Even British Jews hate us with passion

Even British Jews hate us with passion.

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argentine jews as well

don't worry, it's a good sign.

We were never burning any Jews in synagogues. Why they lie so much about us? And why they hate us? I think that it may be a form of satanism

well, according to what I've been told, poles are known for being antisemites, and pic related seems to confirm it.
But again, it's not a bad thing, you know that when you don't agree with the zionists or Israel actions you are branded as anti-Semitic


>and pic related seems to confirm it.

No, it doesn't

By Nissan Tzur, May 12, 2011
When newspaper rumours first appeared about his possible transfer from Hapoel Beer Sheba to the Polish club of Wisla Krakow, Israeli football player Maor Melikson was bombarded with phone calls.
"A lot of people warned me off it. They told me: 'It's the most antisemitic club in Poland. They hate Jews, it won't be smart for a Jew to play there.'"
Krakow has two teams, Wisla and Cracovia. While Cracovia is known as the 'Jewish team' due to the fact that it was founded by Jews in 1906, Wisla's fans proudly call themselves the "Anti Jude gang" and regularly spray city walls with antisemitic graffiti.
But Mr Melikson is enjoying his new club. "When fans of Wisla Krakow heard I might play for them, some of them contacted me on Facebook and told me that I have no reason to be scared. They said that the hate is directed at their local rivals, Cracovia, and they don't hate Jews just for being Jews. In fact, people are very friendly to me," he said.
Mr Melikson has become one of the best players in the Polish league and has been mentioned as a prospect for the national team, for which he qualifies beacuse his mother was born in Poland. And he has become so popular at Wisla that fans are calling his name long after matches have finished.


ok, good for him, but the thing is that jews here say ''poles are very anti-semitic'', no clue of why they say it though

They lie

why? I know a lot of poles helped them during ww2, why are they so anti-polish now?

>why? I know a lot of poles helped them during ww2, why are they so anti-polish now?

I don't know. I think that these people who say such things about Poles may be a part of global satanic cult that tries to reverse truth about Holocaust. I really have no rational explanation for this.

Or maybe all of these guys work for it:

In 1996, the Reuters news agency reported that at a meeting of the WJC congress in Buenos Aires, Singer said "more than three million Jews died in Poland and the Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to allow this.... They're gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again. If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims it will be publicly attacked and humiliated."[2]


>more than three million Jews died in Poland
>he Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews
so it seems they hate Poland because a lot of jews died there...

>If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims it will be publicly attacked and humiliated
and I think Poland didn't satisfy their claims...

Germans attacked Poland in 1939, occupied us and built here death camps, and killed 3 million of our Jews as well as 3 million of catholic Poles. It is not our fault, so why they are angry at us?

The people who are most vocal about being Jewish are the ones that are the most nutty. A lot of saner Jewish people are a lot lot more quiet about their Jewishness.

I know, I know, but jews are...special people, they hate everything that it's somehow negative for them, no matter if you got it as bad of worse

Didn't all of you also don those stars to fuck up the Nazi jewfinders?

I think that these people who lie so much about Poles today may be the same who were killing Poles and Jews during WW2. They may be the same nazi occult clan.

or worse*

there were even jews helping nazis to protect themselves, so I wouldn't be surprised about poles


based British Jew

Why wouldn't I hate them? They treated us like shit, and it's known that in some polish villages the jews were murdered by their neighbours just before the nazis got there.
Even though, my family always said that the ukrainians were even worse.

ah yeah, hating an entire nation because they were attacked 70 years ago.

jews and poles trully have more in common than differences.

it was almost the entire nation that treated us like that, i'm not only talking about warsaw. almost all of my jewish friends are polish, from all parts of the country and couldn't find even 1 family that had a nice story. The further east they lived, the worse was the situation.
For all of them, argentina is a paradise in comparison