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What are you working on Sup Forums?


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I can't read

Learn Rust.


*not for brainlets*

Hi. Please use an anime image next time.

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fuck opengl

Weekly reminder to use #![feature(nll)].

Reminder to use meme-lang of the tri-annum.


No :)

>What are you working on Sup Forums?

this, please.

Weekly reminder not to use Rust.

>w-w-weakly reminder
Cniles, you're well on your way out.

is that book a meme only perpetuated by Sup Forums, like Install Gentoo, or is it something actually worth reading?

/go samefag to your hugbox >>>/github/

in C++ socket server
can I use non blocking select() for a socket while using epoll() ET for another socket
at the same time(in the same program)

Depends on you.

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Well honestly expected this trip/post a long time ago.

Does Sup Forums cook at home and bring food to work?

Whats on the menu today?

camelCase, PascalCase or snake_case
which one do you fa/g/s prefer?

i've been posting here for years.
you just haven't been paying attention.

go learn Rust.


cC 4 ever

It's an outdated meme, not even the shills have the patience to read past Chapter 3.



Depends on the language. Usually I follow that language's conventions.

Usually I use PascalCase for types, camelCase for procedures and snake_case for variables.

Daily reminder that Rust should be avoided like plague; its user base is feminist and anti-white.

{-# LANGUAGE DataKinds, GADTs #-}
data Nat = Zero | Successor Nat
-- datakinds lifts this to the type level

-- let's just be clear that these are types and not values
type TZero = 'Zero
type TSuccessor = 'Successor

data Vec n a where
EmptyVec :: Vec TZero a
NotEmptyVec :: a -> Vec n a -> Vec (TSuccessor n) a

data Fin n where
FZ :: Fin (TSuccessor n)
FS :: Fin n -> Fin (TSuccessor n)

at :: Vec n a -> Fin n -> a
at (NotEmptyVec a xs) FZ = a
at (NotEmptyVec _ xs) (FS n) = at xs n
-- the GHC type checker is not perfect
-- what if the input vector is empty?
-- if the input is an EmptyVec
-- then n = TZero, in this case
-- but if n = TZero, then our second argument, (Fin n), is (Fin TZero)
-- Fin TZero is uninhabited - you cannot (consistently, without non-termination) create a value of this type
-- thus we shouldn't need to handle the case (but GHC can't tell)

all me btw.

Are there any documents that detail the benefits of using this constrained environment (non-unsafe code) in a practical way?
Ideally I'd like an example of a real project from a person with an established programming style they lay out upfront and then they explain how the development process has improved, from prototyping to finalizing the software.

Doesn't have to be a huge project, just something that exercises the features of the language.

where can I find simple openSSL client example
using TSL 1.2 with non blocking sockets


Huh I never noticed, but I already tried Rust. Sweet mix of imperative and fp.
Compile times were a bitch. VSCode plugin was also a bit goofy from time to time. People are currently recommending IDEA, but yea I moved on.
Ownership wasn't that hard. Lifetimes made everything a bitch, so I just clone()'d whenever. Might try it again after SIMD stabilizes and they do more about ccompiletimes(besides incremental).

>filter Rust
>can't filter C.