If the reviews were never published, what would be YOUR personal rating for this movie? Be honest

If the reviews were never published, what would be YOUR personal rating for this movie? Be honest.


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9/10. Not ashamed to say I loved it. Fuck the haters.

4 or 5 out of 10.

0, it was garbage.

well despite negative reviews i still highly rate it a 9.3/10

can't wait for the rest of the DCEU.

I enjoyed it, but let's not say things we can't take back.


I realize what you guys might think of sneker but this is honestly really awful, right?

6/10, i'm sure the extended version will fix technical problems and it will be 8/10

Still a 7/10

But by capeshitter redditor standards, maybe a 5/10

Probably around a 5/10. I liked it more than Age of Lultron and I went into this movie expecting absolute dogshit after that 2nd trailer and MMMM BOOYSS

Now my rating is a 9.1/10


Same here. The comicon teaser was bretty gud then THAT came along. I sank further when doomsday made his appearance

4/10 I watched it before any reviews with a positive attitude, it was a letdown.

-1/10 fampai

it deserves a 9% or less on RT

Still at a solid 8/10

Ben was a shitty Batman but I still loved mostly everything in it.

8/10 I actually tell friends it was around that score.

2/10 absolute crap

6 out of 10

Had ambition but bloated by forcing Justice Leauge


I liked Eisenberg's Lex a lot, probably the best part of the film, wanted to see more of him and needed to see clark actually investigate why he has conflict with batman(IDK why critics didn't like the fact that superman and batman's dialectic in the film is about what it means to be a hero) and for them to hash it out more,

Obvious editing errors(Lex's clothes in the kryptonian ship are the same even though they take place at two different points in the film) are irritating, but don't detract from the narrative too terribly.

WW felt horribly tacked on

I've seen the DK trilogy and 1 Toby McGuire Spider-Man, but no other superhero movie
Can someone explain to me the appeal of these films? Do I have to be under 20 to get it? They're fucking gay as fuck


I'd give it a solid 7/10

It has a lot going wrong, but there's plenty to like here despite the tonal inconsistencies. I wish they had gone all in and rolled with the portrayal of Superman from Man of Steel instead of half-assedly apologizing for it. I don't hold out hope for the extended release providing any significant improvement, as the movie is already overlong.

For the record, Man of Steel is a 9/10 for me.

what the fuck, I love BvS now


It fluctuated between a 3/10 and a 7/10

It's worse than both Avengers movies and Civil War

Normies love capeshit because nerd culture is the "cool" thing now and they're all "lol omg such a nerd XD Dark Vador ftw".

It was too long and Jesus do we really need to go over batmans origin story for retards...couldn't that time and money have been spent better,like wonder women's backstory for example...

It would still be 2/5. Ben Affleck and Wonder Woman are the only good things in Batman v Superman.

Superman is an asshole, Batman is a mass-murdering asshole, Lois Lane is a perennial damsel in distress, Lex "Evil Mark Zuckerberg" Luthor is awful, Jonathan Kent is still awful, the lack of establishing shots is awful, Wonder Woman watching YouTube videos is awful, and the reason that Batman and Superman stop fighting is beyond awful.

I've seen A LOT OF MOVIES and tv shows, and lemme say, it was a solid 7/10 until I the 'martha' moment

then it become a 7/20

8/10. Not even trolling. Points off for editing. I'm confident the ultimate cut will be a 10/10.

Normies hated BvS though




Don't care/10

No, normies liked it.
Casuals hated it.

A strong 8/10, possible 9/10.



Not even memeing, I loved this movie warts and all

7/10. Honestly, this just seemed like typical Zack Snyder flare. (Yes, I enjoy his films un-ironically)

The story was a complete mess.

Nothing wrong with the story honestly just the way it was put together

8/10. Really loved it, the beginning editing felt really awkward and I was like "oh shit were the critics onto something", not that it was bad but I was looking at it incredibly critically and couldn't get immersed. Then around Lex's party I was sucked in and loved it from then on.

