cause.

2bh I just put American down on the census, I mean thats what I'll always be and I wouldn't have it any other way

You probably got counted towards the native statistics.

Lombardia go to bed and stop posting my heritage pic, collect (You)s by yourself

I need my dose of (you)s as well..