I hate everyone from Montana

I hate everyone from Montana.

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Why is that my leafy friend?
>never met anyone from that irrelevant state

Montana's pretty based ngl

I know Pizza Montana in the pizzeria near home

I hate Hannah Montana

Wh.. what?

Is that a type of pizza they serve?

Yes, it's the pizza like pizza 4 cheese, pizza regina, pizza montana ect

What the hell is on it?

Fresh cream, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella, bacon, egg, patato

That just sounds like a "fancy" name. Montana is only known for one thing, and it ain't pizza.

That sounds disgusting

I don't like Canadians.

Americans don't put potatoes on pizza desu.

Damn shame if you ask me.

Seems a bit random

I do.

>Progiee pizza

Same desu

FUCK you faggot leaf if i met you irl i would stomp your faggot head

never insult Montana

Same here.

For what?

Foxes? Pine forests? The longest route in Microsoft Train Simulator? The idiotic name of Missoula?

Okay first off bitch your country's name is literally "hungry" so you can't talk about idiotic names

Magyarország doesn't mean éhes


we are huns(tm)

-grabs u by the balls-
back the fuck off!??

what did you just say about my city you fucking subhuman?