I need to move to Argentina

I need to move to Argentina.

Who is this fuck slave butt slut whore?


>le puffy nipple American kids TV whore

I'm in love

fuck off, we're full

she's too tall

tall women are disgusting

her face is grim but that body FIT

t. manlet barbosa

heheheh xD

I'm coming for your slags lad.

>Americans adopting British chav culture

lol Sup Forums fucking you up mate


your slags are better, you even have polish slags

I find her ugly as she looks like my aunt.

Going to become a gaucho lad, that and avoid WW3.
Not for much longer :^) also Argie chicks are great. Slavs are nice too, but that med look is great.

>polish slags

Not for much longer

Can I fug your ant

enjoy your muslim ones then


pic unrelated

But Bella Thorne lives in LA famalchanga...

tfw no small cattle farm in patagonia and a fiercely christian argentinian wife

He was just pretending to be retarded m8

Was Perón chosen by the people, crazy?

nah, he did good things, but the politicians after him used political patronage for votes while they steal everything, and people got used to receive free stuff instead of working hard for it

t. not a peronist

I want to make you full of sperm 2bh

ayyyy how romantic

>fiercely christian argentinian wife
kek, that's rare as fuck down here


How easy are those argie slags

N-no bully

Everyone who comes here looking for easy fucking leave disappointed and get angry in bloggs about how argie girls are stuck up for not wanting sex in the first night. you can still find hookers tho, depends on the price.

do Argentines like poles?

tell me about irish qts, how are they?

Does being a rich white guy help


Only if the girls are really trashy, for middle-upper class doesn't make much difference if you don't have skills, it's all about the talk here.

>really trashy

That's all I care about m8, the trashier and nastier the better. As long as they got a fat ass and speak in broken english i'm down


¡muchas gracias!

Was this meant for me?

Well the ones of the countryside are so fucking cute, I would wife one 2bh. They were so curious about America and what I was doing here and so polite and feminine. Ones in Dublin on the other hand are mostly disgusting degenerate shits, would avoid

you are making me blush


nice, haven't you got a gf yet?

quints of truth i suppose

>cattle farm

>christian wife


Me on the right

I made a lot of female friends here, I haven't asked any out yet though. I'm being a retard and doing another ldr over the internet currently...

Nah, trashy girls can't speak english for shit, you're gonna waste your time here, there's a reason why sex tourist rank this country so bad.

puffy nipples best niples

kek, stop wasting your chances, you're a special snowflake there right now :3

2bh everyone thinks I am a local, at bars people grab my shoulders and start singing cheers with me lel

That's full bullshit though. Girls in bsas are particularly easy for instance.

Fucking trashy whores. I hate this city

Don't come yurofags we're full and beautiful argentine women are for argentine men

Y te pensás que las cabezas que te comes en cuaquier boliche conurba hablan inglés? Hay minas que zafan y son bastante putonas como en cualquier lugar del mundo, si no te importa cojertela después que pasó por todos tus amigos claro.

I was talking about upper-middle class porteñas. Liberal


kill them before they breed!

Me on the left

>one chance in life
>not argie or spaniard

holy fuck japan got destroyed

>cattle farm in patagonia

enjoy your wind farm and Kirchnerist opression senpai

Ya blew it, kid.

>dem nips

Peron, good things? Cmon dude get real. He was like Mussolinis little brother.

grills there are pretty hot tbqh senpai
if I knew spanish i'd move there in a heartbeat

she doesn't look argentine at all, was she even born here?

alguna vez notaste que los negros siempre tienen un equipo de musica gigante en el living? que raza de mierda

No es la raza pendejo, es la clase de gente. Por algun motivo tener parlantes del tamaño de una mesa que prendan lucesitas de neon para sonar el regaeton hasta que las ventanas vibren por todo el vecindario suena tan atractivo para la clase baja que son capazes de endeudarse contal de tener mas.

>you will never move to argentina
why live

>You will never have a qt argentinian wife who births you the next Manu Ginobili

feels bad man

Arge what?

You will get robbed the moment you get off the plane and get cucked 24/7.

nobody should come here, EVER.
we'll rob you, we'll stab you and we'll rape you, in that order.

can one of those argie qts rape me pls

nope, the kind of pic related will.

so how do i get an argie qt to rape me

I need to move to Argentina

in the same way you get an ecuatorian qt to rape you


>Wanting to move to a loser country

You sure are - full of my Mongolian sperm

black hair argies
best argies

You've got a whole fucking board to shitpost about this, yet you still bring it here.

literally MADE for breeding

I could say that at least half of these specimens are peruvian/bolivian diaspora 2bh

asco que mrd

Fuck off we're full.

Those are some ugly as fuck Bolivians.

>Spain being brown

Easiest girls in Europe