Paleofags say we should eat like hunter gatherers

>paleofags say we should eat like hunter gatherers
>hunter gatherers are skinny manlets
>petafags say we shouldn't eat animal products
>there has literally never been a vegan civilization and all vegetarian nations are skinny manlets
>nutritionists say we should eat like Meds
>Meds are skinny manlets
>self loathing whites say we should eat like Asians
>Asians only became healthy after opening up trade with us

Why can't people just accept that the Western diet is inherently superior? There's a reason McDonald's is so successful abroad

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really makes you think

I don't think the descendants of European hunter gatherers are skinny manlets user. I think it's really the optimal diet.

We domesticated ourselves with the invention of agriculture. The more ancient hunter gatherer genes you have the better.

Compare small Meds who have a high % of Neolithic farmers from the Middle East with Northern Europeans who relied more on foraging and hunting


Let' see, I'm 6'1, broad shoulders and healthy, I don't see where's the problem in this.



The tallest prehistoric remains (176-182cm) were from the Gravettian culture, which also produced the oldest evidence of eating oats

Checkmate son

>western diet


Nice bait my friend

Dass rite

You see, this is the good thing about us. As omnivores we can simply live on whatever is available.

Did they do squatz too

I said Small Meds, look it up. You sound more like an Atlanto Med which is a different group. And you're surely been well-fed throughout your life.

Even so you should admit that Northern Europeans are considerably taller than Italians. I am about your height and didn't feel like a manlet most of the time, but in Germany or the Baltic countries I surely would.

I haven't heard of them but they are from about 20.000 BCE at the earliest, way before agriculture was invented.

So basically what you are trying to say is just eating more meat?

Your tears will be delicious stirred into my porridge

I also think the Fuegian Amerindians were quite better developed than the other groups in South America and they were mostly hunters and foragers.

The ones in Colombia for example were skinny or skinny-fat manlet corn eaters who occasionally hunted small game

That's interesting but we still would need to know how many calories throughout the year came from that and how wild the oats were, I don't know if we have transformed oats into completely different vegetables than they were originally like we did with corn, even if they processed them they were probably more wild than what we eat today

Nothing makes me think

Veganism is objectively healthier in the 21st century

>hunter gatherers are skinny manlets

>not just eating everything in sight and exercising like an absolute mad man

>following meme diets

holy shit they eat a lot of horse in mongolia

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I follow the recommendations of the Belgian health ministry.

Pastoral diet is best, you need carbs too but westerners eat too many and especially too much sugar

Mongols also eat pastoral diet, Mongolia = Full of big guys, just look at this Temujin here and his two sloots

>tfw ywn be the based bringer of macro-Mongolnutrients, riding across the grassy plains of central asia picking up all the qt LingLings


You need to start playing mexihoops naked in the sun and then sacrifice the loser to Quetzacotl to achieve this aesthetic, all peoples except middle-manager losers like jews and armenians or swamp nigger cowards like englishmen and germans were once great and powerful, the mongols are really just one of the few that have retained their power into modernity

>I'm 6'1
>with that flag