1. country

1. country
2. how hard is it to get a gf in ur country

1. shitaly

can confirm

no idea, I don't even try to get one

impossible. imma join isis and get myself a concubine instead

impossible to tell on this board since 99% of us are ugly or autistic

>stop watching chinese cartoon and being gay
>go outside

1. Russia
2. Never tried

i stumbled into it by accident a couple times, im avg looking and possibly autistic so i dunno what the fuck your guys problem is

Waste of time

>implying i watch chinese cartoons
fuck off failure of a colony

>he fell for the vaginal Jew meme

Never tried but it doesn't seem very difficult if your standards aren't too high

Easy as fuck.Most girls are sluts here.

Same, but despite that i'm still a virgin.

you're not autistic
you probably never even took benzos

>implying i watch chinese cartoons
stop being gay then

and also this

impossible if you're not an ├╝ber normie and below 7/10 or a foreigner

1. leaf
2. Lots of fat, far leftist girls, finding someone decent is hard

im prescribed to anti depressants and benzos my friend

It's impossible. And even harder when you're a NEET. I know there are NEET girls in this country, but they cannot be found.

We're fucking easy lol. Banning the porns on internet is allowed.

>All these first worlders think its hard to get a GF in their cunt

gib anzu gf filthy t*rk

It's not difficult only in your or my country, fact is that in non arab countries, 20% of the men fuck 80%

There's no reason for them to go below, as they receive approaches every hour

>20% of the men fuck 80% of the women
true. can confirm

>third worlders thinking it's difficult to purchase a gf by giving 12 camels in homage to her family instead of struggling between skanks, feminists and beta enablers

>Latin men


Italian women are wooden cunts. Our country has no future as long as we keep chasing them.

For me pretty easy
1.91m or 6'3
Not a lanklet
Pretty good looking
19cm benis


easy as fuck, you just go outside and they will jumping in your hands

Impossible because I'm a Negro

bretty hard but I have one, seems to me the majority of people around me have gf/bf though.

enlist for bull services on gregslist


It's really hard for the autistic virgin.

In another country maybe you can have redemption, here it's a lifetime sentence.


How did you dad gt a gf (your mom) then?


It's not a possibility

his father is an albainian tourist who banged his mom during vacation

same here


1. Finland
2. Very hard. I have thinking about go and seek wife from Thailand

Easy as fuck by international standards.

If you wait for a girl to drop from the sky into your arms then you'll be alone forever but I guess that's the same in every country.

just be yourself :)

is that you?

your gf looks turk

if you have reasonable social skills, and decent education and/or a decent job, then not too hard.

goldiggers are mission impossible unless you are chad mcrichdaddy or rich daddy himself. same principle with women from prestige parts of the country/central belgrade, except instead of (or in addition to) mcrichdaddy you have to be macbelgrader. my gf is from a village she is qt and loyal and her family sends us amazing food.


yea. she is german

ethnic german?

That happened to me

Had to move to Finland though

what constitutes being 'rich daddy' in serbia?



fuck off

Not hard at all.

You just wait for the religious holiday in which you sacrifice a goat to the allah.

why you have to be mad

is only game

just go for ugly girls, you will start getting more and more confidence; and you'll approach women and feel much more comfortable around them as time goes by

you'll start by shagging a 3 or 4/10 maybe yeah, but you'll quickly move to a 5/10, then 5/10, a 7/10 and then to the big leagues (8/10 and maybe even 9/10)

just like everything in life, you must start easy and build up your skills bit by bit.


>the allah
>the the god

nice my man, she a qt

hope I can get a gf too

eh, the usual, being 50+ driving a seriously expensive car, so at least a more expensive porche, then upwards of jag, maybach etc, having multiple shady business, being in cahoots/operating the politicians

like the faggot with long hair,
>pic rel
he is 49, owns the most popular tv.media house, produced every crappy pop singer there is.

many try to copy that, but lack the funds.

no muslim would spell the allah with lower case letters.

I'd rate it as a solid medium mode. The obesity epidemic skews things a bit and promotes average women unfortunately.

thanks man. wish you luck


what did he mean by this?

You know that Kiira Korpi and other Finnish female celebs date only foreigners. Feels bad.

2.According to people, very hard if you want decent one, if you want slag or niggerfucker go ahead ezpz.

But I don't care for women, only want cute twinks, sadly they're rare.

Pretty easy actually, even people on Sup Forums can get girlfriends if they're not lazy

yes but we dont want fat headless women