you can quit pretending to fast in a week or so

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Surely you jest habiibii

I just go to coscto and eat the free food they give you to taste

fuck balt

Fuck off cunt.

bit late eh

finally cant w8

>arab weebs






gsop(good set of posts)

How does losing feel like?


Post qt Arab tummy

>khaleesi is actually jon snow's aunt
well jewed desu

I'm really bored.

What is something productive you can recommend me to do?

Im just going to get this off my chest for this time only

You know before frequenting int I always had an urge to kill myself, attempted tons of shit can't think of them all atm one that stuck though was me shallow cutting my wrist to get a taste of pain, back to what I'm about to say cumming here have changed my life for the worst not even complementing you fags for that you all, but thanks for supperssing my suicidal urges through dank memes

I sincerely hope you fucktwats hit the hay and never wake up again

I hate you fags

but i do fast

i just do to sleep at midway and wake up 30 minutes before iftar

>Be me
>Be a muslim because if i say otherwise my passport would get revoked and I'd be citizenless
> claim islam cause that's what I am in paper
> have a ramadan muzzie as roommate sp eating in is impossible
> tfw pretanding to fast to make my month less awkward
> eat out for breakfast and have him cook futoor for me
> mfw get full fledged dinner for free


lmao the absolute madman

You're all terrorists

Just kidding, but that's honestly what Trumpsters believe

Islam is a terrorist religion.

>implying Lord's Resistance Army et al. don't make Christianity a terrorist religion


fun fact

White Americans have done more terror acts in America than say for Al-Gayeda or Fagsis, yet they somehow get branded as mentally stabled autistic robots



It can but lets be honest there's the Lord's Resistance Army and then there's Al Shabaab,
Jabhat Alnusra,Al Qaeda,Al Mourabitoun,Ansaru,
boko haram,isis ect

Christians nowadays aren't even Christians lad

So we agree, Nvidiots = kuffar?

>The muslim poplation of America isn't 1%

>Retarded anime poster
No suprise there aye


Whatever, Kafir, Islam is the fastest growing religion and as we speak, your white brothers are converting. La ilah illa lah mahmud rasul allah, islam will be victorious!

well Christians can be durka too like in Eastern Euro where Serbia tried a genocide on Bosniaks or in Africa where the Christian terrorsts is currently cleanising the Muslim minority from their lands and disengrating their houses etc

Christians have blood on their hands too, there's no such thing as a peaceful religion
rather be a retarded animefag than a retard from a country full of retards

Central Africa

Did I say that they couldn't? No I'm only saying that muslims do at a much much higher rate and we should be weary of that.

Akhi, christians are not our enemies, the kuffar are.

Atheists can arm themselves with as many of rockets, bombs, swords and guns, but as long as we have ijtihad in our mind we will be victorious.

Salam, akhi.


Al rasul used to dye his beard red

well of course they would since it was you who brought the wahabbis to power and disrupted the world of Islam, you reap what you sow Achmed


I'm Episcopalian and I agree with you.

It doesn't take a genius to see what ideology has overwhelmingly caused the most suffering and death over the 20th century.

So we can either have a caliphate or what we have now? Islam is so great f a m

It truly is! You should consider converting.

United Khilafa od Britania

doesnt sound bad now that you're out of EU, use this chance to wage stealth Jihad upon the enemies of Allah and Al-Rasool Salah Allah 3alayhi wa salam


Are you happy about Brexit? I am, I hate muslims they are bloody parasites on our society. We need to round all these terrorists up, put them in camps and find some way to make them useful. Those that are a drain on society should be put to death and then be cremated. We could facilitate a grand scheme to accomplish this using trains and a camp system all over Europe. That is to say, we concentrate them in these camps away from us, the future of our countries. Post guards so they can't escape and find some menial labor for them to do that benefits us.


how cheap is the uk right now compared to before brexit?

All you've done is traded eastern Europeans for more Pakis and Indians. Congratulations.


