Are you a Civic Nationalist, an Ethnic Nationalist or a Globalist?

Are you a Civic Nationalist, an Ethnic Nationalist or a Globalist?

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Civic nationalist.

Living in Canada is pain


im white global blacklist

Calm down dad.

Civic Nationalism and Globalism aren't incompatible.
Neither, for that matter, is Ethnic Nationalism and Globalism.

Civic nationalist because regular one does nothing but divide your country.

Pro-slavery plutocrat.

Somehow both I think

Globalism usually requires movement of workers (i.e. immigration), which ethnic nationalists aren't very fond of.


It can, but doesn't have to. Even membership in the UN is a form of Globalization. Nor do Ethnic Nationalists need to refuse integration into the larger market forces. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to ignore them, and no country does.

since when is this stupid term used? seemingly most of those using it are the alt-right or low iq assholes

also "nationalist" is a dead term. it only works for brain dead idiots. it just means anti-immigrants and economic/capitalism deserter. if you self proclaim that "nationalist" you dont already have any reason to laugh at japans birth rate.


You tell 'em, Japan.

ethnic nationalism


Lecture this souless sluts, Nihongo.

Radial centralist.

Globalism it's the way of the capital.
Free market at work bitches

Civic nationalist

I am Greek.

>also "nationalist" is a dead term. it only works for brain dead idiots. it just means anti-immigrants and economic/capitalism deserter.
If that was true Trump/Brexit wouldn't have won and changed all NWO status quo, my fellow American Soldier/Proxy

Civic nationalist, because most people here don't have any historic connection to the land besides Indians whom we've mostly wiped out.

It just causes problems. I can sympathize with people who are ethnic-nationalists in countries with long established roots the land like in many old world countries though.

>since when is this stupid term used?
It's a schlagwort usually meant to inhibit argument, rather than clarify it.

I saw a twitter account (an anime girl wearing a MAGA hat as an avatar) discussing the principal use of the word as an insult, rather than a descriptor. Which might be an indication that the people who use the word most frequently know what they're doing.

Get woke

quindi, io posso essere italiano anche?

My mum is a black French woman, my father is a white America man, my mum's bf is a Syrian refugee and I am a British citizen that stands as living proof of the glory of globalism

Civic Nationalist. I love my country and want to preserve our culture, way of life and values, I'd prefer less immigration and controlled immigration but realistically, it doesn't matter where you're from in the world, if you have skills and want to become British, you can. If you integrate here, your children will be living British lives with British accents and a British mindset.


Cosmopolitan social democrat

Cum in your cute leftist face

Ethno-nationalist but you still have to follow a long bit of the way.

I think if this mindset and standard was applied to immigrants rather than the lose integration that exists we'd have a better world.
It's astonishing to me that Bulgars living in the UK for many years still have significant accents.
People have to learn how much little things like that matter.
Assimilation is the only solution.


There's only one world and the different civilizations must find a way to work together on it.

Getting obsessed with small differences will only create more division desu. Assimilation is a meme for people who want to pretend that everyone living in their country thinks like they do (which is wrong).

Sorry, I have an IQ larger than 40.


Didn't know IQ was applied to monkeys

Civic. I'm pardo.

>I am above petty labels such as these

h+ supremacist.

Yes, it is. Specially Catarrhini.

You from Blattodea need not to apply.


My heart says Civic, but my mind says Ethnic.


Civic. fuck the alt-right and fuck tumblr.

>be american
>realize ethnic nationalism is right

fuck off we're full

But there are at least 5 different ethnicities native to Britain and that's not counting the non natives.

globalist cuz my dick so big its crossing borders lol

Which is why ethnic nationalism is not a good idea in Britain and an even worse idea in America.

You all should read this cable. Verty informative, and just released on wikileaks. Its a report on the arrests and torture happening in brazil, from São paulo to the rest of the states, and to USA.

I'm an ethnic nationalist. (I'm Thai)

1) I want unification of ethnic Thai lands (Laos, Shan, southern Yunnan)
2)Increase ethnic Thai immigration to Thailand
3)Allow non-Thai immigration but with certain measures (adopting a Thai name, abandoning western faiths, etc)
4)Make Siam great again

It is not a bad idea. It is a good idea. Just organize each people into a country. It's literally all it takes.

