When u kno westernes will kill u but u kno they will fuck themselves over by killing u

>When u kno westernes will kill u but u kno they will fuck themselves over by killing u

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>When those damn kurds and western shills are getting 2 loud again


>When western shills try to screw u over but yo hommie at ur side

I am still sad we didnt pay back his gift. He helped us before. Oh well.

>usa: hey iran pls dismantle nukes

What was that gift?

>when western shills make fun of u but u get dem imprisoned for it



>when u have slaves working themselves to death but usa can't do anything cuz u have dat big black oil reserve

He helped us in cyprus ``invasion`` when all other countries shunned us.

>When you're immune to it all.

>Yo israel be real and stop killin palestine bro

Thanks for the info

>USA: hey Saddam, wanna hang?

Np senpai.

Shut up t*rk

el coreANUS...

>When u be fightin for freedom of afghanistan but usa assassinate u for literally no reason

issi is turey

>when u have nukes but south korea dont

Does that fucking matter? We can assrape them with ease if there were no obstacles, so maybe not.

What are you, edgy anti-western fag?

germani is turki

is germani turki?

u mad lol


turri sprt issi

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>posting a bait that triggers no one

ok sorry

>when u realize that north korea is a bigger shithole than south korea but south korean suicide rates are still higher

memeify this one Germany XD

i deleted my post

>when u invade ukraine and export millions of russians to canada to invade them next

It's probably illegal to kill yourself in North Korea. Most likely punishable by death

>leaf logic

It's a joke you dip

Anyway it's illegal here too in many places


A joke has to be funny