Neural network aimbot

I made this. You Sup Forumsays interested?

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Reported to valve headquarters
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Depends. How does it work?

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Waste of Time, VAC is a joke.

Conventional internal Cheats just work fine.

Captures screen and detects targets from there.

No I don't. Just wanted to know your opinion.

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So this is bascially an advanced Pixel Aimbot.

Start coding some real cheats lol.

interested in using it? no. interested in seeing how you made it? absolutely

Cheating in multiplayer games shows your skills. It means you suck. Developing cheats means you also suck at games. And that shit will get blacklisted.

Not bad. Sadly it will get you banned really fast - seems jerky

Or you just enjoy writing bots, and you're good at it.

>VAC is a joke
VACnet isn't

Write useful software then.

I'm the guy who asked you to come here. How'd you do it op?

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pretty cool.

Can you be more specific?

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How about you do a breakdown of how you did it? What did you use, how does it work? Maybe set up a git? (

I'm assuming it doesn't know the difference between enemy and teammate

Seems mildly interesting as technology, sure. Does this run multithreaded? Are you using OpenCV?

Oh the good ol days I got Vacced for cheating was fun but now I just play legit. Cheating on CS is so detectable even if someone isn't cheating players just cry HACK onto skilled players and they end up getting overwatched. Fuck you Valve Release HL3 already.


this, can it detect the difference between a teammate and a player.

You can do both. Writing things like MMO bots or image recognition scanners also helps you learn how to write "useful software" in the future, or your own games that you can sell.

VACnet is also a joke

They can't detect most legit Cheats properly, and its no big achievement to detect ragebots or "silent aim" aimbots.

Are you a fucking manchild? Just don't start with shit like that. If you know how a programming language you don't need to code useless junk for games that nobody will play in 5-10 years. So you wasted time on some piece of shit.

Capture -> detect -> translate detections -> set target -> move mouse. Backend can be darknet or tensorflow.
>Does this run multithreaded?
Yes. Currently sitting with 6 different threads.
>Are you using OpenCV?
No. Everything except object detection and gui framework is self written. Im trying to avoid dependancies as much as possible.
>can it detect the difference between a teammate and a player.
Yes. Those green crosses that appear every now and then on video are false positive teammates. You can switch between targeting with a press of a button.

they will detect your unlegit neural network aimbot faster then the average pasted csgo legithack.

And that is how you will get mass reported and overwatch banned in CS:GO. Enjoy your ban. Keep making new accounts and buying CS:GO.

OP doesn't know how the Overwatch system works.

Are you one of those "if you're above the age of 15 you should be banned from playing videogames" people?

Only csgo has Overwatch system

Of course. It's quite good for getting rid of additional cheaters.

It's better if you add aiming at the correct locations instead of looking at the floor before it detects someone coming out of wall. It needs to be preaiming corners, otherwise this offers nothing new.

valve recently updated the map desu it's shit now

So easy to detect that you are cheating. Everybody spectating you during a game can see that you are cheating.

Overkill, but the concept is cute.

If it can react faster than a human and control recoil I'd call it impressive.

Does it always detect players? What about false detections?

>somebody posts about their project
>people cant help but bring their shilling into the thread for no reason
what happened? did the /dpg/ thread die?

If you control recoil it will be more obvious that you are a cheater. Popping crosshair to head is a no-no. It will be visible and by being a smart programmer you became a retarded cheater.


Why can't you dummies understand that it is possible to adjust settings?
Reaction time is currently 1/10 of average human. Way faster
>Does it always detect players?
No. Still working on it though with more advanced datasets and trying other networks.
>What about false detections?
Low except for gun barrel. Higher network resolution makes them almost nonexistant

You will get caught anyway... Adjusting settings or turning off a cheat means nothing. You will make mistakes and you will get banned. It's that simple.

>Neural network aimbot

Why the fuck do you need neural networks to aimbot? Your computer literally knows the x, y, z coordinates of all player's heads at all times. Pick a better application for your shitty school project.

Well... Thats your opinion even though it is wrong

why post it on g when you already have posted it on v?

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Thought you non-gaming manchildren would get little boners from the tech used to accomplish this

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Whoop de doo. Is it a color bot.

Even based on what you made theres no way it can actually be good

work for other fps?

Yep. Any fps you can imagine. Might not work so well on some

how does it handle multiple models close to each other?

What architecture and how us your training data

Poorly. Rapidly moves back and forth. Will need some work on it

neural network calculator when

I'll say, it feels like the 80s again

blocks ur path
Also there is some cool shit someone (a professor) is doing with an AI aimbot on unknowncheats right now op

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This is nothing impressive.
Come back when you write an operating system with LISP/C ;^)

Link, thread, keywords? I need to know.

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Does it play on its own? Or is it more like a aimbot?
How did you train the NN? You can probably try YOLO as well.
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