Ur cunt/city

>ur cunt/city
>do you give money to homeless people?


i offer food

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No, theres a squad of beggers aroudn my affluent, libreral neighborhood that are really aggressive/possibly faking mental illness and I genuinely wish they would have the decency to just fucking die.

I'm pretty sure they're not homeless either, they just have such a good racket going because old rich jews love to drop five dollars in their mcdonalds cups to show just how generous they are.

I tried offering one of them food once and he started cursing at me like i'd fucked his daughter without a condom or something.

Every year I pray they don't survive winter.

Fort Lauderdale
I don't even make any eye contact with them.

>Wilmington, NC

>driving home from school and get caught in traffic at a busy intersection
>see A homeless guy with a sign that say "Hungry Please Help"
>remember that I have a $15 Subway giftcard that I got for Christmas
>decide to do something nice and offer him the card
>he looked at me and started cussing me out saying that he needed cash and that was worthless to him
>he spits on my car
>decide to get devilish
>call the cops and tell them a disturbed individual is harassing commuters on a busy street
>next day my friend says he saw 2 cops tasering some bum and then threw his ass in a cop car

it's different here.


No I don't give anything. I don't want to support their drug habit


Yes because I'm not a piece of shit.

I give enough when I pay my taxes.

What a cuck


I give a little too much in fact. I should start taking their cups of money.

>tfw homeless person casually ask you for a minuscule amount of money
>don't have anything on you since you always pay per card
I still feel bad two months later.

Bangor, ME
Gave a tweaker a ten once because my "city" is small af and I couldn't just move with the crowd cause there was no fucking crowd, and I just kinda spaghetti'd about it. I usually don't give anything though. I recognize that there probably are people in legitimate need, but I've heard far too many stories like in this thread where people have offered food and just gotten bitched at for it to think that most are actually trying to remedy their situation.

Yeah, loose change and cigarrettes
I don't judge them man

>walk through town
>see 5 funghis holding the EXACT same signs with the EXACT same writing errors

>mfw people actually give them money
I never know if I should laugh or get angry or cry

>I still feel bad two months later.

>Feeling bad for a drug addict

Why? He should get a job.

>i offer food
same here
I offer to buy them a bread or something and then usually they do a 180 and go away looking for some naive sucker that will give them some cash for vodka.
And if they're gypsies I ignore them entirely, they're in fucking mafias.

sometimes, I make a fast check asking some questions and I f I think they deserve it I give 'em some bucks

bravo lad
devilish, yet doing God's work

Flag/ Capital
Yes once me and some friends found a "indigena" native family asking for jobs, it was late so we bought them food

>giving money to the homeless
big mistake, give them food or work, not free money

>Feeling bad for a drug addict
You can become homeless for all kinds of reasons.
>He should get a job
Yeah, but they might be mentally ill without a family to support them for example. It's not always that simple.

In any case you should at least feel bad for them, even if they're you're average addict. Whether or not you give them a handout in that case won't matter in terms of their affliction, but might just afford them the bit of time they need to turn their lives around if they so choose. At basically no cost for a grounded individual I don't see how you wouldn't be willing, or indeed obliged to give.


You mean the homeless will just go back to begging for money when it runs out because they got $20 instead of actually learning any skills or getting a job...?

Straya. We don't have any homeless people but if we did I wouldn't. Go to centrelink if you want free money cunt.

why the fuck would you fund their degenerate lifestyle and encourage their behavior?

if they can't make it without support they can freeze to death, I'm not some commie who pay people for sitting around on their ass

>You can become homeless for all kinds of reasons.

Like which reason?

In order to become homeless you had to have fucked up so hard that you have no friends or family who will take you in (often because it's a drug addict who stole/lied to them repeatedly and they stopped trusting him).

>but might just afford them the bit of time they need to turn their lives around if they so choose

No... Your little money won't turn his life around. He'll just buy some more drugs and then it will run out and he'll go back to begging.

You're literally just funding drug habit. Might as well give the money to a drugdealer directly.

It's the same shit with Africa. They have been getting so much foreign aid for decades that they're dependent on it now. Too much money from outside, not enough inside.

