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around embryo

expect polio

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ur a big guy


looks fine to me except the /lit/ picks are atrocious

Nothing minimally atrocious there. The worst work is Rand's but it's an 8/10

tfw i'll never be able to use this pic

>highschool reading list

>Atlas Shrugged


>it's actually 2 flicks, 1 movie and 2 films

>can't into objectivism

everything to the left of Ulysses is female booktuber tier

>female booktuber
you wot
is this a real thing

>Ayn Rand


oh boy are you in for a treat

go ask /lit/ about their favourites


what le fug

Stop saying film, it's cinema.

>Eli gets so triggered by the How to Get Popular list he changes his Letterboxd username and pic even though his real name is still inextricably linked to his profile, in his bios, and all his reviews

For what reason we'll never know. Just another day in the life of a butterfly pajama manchild

I-Is he an embryo tho?


You guys get any nice coffrets recently?


what did the redditor mean by this?

>mfw batman mask of phantasm was added to netflix


i only go to reddit for masturbation purposes desu

define "highschool"

Might finally watch Snake of June tommorrow.


>admits going to Reddit

When did lbg become infested with these beta sperglord untermenschen

>tfw you expect a new favorite movie and end up watching a 6/10 instead

what is her name /lbg/?

prepare for disappointment

you're mom's vagina's

au hasard balthazar :(

whg do u h8 qt donkeys? Didn't you get feels from the film?



Gonna finish off the prequel trilogy tomorrow and maybe watch Solaris too if I have time

I Knew Her Well

Really? The concept is really great but I have been dissapointed with a Tsukamoto film before (Tetsuo 2)

i never watched star wars

do any of you guys participate in scavenger hunts?


Plebs: The Taste

No, really, how can anyone think these 2 films are 6/10? Ugh


lil embryo pls go

i don't know, man.. I'm a big fan of what else I've seen from Bresson, but Balthazar just didn't work for me. I actually quite disliked it

The Odd Man Out and Dreams

>'The' Odd Man Out


There are many movies about about a girl that were much more profound than I Knew Her Well. It did have style at least.

Un Homme Qui Dort

seemed like my kinda thing, wasn't really my kinda thing

holy shit you guys are so pathetic

t. embryo

p-please don't b-bully me, sir

define "you guys"

what's an embryo other than tv's new retarded buzzword?

bing it

Not really Sup Forums. More like /lbg/. We're like a subboard by now

you have to reply "t. embryo" when you don't have arguments

I was tricked into watching The VVitch.

>and maybe watch Solaris too if I have time

Don't. Spend your three hours on something good instead. Solaris is absolutely worthless.



t. embryo


I've been away a few weeks and don't understand this meme. Is it the standard answer to anything now?

Chungking Express
Days of Heaven
(they aren't 6/10s, but same thing)


No. It's a direct accusation and a word to shame people who are it. Embryos are a disgrace everywhere.

>check Mr. kino.jpg's profile
>safe favorites
>I don't follow him
>none of my friends follow him
today was a good day

is there really no definition other than autism?

Hey dear letterboxd general. I don't come here otherwise, but I thought this would be a good place to ask this question.

How can you tell if a movie is good or not? Like, how do you measure it? What's the difference between, say a 2/5 and a 4/5?

easy there lil embryo

is "embryo" the new "yikes" ?

>Someone actually posted this

I rate it out of how much I enjoy it. It's that simple. I don't give a high rating to a movie I dislike just because it's a classic. I don't give a low rating to a technically bad movie if I liked it.

No, embryo is the new pleb.

t. creator of this meme

>CTRL F "embryo"
>12 results

Yeah, these threads turned to shit.

Depends on a persons rating and what works for them. Personally I judge based on how well it's made, how effective it is at its goal, etc.

That's /lbg/'s secret, Cap. It was always shit.

Movies are GAY

By watching films. The more you watch the better you understand how they can be compared to each other, how other people think about them and how how canon is formed. With experience you learn things, including in the best case scenario, how good, mediocre or bad any given film is.
Or you can a pleb like this guy -and most people- and rate out of how much you 'enjoyed' something, which is the easier and more stupid way.

best scorsese's /lbg/?

Go into further detail about the meme, creator. I want to know more.

>not yikes
>not fart posting
>not blogspam from tsar and redditova
>not amaranth orbiting
insecure little embryo :3

Raging Bull or Taxi Driver or After Hours or The King Of Comedy. Must be one of these.
It's a great filmography all around, though

Yeah sure let me just give this terrible movie four stars because it was technically well made.



That post didn't come close to saying something like that. Are you high?

>3 pages for pre 1970 films logged
>11 pages for post 1970 films logged

There is literally nothing wrong with this. Newer movies are typically better than older, no matter what self proclaimed film experts might say.

Kill yourself, embryo

I get an erection every single time


>Have 17 pages
>1970 on page 16

Feels good plebs.

check the updated version

I agree. What's your favorite pokemon btw?

Aerodactyl. Why?

>Height (ft): 5' 11"
top embryo

lil embryo confirmed

that's a big iq

>ctrl f "embryo"
>17 results

for embryos

>read this exchange
>go to "smoothhands" profile
>barely over 1,000
>all those shorts


who else excited for the forthcoming Godard-Anne Wiazemsky romcom?

>ctrl + f "yikes"
>3 results
reddit btfo