Speedtest thread

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>pay for 150mbit
>get this
it hurts to live

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Sweet, sweet DSL.

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Pretty good

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eh could be better but im not really complaining

forgot pic lmao

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it's optics and supposed to be 50/10
it's probably my wireless driver getting fucked up again
one € more and I can get 100 down, but since I moved from 4/0.25 to this... I don't feel the need to use the internet so much anymore

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>up to 300mbps

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25€ month Italy

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25 Mbps down, 7 up
For $70 Canadian. It's all I need but plans aren't very cost effective like in the US

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>$90 a month.

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150mbs included in my rent

Deep South Louisiana

Pretty good for 70 a month

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this sucks

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I am paying for 1 gigabit this is a scam

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>Military brat
>Have to use contracted provider owned by TDS called arris
>Used to provide shitty internet
>Eventually military forced it to improve its internet or lose its contract
>never underestimate the power of military-fags

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Only 4G at work

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fuck symmetry

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call your isp and complain they should reduce the price by the % that they fail to deliver
that's how it works in my country at least

more than i pay for so i'm happy

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>when your phone has faster Wi-Fi than the first few posts

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pay 20€ for 30

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>anons posting their IPs


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>Pay ¥2000/Month for 50 meg symmetrical
>Get double

How do these mad nips do it?

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Whatup my louisiana bro, cenla reporting in

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I mean you can't really do that either. If they advertise "up to 150mbit" then they'll just say "yeah sorry we did say up to which basically means you'll never get that speed, lol fuck you"

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About 10 euros, aka 13 bucks.

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Looks like you're only using 100 Mbit Ethernet to me.


my nigger. rds sau telekom?

Less than 30Mbps on Wi-Fi
Your phone is broken or you have some problems with your Wi-Fi on your router.

Yes, I'm just gonna assume you're that stupid that you think Mobile Data and Wi-Fi is the same.

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>tfw nobody offers >10Mbps and have to rely on uTorrent 2.2.1's unmatched performance.

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Vezi ca zice in stanga jos. Si doar rds si orange au upload de 500, telekom are 200

You must be one of those 10 italians who have good internet