10 Cloverfield Lane


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This already came out? Never heard anything about it.


rape scene with goodman and mew was a bit much

She tore his fat ass to shreds. I had the weirdest boner.

Coming in a few, it's a .ts

It's only on KAT as far as I can see.

Oh yeah, this is legit. Looks fucking great. Almost done downloading.



>take friend to see it, who knows nothing about cloverfield
>likes movie until aliens
>hates movie now

It's been out for over a week
desu it isn't that great

8.73 GB

>too fast for you 1click-encoder, still waiting for ur source file?
enjoy full source clean file
what did he mean by this

Thanks YIFY!

It's legit


>I am poor. I cannot download 8 GBs. My mommy didn't buy me a hard drive big enough for this.

>he watches movies over 700mb
>he pretends it makes a difference

He's a big guy, they had to make room for him

>implying this isn't a huge difference over your 700mb xvid

i hate this fucking thing
we move from 4:3 CRT screens to widescreens so they can actually use widescreen format but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuckers still give us letterboxes

Who gives a shit? The film is in the original aspect ratio.

Children behave
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>Girl does better than the whole cast of Cloverfield and literally solo's a giant alien in the last 10 mins.

Yeeeeeeeeee was a funny flick mane



I thought YIFY transcoded?


MEW's thighs were nice and thick. I would've raped the shit out of her ASAP.

downloading the one on kat
>0.5 availability

>using public trackers


>not posting the original


it's not on PTP...

You're both wrong


10 Cloverfield Lane 2016 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

10 Cloverfield Lane 2016 720p HDRip X264 AC3-EVO

10 Cloverfield Lane 2016 1080p HDRip X264 AC3-EVO





Not even gonna bother with this trash.
>hurr muh multiverse aren't I so creative??
Fuck you, JJ.

get a life

>Not even gonna bother with this trash.


>Someone reported it 5 mins ago for the reason 'Specifically Banned':
EVO Release, also mislabeled as web instead of HDTV source.

Source: kat.cr/10-cloverfield-lane-2016-1080p-hdtv-x264-aac-showscen-ts-t12542054.html

>Someone reported it 4 mins ago for the reason 'Specifically Banned':
This is an EVO transcode. Not retail. Not chill. They even named it correctly for once (HDRip).

>Someone reported it 1 min ago for the reason 'Trumpable':
Improper Framerate

Wew nigger, why are you even defending that faggot?
He's a pseudo-intellectual who should've stuck to restoring old films and jerking it to Speilberg, he's only in the business because he's a Jew.

Buy a 21:9 monitor.
If you don't have room on your desk, make a 2nd battlestation.

reply to

so is it legit or just another shitty rip?

>implying that fixes anything except give you even more black bars

shitty rip that doesnt meet minimum requirements for PTP.

i'll let you know in a min if it's legit

>muh secret club

it's watchable, but this is a 3GB transcode and it's a bit meh quality.

>muh faster download speeds


rip from chinkland

If you see:
- Cinema on the red monitor.
- TV on the green monitor.
- Vintage on the blue monitor.
Then you don't get black bars.

EVO is such trash. Glad they reported it. Those fuckers can't encode shit. They even degrain their releases.

Reasonable torrent here:


This encode turned out alright.

NZB where

4.45 GB

>paying to pirate


free ipv6 usenet is free

enjoy your dmca takedowns

>not couchpotatoing it before it gets taken down

Heard this movie was good. I wanna watch it now but don't feel like watching the first part. Is it worth it? Will I be lost?

They are completely separate movies.


pls post MEW panty shots from 8.37gb video

>movie about giant creatures
>they only show up for a few mins at the end

this movie was pretty darn awful

Probably ripped from a hotel's on demand service

but john goodman was in it the whole time

Need webms of the aliens

The movie itself isn't bad and Goodman was good, but it seems that they wasted a good concept for a monster movie. It's like making a James Bond movie that is a political drama instead of spies and action.

It was literally a movie called "The Cellar" and originally didn't have any monsters in it other than John Goodman

Why is MEW so fucking beautiful bros

It seriously hurts my heart to look at her

Someone post MEW with wet hair pls, was my favourite part

>not waiting for a proper HDBits internal encode
>not having 1st world internet to download large encodes


>Not getting the WEBRip

The 'webrip' encodes probably used the ts as a source. You seem to be getting transport stream and telesync mixed up.

>16:9 movie and still has letterboxes
into the trash it goes

>91% downloaded
>goes down to dial-up speeds

fat ass mkv's

is that hdrip one still good? I just need better than cam quality I don't mind if it's 720p


This whole movie was an ad for MEW's feet.

>framerate stuttering

8GB wasted


upvotes to the guy who takes a screenshot of Mary Elizabeth Winstead ass.

Goodman was right about almost everything

need webm of when she submits to goodman and says sorry, then he pounds her asshole

>I am poor. I cannot afford to go the the movie theater, instead I have to steal movies from the internet.


The webrip is just a mislabeled encode of the ts you shit.


>paying for free movies

So stupid


mmm perfect MEW panties how long until a bluray rip is out I want to see them in best possible quality.

What do these threads even link too? Am I supposed to Google the OP or something?

what a delicious thick leg

>Google the OP
Sure, if you want to end up on a watch list.

Are you the kind of nigger that makes these kinds of posts on porn videos?

and you think were not already?

but seriously wat do?

Because the KAT search bar is so much more secure.