I liked it. For me it was 8/10. The only thing i did not like was Lex “DADDY ISSUES“ Luthor. I wanted to kick him in the face when he appeared on screen.

7/10 only room temperature IQ's and Marvel tards couldn't follow the story.


Honestly 9/11

I walked out of the theater, so I don't have a rating.
It was so fucking boring, I didn't want to spend another hour of it. I was too busy thinking about other movies to watch.

Its also really awkward with a row of kids in front of me seeing Jimmy Olsen being shot ISIS style. Seriously, what the fuck that that about?

Not even the Nolan movies gave me this feeling.

Probably a 5/10, and that's coming from someone who ranks Man of Steel above all Marvel films. I fucking loved Man of Steel and even I was let down. I felt like it was so close to being a good film, but honestly it just didn't flow. It was all over the place and had too many cringey scenes, like the speech Lex gave at the party, or the painful to watch youtube clips advertising future films. Complete miscast of Lex but Lex alone didn't let the film down.

I feel it would have been a much better film if Lex were an older, scheming, genius politician who masterminded a series of events to slowly turn public opinion (and us, the audience) against Superman. Then near the end, just when we're all thinking Superman is a bit of a dick, it's revealed that Lex was behind everything. But only a few like Batman ever find out it was Lex. That way when Superman dies, the world still hates him and only the audience and batman knows he was the true hero. In the aftermath, Batman realises he was a good guy after all and goes out to create a super team to replace the giant hole left in the absence of superman to defend the people

That's not a bad plot. I'm impressed, user.


- shit editing
- shit writing
- Clark has 43 lines of dialogue. In a Batman v Superman movie
- scenes like Nightmare that contribute nothing to do the movie but setup for Justice League
- Diana watching trailers for Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman via Youtube in folders with their logo Jesus Christ. Could've been a perfectly ok post-credit. Did i mention it serves no purpose in the film?
- i am fine with a young Lex. But whoever thought that performance was going to be good should be fired
- Hack Snyder
- WB executives are downies
- biggest disappointment for a cape movie ever

Literally the only good thing about BvS is Batfleck and Alfred interacting. What a turn around from when Affleck was first casted with the internet having a melt down. HAVE YOU SEEN DAREDEVIL!? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Only, only delusional fanboys and Snyder apologists will think BvS is a good movie. And i'm a huge DC fan, only read DC comics.

Yup much better then hack snyders

Posting my own copypasta review from before US release.

Speaking only for myself, BvS had a disgusting script, and the editing was also atrocious. These two were the biggest factors for me.
Notice Lex asking for permission to access the Kryptonian ship. He is wearing a polo shirt, some light blue suit with black-and-red sneakers. He enters, does his thing.
Roughly half an hour later, after the guy giving him access has been blown up and after he has the meeting at his home with the Senator, and after the explosion,, and after another dinner party, all of which had costume changes, he returns to the Kryptonian ship days later. The instant he enters the ship, he is back in the suit/polo/sneakers combo.

This is horrible. Clearly someone felt the Doomsday plot needed to be spaced out across the film a little better, so they just cut a scene in half and stuck the latter half elsewhere without regard for continuity or consequence. Now, this is both an issue with the script and the editing. It should've been rectified in the writing stage and when it wasn't, it shouldn't have been Frankensteined in the editing.

Another issue with the writing is Wonder Woman being added to the film as an afterthought. She has dialogue with Bruce, and only Bruce. Not one line is uttered to a single character except for him, because someone's sole job was to integrate her into the script and did so only by having her meet him at a couple of parties before appearing at the end.