>Date: 1973

>forced relocation is a good idea
It's really not.

I'm an Imperialist


It has worked in every single instance it was ever tried in history.

the problem with globalization is that the powers that be bastardized it into "MUH EEMMUGRANTS"
i remember perfectly that the concept of globalization they sold me as a kid was worldwide free trade, not worldwide free travel and stay. videoconferences would make it possible

its labeled CONFIDENTIAL. Retard.

Your entire country is full of mixed people, where do they go?
"White" isn't an ethnicity.

yeap, but it was issued in 1973, when the dictatorship was in its maximum, so really no surprises

I bet the native Americans would disagree.

for some people it might be. Since bolsonaro still spreads the idea that the "military junta" did nuffin wrong.

let me get something more out of my chest before some mod sends this thread to where it belongs (Sup Forums)
it would be all fine and dandy if countries respected each other. but """multinationals"""" (or whoever the fuck the owners are, i can't really point fingers, they're mesteerious) don't respect countries, don't respect sovereignities and don't respect the people's dreams
a lot is being said about "refugees", when migration is basically "economical refugees". people are getting poorer while the evil bastards are getting richer. i'm not saying "take away that money from the riches" because that's commie and i'm not into that. but if your country paid good price for my country's products, i wouldn't have to move to your country to take away the money from your pockets. just saying

It turned into an immigrants debate because debating complex economic policies is much harder than saying "you aren't racist, are you?" or "you don't want foreigners shagging your women, do you?".

>half italian half german
Decides wheter Germany or Italy.
>half irish half breton
Decides if British or Irish.
But the person would also be subject to the county's approval.

1. Alt right doesn't actually exist, it's a bullshit term for not left that's meant to demonize and pretend all who aren't left are right
2. Japan is nationalist
3. There is literally nothing wrong with some healthy nationalism
4. If none nationalists are so much smarter why has every commie country been a horrible disaster?

Stick to octopus porn

But none of those people even care what ancestry they have, you'd be asking the to pic one of many none of which mean anything to them.
It's larping tier.

Not really, just shows your dumb nigger mom fucks refugees now and that Britain now has to deal with you, your shit skinned mom, and her shitskinned rapefugee bf in their country

Civic Nationalist

>Civic Nationalist

>remember perfectly that the concept of globalization they sold me as a kid was worldwide free trade, not worldwide free travel and stay
Yeah, that's how I remember it as well.

Not him but Germany is supposed to have citizenship by blood.

You've captured the essence of the alt-right quite superbly in your post, well memed.

That's not the point, so does Bulgaria.
Splitting a country up because of identities that don't exist is autistic.
Citizenship by blood is not even based on ethnicity, it's based on citizenship.

>rather than clarify it
yeah its too vague to describe something. its nothing but a shitty buzzword or just in denial.

im not pro-immigrants. its just the fact that if you refuse to accept immigrants your economic growth is gonna weaken or come to stop. does that mean "being a nationalist"?

im talking about nature of an economy, not about that old spectrum of left vs right. no matter how you obscure the point with the classic political ideology you cant have either "trained immigrants" "well-adjusted immigrants" who one sidedly serve your culture or an endless growth and glory as mono-culturized country.

both are very unrealistic, yet the west still believes they can have either of them maintaining the current living standard. and that optimistic belief/notion makes this current insecure situation.


um hello your car is german and your sushi is japanese that means you should allow thousands of islamic radicals into ur country ;)

>globalism means open borders

Civic, if someone moves to a country they should live according to their host-society and contribute to their economy, but also I think a certain amount of ethnonationalism is good, indenigious people of the country shouldn't be anything less than the majority of the population
So I think immigration can do great things for countries but I don't think it should be on ethnic-replacement level that causes rapid changes to the country's demographics and put native people at threat of becoming a minority in their own ancestral homeland

Everyone says this here until Latin America comes up. Then it's all the whites there should genocide the mestizos meet by thunderous applauses.

Civic "nationalism" doesn't exist.

Political cultism sure.

>its just the fact that if you refuse to accept immigrants your economic growth is gonna weaken or come to stop. does that mean "being a nationalist"?
Economic growth?
your production per capita remains the same and your peoples income shrinks.

Yeah, nah, fuck off