ITT celebs you mistake for the same person

ITT celebs you mistake for the same person

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That's pretty much mine, plus Jason Sudeikis/Ed Helms and at one point Jesse Eisenberg/Michael Cera.


Annette Benning and Tea Leoni

Aidan Gillen and Stephen Rea prior to Baneposting catching on

Jon Hamm and Eric Baldwin, idk why

Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean least at first glance

when i was a kid i constantly mistook al pacino for de niro and vice versa

The dude from Chuck and the dude from the Office. One of them shows up in some capeshit and i'm still not sure which one it is

There is no way you can mistake the way these guys talk and act with each other....

This one I understand

don't remember which film, but literally got through 3/4 of it before I realised it was Damon and not Wahlberg

Me too


Probably a Bourne movie, there's no way you'd mistake them when Marky Mark speaks and that NJ accent comes out

They look nothing alike but for some reason I always fuck up when I try remember what films any of these three have been in

Old Brad Pitt and Del Toro at first glance


Are you implying this is some Miley Cyrus body snatching shit?

Well, Amy did play a hotter version of Pam in a few episodes of the Office. Or is that the joke?

I don't get it, they look nothing alike.

i mistook the girl on the left with the girl from Moulin Rouge

plus that other red head girl that's in every movie forgot her name. her too.

The Departed will mind fuck you la

m8, they don't look alike at all

Theye are not even that similar yet i keep fucking them up every time

i don't understand how you guys would get them confused

It's the same person
before and after Sup Forums

Adam is ten times hotter you blind faggot.

Not to mention a thousand times more talented.


Stop it, Jenna. You're embarrassing yourself.

Yeah, separated at Birth. Dean Morgan looks like the ugly younger brother. Can't believe they've never been cast together.

Moot/sigourney weaver

every single time

How old is Brad here? Guy aged like fucking fine wine.

I've seen some photos recently where he didn't look tremendous which I put down to scruffiness and a clan of adopted children but then like one week after he looked good again.

it's not just Sup Forums

they're both from boston. damon is better at hiding the accent though

>le Star wars switcheroo

>Reminder that Natalie constantly bullied Kiera on the set of Phantom Menace

His penis is really good too.



Not quite the same thing, but there was a point where I thought Ralph Fiennes and Ray Fiennes were two different people

Jeff Daniels and Jeff Bridges. Doesn't help they have the same name.

I thought they were liam 'pees his pants publicly when drunk and everyone just knows he fucked Herschlag on the set of episode 1' neesson

I had this problem with Colin farrell & Colin firth

Jesse Eisenberg is Michael Cera.

To me Adams is one of the most recognizable famous people. Fischer could blend into to some others, these two look very much unalike though.


Who the hell is Ray Fiennes?

I know the guy who made this image


These are two different people??

It's pretty average sized from those balcony photos, unless you're some slut who saw his hard-on.

Me on the right has a tiny mole under his left eye.

For awhile. As they've grown they're pretty easy to tell apart now.

Ralph Fiennes

Yeah, the first one played The Comedian in The Watchmen, and the lead guy in The Losers. The second guy played the bad guys in No Country for Old Men and Skyfall.


Tell the story then...

the nose is the giveaway

and yet


Oh whoops I read that was something else.

Wait, there's actually two of them? I thought they did the fake twin thing like in the Lindsey Lohan movie, Social Network or the Olsen Twin movies.



>when reddit can't meme


>the same person after terrible botched surgery

I usually get them mixed up in post, like I'll think "oh yeah Mark Whalberg was real good in that" before remember it was Matt Damon. I've done this handful of times, don't even know what it is about them, they don't even look that much alike. It's a fucking meme.

It's not like I confuse them visually, it's just that when I think of a movie with either, I have to rethink which one of them was in it.

I want to be the meat in that sandwich.

is this a legit quote?

they really look nothing alike, just have played similar characters and are jewish and scrawny. They have like 0 facial similarities.

Nigga on the right pretty much paved the way for Obama's presidency.

Forest Whitaker and Martin Lawrence.


Amy Adams and Kristen Wiig have literally the exact same voice.


I've watched Interstellar and was convinced Dr. Mann was Walberg. Even argued with my bros about it.

He's a super gay faggot and photoshopped a picture of Emma Watson to look more like Richard Dawkins in order to justify his utterly gay attraction to him.

Wilhelm Dafoe is an ugly mofo.
>tfw he is actually a goblin


Apparently people often mistake wilde for glau and vice versa

those are some nice thick legs.

Nice legs, too bad they're not unshaved.

Side by side they do look a bit like older and younger sisters

I confuse the left one with the girl in Idiocracy
what was her name


They don't really look that much alike but i sometimes mistake Meryl Streep for Helen Mirren

>Sara Rue ... Attorney General (uncredited)
Why uncredited?


You are literally faceblind.



as a kid I used to think Bill Murray and Tom Hanks were the same person

Javier Bardem broke his nose playing rugby when he was young.

Though this isnt surprising since Keira Knightley's first real movie role was literally playing a look-a-like for Natalie Portman's character

filthy americans. The purpose of washing yourself is to wash yourself. Not bath in your own filth.

>tfw Pullman and Daniels are both in their 60's now


>only found out last year that it wasn't Hershlag in the Pirates of carribean movies.

All these years and I somehow managed to not know this