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>your country
>what is the answer?

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>Best move for black
Easy, move king up 1 space.

black king one step forvard

>american education

I thought russians were suppose to be good at chess

>first world """education"""

i was wrong

>the fucking chess user

That's also wrong... it causes stalemate

eh you're right, wait a second.

d3 to c2

E3 to F2

locks the king in and you can finish either the next turn or the turn after

king locked in causes remis.


c3 to d2 is a check mate?

Bishop to D2


is decision exist?

The answer is to fuck off, you faggot.





Bishop f2 forcing white king to move and then just continuing to checkmate from there very intuitively

T. American brainlet

Oh and bishop e2 after f2

king b2

Black pieces matter

shit, missed this thread

move bishop on black space one square up/right.
white king cant take the bishop because of the black king, cant move left or right to a black square because of the unmoved bishop, and cant move diagonally to a white square because of the unmoved bishop

since white cannot spend a turn not moving, the game is over, black checkmates white

If the king has,no moves but isn't in check it's a stalemate. (Draw)

Incorrect answer


e3 to f1? it's been a long time since i played chess

It's F2, then proceed to drive the king into the corner

>people who don't know how to mate with two bishops
Seriously guys this is just sad

T. Magnus Carlsen


For anybody wanting to learn an easy to remember way to checkmate with two bishops










The check is ded

oooga boooga were da white kang at


>white kang
>not dem white kween


mfw white doesn't move

the queen is actually a tranny or a lesbo
>muh empowered female

well, in their defense, chess isn't all that popular in Japan AFAIK, instead they prefer shogi (a.k.a. Japanese chess)

rebake because white was autistic

let me play then

The Brazilian thinks he's so smart.... But his move causes stalemate.

You should think twice before you insult countries with higher GDP's lad. (They're higher for a reason) ;)

Well done

There's go too...

>all the "people" there are genetic undesirables

LOL like a glove.

well obviously a westerner who plays Go is almost always going to be a complete weirdo

There's generally no good reason for a Westerner to play go instead of chess, other than being a weeb or something.

Yeah I forgot to mention that one as well

some computer researcher do


I'd play D3 to C2

bishop f1

>Bobby Stockfisher

just move the king back and to the left, behind the bishop

You're making us look bad and you should feel bad

Move the black king forward and to the left one. White King can't do anything because black bishop covers the black king. Checkmate?

Illegal move, the white king is covering that square. Same mistake as