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hi guys

its me


>tfw cute

Hi me


Who the fuck are you?


I wish he'd do this for real and badly injure himself.



How do we fix North America, /cum/?


stop posting this you dumb frog

why don't u use my png version, cana?

Nips call me mao zeDong if you know what i mean


nuke it all desu

annex the baja penninsula, sell Los angeles off to mexico, conjoin Northern california into Cascadia, and sink florida into the ocean

i like tree

don't bully me okay guys? I'm also sensitive to banter so be extra nice please


*gives you a swirlie in the bathroom stall*

Retard, he beat you to it. I don't like animu either but just use the thread that was made first you fucking child.


Install extra flags.


*trips you as you walk past me in the hallway*

Oops, looks like you forgot to pack your bags to fagtown lmao

>tfw the entire Oregon region could've been part of BC

i mean it's all you if you want a thread of nothing but

>Install extra flags.


>Minnesota included
I approve of this

Has anyone here ever actually gotten swirlied?


*turtles your backpack*


every fucking time

jesus christ I am going to hell

That fucking Arexicia flag is dope as fuck. I can just imagine the AZ and NM flags fusing in some kind of fiery blast to make that shit.

Yeah, well what cool party trick can YOUR leader do?

>extra flags

Deport illegals and negroids
Right wing death squads

*drinks more than should*

haha good stuff

>the city of canada

>tfw no plain-looking, fertile chubby gf to marry and impregnate and give me lots of children

Whats better /cum/, a 10 hour shift 4 days a week or 8 hours 5 days? I have to decide today

>autistic german is posting in the other thread

holy fuck i hope he stays, getting really sick of that fucking guy

>tfw if we'd done it in ~2010, Cascadia would've been goat

>tfw too many Zhangs and Calishits now


pulls off a good Steph Curry

8 hours five days

10 hour shift 4 days

long live free fridays

damn niqqa been posting in the wrong thread all along...WHO UP!!!

10 hour 4 days

You get an entire extra day to yourself that way stupid

Wonder if he's the same guy who posts about the eternal ANGLO on Sup Forums.


Both pretty much the same. I'd for the 10 hours, if you have the energy for it. You might end up just spending the whole 3 days resting though


10 hour shifts are long, just warning you now, sometimes it feels like it's never going to end, but the extra free day though

Do four 10-hour days. After 6 hours the day just sort of blends anyway, and then you get a three day weekend every week.


what thread were you posting in?

My dick is up, post gf

Uncalled for

Tbhfam go with the 10 hour four days. The shifts will suck dickballs, but there's no point in having an extra two hours after you've worked all day unless you only sleep for like 6 hours anyway. That way you'll have three full free days to fuck around


How do you rationalize this?


Chunky anime girls are proof of gods existence

my torso hair keeps sprouting up in new places

might have full chest and back hair by the time I'm 40

The germans on Sup Forums that unironically shitpost about eternal anglo are butthurt natsocs. Asian foot guy is a lefty cuck.

when does shift start? When does it end? Is 10 hours including the breaks? How many and how long are they?
But three free days is best life

wew lads feelin that drank tbqh

Trumps opinions, like many, change over time
Also the republican party is retarded as fuck, trump is reshaping it

Never call me a lefty again you racist

I work 10 hours nigga and I got a literal MADMAN shift, 11 PM to 9 AM. It has drained the life out of me but the weekend is literally the best thing ever, 3 whole days for you and you alone.
In my case I get a 45 minute food break and an additional 30 minute break.

that shift is pretty aids, but might as well do the extra hours, i was gonna say take the 8 hour but if its from 11pm to 7am thats still pretty fucking shit

Holy fuck that must be awful for your sleep schedule

So what you're saying is he's a flip flopper?

what I would give for a comfy rainstorm right about now


WEW nah I'm just 8:00 to 6:00 pm but I think I'll take it, I can probably handle it anyway

Next time don't live in Southern California

Over the course of a decade sure
This last decade has had insane ideological changes

its just not the same

I live a good 300 miles north of Southern California

If your opinions haven't changed over time, especially since so long ago as 2004, I'd say that's just a sign of lack of personal growth.

Dude 8 to 6 lmao
If you don't have a 3 hour commute it's god tier
Just don't end up on the computer until 2 am every day and you're golden
What job is it anyway

Hey you said you had a ""chinese soul."" Fugging gommie :DDD

Ya that's why I'm up right now, I sleep during the day, live at night. It's fine, not like I have any "friends" or a girlfriend or anything so I'm okay with it.
Exactly, I figure it's better this way anyway, I like more days off
Yeah that sounds pretty standard, if someone as lazy as me can do it then you definitely can


Go to bed Ted, nobody cares about Jewish fairytales in politics anymore

t. Catholic

is "the economy does better under democrats" an opinion?


Keep in mind Forbes leans conservative

Funny how it's one of the only true things he says too


So again, how do you rationalize this?

Chinese aren't communists
They wuz Qingz

>I live a good 300 miles north of Southern California



just a 15 minute commute. Forensic scientist

not that far north

although its pretty cozy up there

>Neocon Republican


Lad I'm not even partisan and that made me cringe



Just think of all the toes you can succ on the three free days


is this where this is going to go? because you can't have a real reason for thinking politifact isn't accurate

trump just says a lot of dumb, wrong shit my man

Cozy af. Missing having to do road trips through there four times a year.

>is this where this is going to go?

Not even a little bit, media Jews hate Paul Tash, (mostly because he isn't very good at his job with clickbait shit.)

But if you don't see that politifact uses subjective criteria in determining how true various things are (for candidates in both parties) you're blind af nigguh

>transgender girls aren't boys

go through things donald trump has said that they labeled false that you believe are true

i'll wait

how much would someone have to pay you to eat a teaspoon of your poop?

for me i'd say $3k