I don't, but I volunteer

No. One time a homeless girl my age saw me coming out of a Wendys with a to-go bag and started begging me to buy her some food but I just kept walking. I considered offering her a cheeseburger for sex, but figured she would probably be diseased so I decided against it.

>I considered offering her a cheeseburger for sex


Iktfb. I kind of want to fuck a crackwhore homeless girl

Oh man I can relate a bit, my uncle was an alcoholic and he did became homeless, my grandma took him in, but she went with my aun to Canada for holiday, so her house was locked and he became homeless again, mom agreed to take him in for 2 days only... he ended up staying 3 fucking weeks
Having someone at your house is horrible lad, even if he is family I dont ever want him at my house again


Yep man, that's how it is.

Best to give them one or two chances (depends how much you love them) and then simply cut them off. You're not going to be fixing drug addicts, ever.

Same for me (flag).
There's plenty of charities giving hot meals and shelter, some of which even help homeless people finding a job. So they can go fuck themselves.

>And if they're gypsies I ignore them entirely
Gipsies are the worst. I refuse giving money to people with golden teeth.

I mean that they will spend the money on alcohol or drugs, youd be surprise how many beggars have rejected a dinner from me (when they were asking for money for food)

Yes i was being sarcastic

I've had people ask me for money for the bus and then when I ask them where they're going or what bus they need they tell me to fuck off.

Aaaah, the old "I need it for the bus"...

hey morro, traes un peso pal camion?
wacha llegale veras qe loco

I give a little money to alcoholics that they drunk warm in the winter.

They are need in work and salary not a money.

forget , I mistook your flag for mine

Bandita, no vengo a robarle, recibeme este chocolate uno 3 pesos 2 por 5 pesos

The most aggressive kind of begging I've ever seen was in Berlin, long time ago. They were some young guys drinking whine and begging in the streets and they didn't even try to hide that they needed money for booze.

This influence of the Slavic gene.

Homeless people in the US treat it like it's a job. There's literal homeless unions where if you beg in their territory without their permission they'll fuck you up.

Scum of the earth, in desperate need of gassing

These "homeless" "beggars" have better smartphones than me. I think, they are already doing fine.

In Russia, the homeless share the dumpsters. If a stranger comes to search bedomny containers, local homeless evicted him.

>If a stranger comes to search bedomny containers, local homeless evicted him.

why am i laughing


if they have a dog then yes

if not then no

Nah, well sometimes to really old homeless ladies or blind people.
I've lived in my car for weeks at a time and all you need to do to get out if that life is not be a lazy shit and work.

Lincoln, Nebraska

No, this city's homeless have it pretty good and they are far from starving.

I'd be willing to raise taxes if it would help them out in some way, though.

And I live in portland nowadays.
They're goddamn everywhere. And there's tons of construction work.
Lazy shitheads. Inb4 but muh drug habit.
Kek, I do far more drugs than any homeless could afford and have been addicted to heroin for months though not anymore and I go to work daily.
Fuck them, useless pieces of shti

Bought a dude some chips and an Icee yesterday near the local 7/11. If he's there again today I might do it again.

Although drinking makes you feel warm, your blood vessels expand and actually make your body temperature more prone to dropping.

Kek so funny, there is another thread going about tipping waiters. And this thread is about beggars. Somehow the main arguments for and against sound the about the same.

I maybe would if I ever met a swedish person reduced to begging. Closest I've ever gotten to that is alcoholics asking if I've got a fiver. Our welfare state's safety net usually keeps people off the streets.

The only people who actually beg here are gypsies abusing the Schengen agreement. I don't give them any money. If they want to make their lives better then there's plenty of help to be had in their home countries.

>not knowing spanish then talking your way out of the situation

wtf it's almost like you people don't adapt

>Abilene, Texas
I don't really encounter homeless people that often but I do donate money to homeless charities.

I've never met begger in Japan.
that's one of the few points I'm proud of being Japanese.

there is no begger in tokyo(I don't know about Osaka though, there're a lot of koreans,scums).

Tipping is a scam.

