Slavic chicks are made for Italic dicks

Slavic chicks are made for Italic dicks.

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>mfw i take screenshots and translate all these creepy posts to it in VK so Russian girls can laugh and see how creepy Western men are

that chart is so super wrong its funny

t. small dicked greek-turk

How can others even compete with the BDD (Big Dutch Dick)?

Hungary is the biggest and poles + other slavs are the shortest
stop correcting the record

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No. Scandis and Southerners are polar opposites so they are made for each other

>tan vs pale
>autists vs loud animals
>siesta fiesta vs 55% tax
>barbarians vs romans

>Scandis and Southerner

I agree with my compatriot. i have been to poland and their dicks are small

scandinavians are opposite of west africans, pure white vs pure black.

Us southerners are made for north africans

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only if you take them with borderlands

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Scandis are shit tier compared to slavic women.




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What about this mappy-map, cowboy?


>tfw i see belarusian dick

this one was made by Lynn which bullshits his way through everything and makes everyone he likes "big"

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By whom was that map did? As I can see, poles has the biggest dicks in Europe -- 15,41 sm.

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