And the editing was bad not just in terms of continuity but also in terms of pacing. This is actually the sequence of events that occurs partway through the movie:
(to be put in another post because of length)

This is actually the sequence of events that occurs partway through the movie:
>Luthor tells Superman that if he flies anywhere except to Batman, Martha will die
>Superman agrees to fight Batman
>Superman flies to Lois and tells her he is going to fight Batman
>Lois gets in a taxi to the Daily Planet
>We see Martha in a warehouse
>Lois arrives at Daily Planet and gains permission to use a helicopter
>Wonder Woman sits at home and gets an email from Batman, watches clips of Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman
>Superman arrives at Batman's location

What the fuck is that shit? Disgusting effort, cutting that shit together.

See, the complaints about tone, and theme, and muh-Batman-shouldn't-kill, I agree are unfounded. Childish nonsense. But the movie itself is so poorly constructed, both preproduction and postproduction that you simply cannot reasonably call it a well-made movie with a straight face. Cool story? Sure, maybe. Cool concepts? Certainly. But a good movie? Fucking ridiculous.

3/10 movie. It is bad.

Snyder is incredibly hit-and-miss for me. I really liked Dawn of the Dead, and I fucking loved Watchmen. I also thought Sucker Punch was alright.
But then 300, Man of Steel and BvS were just atrocious. I've never been bothered going through and seeing if there's a correlation somewhere with the editors or writers or anything, but I wouldn't be surprised. It's just so weird that he can impress me so much with certain movies and make others feel like a directorial debut from some college student.

For these reasons, I'm interested to see what the extended editions do to the flow.

I personally think that Lex's scenes being more interspersed throughout the film will explain his sperging out during his own party.

Anyone notice the gap of scenes that are missing in the Doomsday fight? When Superman and Wondy first initiate onto Doomsday (Superman slams Doomsday into the ground).

Then it jumps to Diana lunging at Doomsday but the shot used makes it looks very awkward.


One of the most disappointing movies I've seen in recent years. A lot of weird pacing issues, dialogue, and character motivations. Tonally it's just all over the place. It's like the movie doesn't know what it wants to be.

This movie is like the Iron Man 2 or Age of Ultron of the DCU. Hopefully they can just sweep it under the rug, move on and pretend it no longer exists.

I actually liked Eisenberg's portrayal of Luthor.
I hated the character and how he was written, but I really did like Eisenberg's mannerisms - the clenching fists and the facial ticks.

I won't be spending further money on the film but if a friend buys the extended edition I'll watch it. I'm certain it will be better, but don't know if it'll be good.

Personally, though, it won't affect my rating of the film. As far as I'm concerned, IMDb (or whatever site you rate films on) is for theatrical releases only.

One of my favorite moments for him was when Finch casually reached out to put an arm around him and he flinched like a little, bitey dog.

Can I just ask, for those of you giving the movie above a 5/10 and then complaining about how bad it was, what your average rating is?

People these days seem to say shit like "man, that movie was crap. probably a 6/10". That's not crap. that's above average.

8/10, but I have a feeling I'm gonna give the extended edition 9/10.

But that's also the "cool" thing to do nowadays, so they just jump on the bandwagon.

I feel like he did great and if he played the exact same character only named something not Lex he would have been perfect



Coming out of the cinema I'd have given it a 9/10 because I was still riding the hype

After a second viewing I'd probably give it a 7/10 because I noticed more of the holes in the story, likely from being cut down like it was.

I think the extended version (if it fills in those gaps in the story) will bring it back up to a solid 8/10 for me.

I think they cut a lot of the Lex stuff out.

Watching it again you see a change in him from when he first enters the ship to when he is talking at the party and starts to lose it.
It feels like something happened there, and he learned something.

garbage. solid 3/10.

Another user pointed out some obvious continuity errors in Lex's wardrobe. It's pretty clear that his "tell me everything" conversation took place far earlier in the film's original structure, most likely preceding the party by a scene or two.

I loved it too but I'd give it an 8

Loses a point for the doomsday fight being somewhat schlocky, loses another point for the hamfisted flash/aquaman/cyborg shit, the only one that worked was the sercurity footage of flash (yet his time traveling was painful).


everything felt shitty, dunno why but I liked MoS alot better than this

Friendly reminder to all in this thread that 0/10 means absolutely no redeeming qualities, 5/10 is an average movie and 10/10 is entirely perfect.

