We will be receiving no refugees

>we will be receiving no refugees
>ISIS is done
>Russia will be our new ally eventually

>we'll get as much illegals as usual
>ISIS will be replaced by some other tards
>we'll be Russia's bitch

>be french nu male
>follow the law and vote for progressives
>still get v&

Well if you want to know I don't give a shit about Trump, but if you really believe your OP is gonna happen you're retarded - which is likely considering you're american.
oh and enjoy your nig & cholos uprisings I guess

Im happy for you

And enjoy your 100+ death Islamic massacres.

>which is likely considering you're american

>mukinz are dumb, french are smart! We dont....LOOK OUT FOR THAT TRUCK!


>plans for a stunted domestic and global economy
>Russian's bitch
>deport aliens but nobody will work below min wage anymore
>oh wait minimum wage will be halved anyway

Cyrillics arent hard to learn, why are you such a faggot?

desu there is more at stake than just low end jobs, alot of middle class stuff like programming is outsourced to panjeets and chinks too

Because they're not cost effective in the US.
Sure you can lower corporate tax and offer subsidies but that's incredibly short termed and one if the reasons the budget of every western country is very strained (beside from obvious corruption).
Take the automobile industry for example. Trump wants to bring those jobs back into the US but disregards that due to income differences the car would cost 25% more (imaginary number) and thus is less competitive than other cars. Trump then would just increase tariffs and import taxes so cars from other countries are less competitive. What would happen? People wouldn't be able to either buy the foreign or the american car. This example is very simplified but sound nontheless. Consumption will decrease with the current plans Trump has.

Fuck off non-country the Russians ploughed your ass from 1945 to the 90s and left the whole balkan shattered and destroyed then they died and abandoned you. The Russian economy is smaller than from fucking Italy.

Or, Americans would do what they did in the past and make better automobiles than the rest of the world and be more innovative while making much better wages.
That's the point of MAGA

>Americans would do what they did in the past and make better automobiles than the rest of the world and be more innovative while making much better wages

Unlikely. During it's golden age, America face almost no real competition. Taht's not true anymore. Even Czechs, who are lazy and dumb as brick alcoholics can rub their forehead and shit out a decent innovation once in a while these days.


>Russia will be our new ally eventually
Never ever

>Russia will be our new ally eventually

Didn't Obama try to do the same and failed?

>we'll be Russia's bitch

that's kinda hot

The US also had no competition. The main reasons of the Marshall plan were to keep Europe away from communism and to develop a market for US-American goods. is right insofar as there are other countries having less regulations, more innovative potential or better educational systems than the US (in general). The society in the US isn't even accustomed to how many engineers it would require to build up the automobile industry again. Experienced engineers cost a fortune and they already have robots working harder, better and more cost efficient than manual workers.

>greatest cars in the world
lol kek no one other than americans thinks this