The difference is that homeless people run their scam, tipping is a scam run by the people that employ the people needing tips.

because parents take care of them and they become hikis, in 'murica loads of people are straight kicked out by 18 or atleast not allowed to live with them for more than brief periods

This. I was chilling with this young tweaker at a truck stop not long ago.
Parents didn't let him sleep at home because he's a lazy cunt that doesn't work.
Bought him a coffee and gave him some cigs, I usually wouldn't give anything to bums but I did smoke alot of his meth.

what do you mean few points. i would think japanese should be proud of their country because of many things.

no, I mean there are tons of homeless but japs are shy af, so they don't beg anything and die.

That sounds awful.

I wish our homeless would have the guts to do that.

Northern, VA
No; have hardly any myself

Yes I agree and another big difference it is a lot easier to ignore homeless people than waiters because of a social pressure "everyone tips and so should you" so it is a much more successful scam.

See a beggar, call the cops.

The homeless confuse me

on one hand there's legitimate mentally disturbed individuals and vietnam vets who couldn't make the change to the postmodern world

On the other there's kids who think it's trendy to sleep on Colfax Ave and hitchhike as long as their oppression and trust funds don't run dry.


We need to remove the latter, no questions about it

We should just take any young and capable homeless person and put them in the military
They'll be forced to kick their addictions after a bit of time in basic

went to the milk bar with my droogs and spotted some malenky devotchkas

but you don't want an unstable person in basic, ever?


Believe me crustpunks aren't basic material

Then again wouldn't this be the hidden anthem for every trumpet who doesn't want to go to war with russia/syria? My how times change

I give food. Ive known too,many bums to give em money.

I've given bums food three times. they all seemed pretty hungry and they were all relatively grateful.

Well you don't put them in basic with other crustpunks
You put them in basic with people that want to be there
That way when the crustpunk is under performing and the whole group gets punished for it, they beat the shit out of the crustpunk until he decides to stop fucking around

Yeah man, that'll work, propose that, do some activism for the better of this country

God knows I won't

Never, the should just die.

1. Argentina - Buenos Aires.
2. Only if they don't look like immigrants.

>forced conscription
Statists please go.

I'm completely libertarian except when it comes to the draft and immigration, so fuck off

The ones I see in the city are all alcoholics or drug addicts

Only when they manage to scare me enough for me to fear for my own safety.

Those guys can get really desperate for drugs which makes them willing to do anything to procure themselves money to satisfy their drug habits and I don't want to be killed for a couple of coins, like it has happened before in this shithole.

I'm yet to see homeless people in my town. I know there are a bunch of relatively poor fellas but even they get an apartment and money for food provided by social security, and it's the same for the couple of so-called refugees in town. There's absolutely no reason for anyone to beg for money here.


I mean, if you really WANT TO you can give, like if they're apparently disabled, but here in the big city, homelessness is a complicated spectrum with goods and bads.

For example, I was on the train, and this guy with an accordion and his wife (who was holding a baby) played music. I felt bad, and wanted to give. My brother stopped me. Then, 10 mins later, ANOTHER coupe, with an accordion and baby, played.

Ive slept outside geetting drunk helps. It warms your rextememties making you a higher risk for hypothermia if its that cold.

Fuck no, since they are always gypsies

USA but living in India. Was in Delhi for a year and have spent the last month in Jaipur.

I very rarely give money to homeless people. Begging in India is essentially an organized enterprise that keeps children out of school. Panhandlers will frequently compete over plots of territory, bribing police officers and members of local mafia groups to ensure other beggars can't encroach on their turf. Kids in particular are exploited endlessly. I've read a few articles about how children who can't afford to pay off cops are sometimes taken to stations and forced to work as servants for extended periods of time.

My ex was a Delhi native and volunteered with an NGO in a slum. Her stories matched up with what I've read in the papers and have heard from other Indians.

Sometimes I'l buy food, ice cream, or candies for kids who are selling balloons, pens, or trinkets. They have shitty lives but at least they're earning honestly.

My sympathy for beggars in the United States has plummeted after spending so long in India. I'm from mid-Michigan, outside of Lansing, and there's a group of panhandlers who take up positions at various intersections. Most of them are close to my age and don't have any visible disabilities. They're just lazy sacks of shit who don't want to work.

This. We have beggars, but there are almost no homeless people in germany. And every homeless could get a roof over his/her head with enough food, if they want to.

Beggars wont get anything from me. We are lucky here in germany and there are always better options to give money away. In countries like the USA this of course might be different.