Would've been higher if they didn't try to force that Justice League shit and if Jessie Eisenberg wasn't Lex Luthor.

>superman is an asshole

He saves many people, we see a montage of this.
He's trying to stop batman branding people.
He tried to reason with batman before their fight (unlike batman)
He just wants to save people and live a normal life with Lois without being a celebrity, how was he an asshole?

BvS is literally a solid 0/10 then.

Fans hate it, critics hate it, everyone who has a brain hate it, some 3rd worlder from Sup Forums loves it.


Mostly because I'm sick of Marvel capeshit thats the same thing every single time, just seeing something else made me love this movie more.

Shittiest movie of all time. Not even joking, even fant4stic felt amazing when compared to this turd

What do published reviews have to do with my rating of the movie? Do people really let other people's ratings affect theirs?

The movie was like a 4-5/10.

despite the tons of shit i enjoy capeshit and the batman was breddy gud

jokes on you, anone

i am the zach

I also preferred Fantastic Four to this. Gave that a 5/10 and this a 3/10.

Yes, plebeians do.

>Doomsday was ruined
>Lex's personality was cringy and not like he should be
>batman is the only character with any clear motivation but it completely doesn't matter and disappears in the end
>Lois lane DID NOTHING and was just a shitty hindrance on everyone the entirety of the movie
>"Batman v. Superman" they fight for 5 minutes and are friends INSTANTLY because their moms have the same name and they don't go into any more detail about why it matters and batman's reason for fighting him (the point of the movie) is just gone for this retarded reason
> aquaman

>Fans hate it, critics hate it, everyone who has a brain hate it

Do you only listen to what you like hearing? This movie has been divisive, yes I'd say it's leaning negative in terms of numbers, but barely. This isn't F4ntastic, this movie has actually has a fanbase. The fact that it has strong enough support to warrant a "DC = DAmAGE CONTROL XD" meme should make that pretty clear.

If you agree with the negative side, that's cool, but stop acting like it's unanimous


+some great dialogue
+ a lot of sexy men

-lex, doomsday, WW
-the ending
-the entire fight could have been avoided had they just talked to each other
-too many dream sequences
-how the actual fight ended

Exactly this, though I fully respect everyone's rights to their opinions, I'm happy with what we've gotten so far, and suspect I'll be even happier with the director's cut.

Critics aren't giving it 0/10, though. It has aspects that are undeniably good. Alfred, for one.

It's certainly not unanimous, but it's also not "barely" leaning negative. There have been 327 reviews on RT, and 72% of those have been negative reviews.
It's doing alright on IMDb with a 7/10, but it's worth mentioning that the demographic rating it the highest is "Females under 18".

i thought alfreds actor was RDJ for a while

>3rd worlder got his nerves struck so hard

By the same token, is that simply the demo that's doing the majority of film rating there in the first place? I don't rate on their site, nor do I have an account.

3/10, I've seen worse.


Insultingly bad really. How you fuck it up that bad is beyond me

That's really dumb.

No, it's actually the least votes of any demographic (the highest being Males aged 18-29), which is actually probably a point against me, to be honest. I hadn't looked at the vote count, just the average rating per demographic.

>insultingly bad
>slightly below average

they look the same

In a strange way, that's sort of interesting, as I happen to be in the camp that thinks these two films have something not all that flattering to say about the state of male psychology in Western culture.

Probably 7/10
The ending was rushed and (as a comic book fan) I don't like batman not being BFF with supes and doomsday was always a shit villain

Frankly most of these capeshit films are a 7/10 and that might just be because I really like these characters and it's cool to see them on the big screen. I feel my enjoyment waining after 900 flicks though.

>(as a comic book fan
onion discarded.