I've never had a conversation with a female outside of my family in my life

I've never had a conversation with a female outside of my family in my life


How is that even possible?

You wouldn't understand. You ain't a nord.

do teachers count?

There is no way this is true.

you're going to die alone, why don't you do something about it? fucking pussy

No, even if they would count I would still have never talked to a female

How is this hard to believe?

lol faggot

>you're going to die alone
I know, I'm already starting to consider suicide

>No, even if they would count I would still have never talked to a female
oh well its not like i even tried to talk to any girls

i asked you why wont you do something about it?
no wait i don't care, closing this tab
have a fun rest of your life

The autism up there must be beyond comprehension

Just turn gay.

Go for Traps.


It's not Autism what they have.
I have Autism and I am married.

A big amount of men there (and here) look easily 10/10. It's just hard to compete when you happened to be 9/10 or lower. I've been always insecure and afraid that any girl that is with me will instantly leave me if one of the 70% of 10/10 dudes comes upto her.

It's incredibly easy. You don't have to put any active effort into it at all. I haven't had a conversation with a female in almost two years, ever since my one female friend got mad at me and stopped talking to me.

And we'd only been friends for a year. The entire time before that and the entire time after that, I've not had a conversation with a female that is not directly related to me or my psychologist... or a teacher.

There's a lot of fun stuff that you can do without talking to women, you know. Go kayaking, go on a road trip, go hiking, see Tokyo (There are reasonably priced direct flights to all the cool cities in Asia from Helsinki.), learn some cool skills, learn to cook some good food, eat said food etc. etc.

I have never had a girlfriend

>Wanting human intimacy

>sign up to dating site
>message first girl you see
What's so hard about this? I enjoy being alone but if seems like a pretty easy problem to fix.

jus b yourself dude

I would be surprised if you said the opposite

I see I see, well you are right about how OP should invest in activities that he enjoys. When I was alone for a long time, I started photography and it helped keep my mind off the loneliness

You're not along brother, they seem to only speak to arabs and blacks.

wtf i love finns now

Sometimes you may be typing to one but just dont know

Hej Emil.

Are you a female?

How is that possible? I did and it's socially awkward to do so

It is, normie

I feel you

No girls on the internet user

are you a "girl" :3


I'm here to talk with Finland-kun :3

As a kissless handholdless virgin, how the fuck? Do you stay in a corner facing the wall whenever you enter a classroom/office/public area? Are you so disgusting that people in general never talk to you, at least in a formal way? Or you just react in a totally autistic way every time a woman tries to ask you anything?

bake a cake?

how femenine is your penis?

Me saying "one big mac please" or something like that doesn't count as a conversation, also I don't think I look that bad, I'm just very shy.

I'm not even ugly or autistic, I just never leave the house.




Christ, doesn't your sister come home with her chatty friends

I don't leave the house right now. But I find hard to believe that someone has been a shut in since childhood.
Yes, I understand that but did ever go to school, university or had a work? In these environments you have to talk with your peers. Talking about academic stuff, how was the weekend, etc. count as conversation in my book.

Just get a job in a candy shop or a cafe or something. you will swim in qts.

>how was the weekend
>he considers it normal to talk to people about their weekend
You can not understand autism. You are too far gone into normiedom and you can't turn back.

>I care about meatholes

>not completely a robot
>not completely a normie
>repulsive enough for no friends, and self aware so I know it's my fault
Well, at least I had some small talk!

t. self diagnosed autist

He's probably a female (faggot)

I only went to school, no females were interested in me si they didn't talk to me

>tfw somewhat attractive
>tfw girls come talk to me
>tfw can't bring myself to flirt or make a move on them

I talked to a girl last week but now I'm too beta to approach her again.

Pick one girl who walks up to you, and go way further than you probably should, like this:
>hi user! how are you?
>pretty good. hey, do you wanna fuck?
>do you wanna have sex?
>no, fucking creep.
after that, normal levels of flirting will be way easier. And there's even a decent chance she won't be totally repulsed.
Good luck my man

I know that feeling

>get dragged into the club by friends
>grill comes talk to you when you're smoking alone
>"How you doing?"
>"y-you too"


>in high school
>girl comes to me
>hey do you know you're really beautiful?
>I-I know hehehe...

How the fuck is this even possible even in europe

How the fuck does that happen lmao

>A big amount of men there (and here) look easily 10/10.
>there (and here)
>you happened to be 9/10
>one of the 70% of 10/10

>I have Autism

Of course you have, buddy. Of course you have.

If you're socially awkward it's not that great to have one