>No more European Human Rights crap
>What's an immigration cap
>Immigrants will be forced to earn thirty five thousand pounds a year if they want to stay


You still have the same political and corporate elite in power. They were pushing for immigration before, I don't see why they'll stop now.

>when a tunnissie replies to me

they're right to be honest

>not actually fasting

Fucking quffar man I swear


hi how's it going /mena/

What are you up to?

what the fuck?

why did you put anime in front of a in-exile government flag?

I have never seen a Turk fasting in my life

Do middle easterners drink n3n3 tea? Is the tea really from morocco exclusively? I ask it because everyone seems to refer it to moroccan mint tea but I have also seen other north africans and middle easterners drinking a lot of n3n3.

7 days left habibis


Its a north african drink but Tunisians and Algerians don't drink it as frequently, they mostly drink coffee because they were cucked by the Ottos

In Tunisia it is seen as a woman's drink while coffe is the men's drink, it's still sold everywhere though.

>in-exile government flag?
In hell, I guess?

>they were cucked by the Ottos

Turks are big tea consumers

guess the word - 6 letters


I see them all the time

>t. Auburn fag

Turks used to be big coffee consumers but around and after wwi it was too expensive and people focused more on tea and coffee just became something different.

This is false.

Hi neighbor

we do not neighbor them though, that's spain you dense fuck



i'm sorry

move aside
incoming oc

>christians are not our enemies, the kuffar are

Christians aren't kuffar

When is the next laugh coming lads?

They're close enough to us to be neighbors

not even one (you)
you miserable cuck motherfuckers
this is the first oc you have in weeks
literally fuck you all
laz boi where you @ senpai this place is hell

Doesn't kuffar mean infidel or unbeliever? Christians aren't Muslims.

Soon enough :^)

You are believers, you do not believe in mohammed but in his god, same for jews

Christians are "people of the book" as in followers of an abrahamic religion so they're not on the same level as people that don't believe in any religion

You guys are sick

I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (thus, the Holy Trinity), all of which are God, and that Our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins.

You guys don't believe in any of these things.

That's actually the only problem we have with christianity, but you still are considered believers

In the middle ages, muslims used to call jews by their name (yahud) but christians (catholics at least) were called pagans.

>were called pagans

Source ? But they still payed Jizyah like the jews

Why is Allah referred to as the best of deceivers in the Quran?

>And they (the unbelievers) planned to deceive, and Allah planned to deceive (the unbelievers), and Allah is the best of deceivers.
Quran 3:54

>Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
John 8:44

If you do not dislike Christians and Jews, then why force them to pay a tax? It doesn't follow.

>>And they (the unbelievers) planned to deceive, and Allah planned to deceive (the unbelievers), and Allah is the best of deceivers.

Dunno, maybe it's just god surpasses every humans in every way, including their trickery and deceiving

>If you do not dislike Christians and Jews
A lot of us do hate you, but killing another believer is a huge sin

>then why force them to pay a tax
Because muslims themselves are forced to pay zakat, a religious tax

not a single (You)

wtf /mena/ it's not like I c-cared!!!!!

no need to get angry


two semi (You)'s for you buttocks Mr.

you can piece then together for a whole (You)

>tfw in /mena/ but dont have to fast.

Muslims also used to pay a tax duh

>Why is Allah referred to as the best of deceivers in the Quran?
It basically means you shouldn't try to harm believers because god protects them, also that you shouldn't plan on deceiving them. Don't fuck with god and his chosen people dude.

>A lot of us do hate you, but killing another believer is a huge sin
Then I guess groups like ISIS just stopped caring about it being a sin. For what purpose do you hate us?

t. Israeli Muslim

you get only a half (you) because you're such an insufferable cunt today

>ISIS just stopped caring about it being a sin

> For what purpose do you hate us
Blind faith and zealotry mostly, but from what I see christians in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan are just fine and co-exist nicely with muslibs

Not even muslim, chinese-poster.