Late 80s/early 90s martial arts movies

Late 80s/early 90s martial arts movies

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Police story


Mortal Kombat was real good

Kickboxer had some fantastic scenery.
Bloodsport did everything else better tho

>tfw I didn't get to enjoy JCVD Kino until I was a 20some yr old adult

Would of loved his films growing up. Won't make the same mistake with my boy.

>would of
Make sure you pass this on to your boy: it's "would've", as in "would HAVE".

I love how JCVD always has an explanation why he's an American with a belgian accent in most of his movies

I enjoyed the No Retreat, No Surrender trilogy. Especially 3. It has that 80's no budget feel to it that few can accurately simulate now.

The Karate Kid is a classic.

you have no idea man.

>grow up with very religious mother
>same with my bro
>he got a JCVD connection and gets pirated VHS at school.
>we secretly watch Bloodsport, Kickboxer and Cyborg at sleepovers.
>try to learn spin-kicks from then on.

80's was so innocent

still little touched by political correctness

The "correct" politics were different then. There was still plenty of propaganda.

Big trouble in little China

gymkata frank ducks

definitely and it made for some great movies.

rocky IV could have been made in no other time frame.the soviet union, anti-communist movement. the american action hero existed in its most prime form in this time

of course the propaganda backlash by the press to the anti-communism and reagan, and traditional american led to great movies, like full metal jacket.

the rise of trump is a backlash to that backlash and may lead to different set of movies. but depends on who is able to fund and draw an audience

American Ninja 1 and 2

Essential JCVDkino list:

Universal Soldier
Hard Target
Double Impact
Street Fighter

nu-wave JCVDkino:

In Hell
Wake of Death

There's definitely a growing dissatisfaction with cultural marxism, and I've no doubt it'll produce more great great movies.

What scene is this fight from?

haha double impact

police story
armor of god
once upon in china
american ninja
king of the kickboxers
fong sai yuk

>no No Retreat, No Surrender
Seriously Van Damme's best fight scenes in his whole career. Second best would be that Tsui Hark one with Rob Schneider and exploding blue jeans.

Also, Sudden Death is one of the best Die Hard ripoffs. Desert Heat is really funny. Universal Soldier: Regeneration is better than the original.

>â–¶snapping necks and taking checks

daily reminder, JCVD takes photos of naked asian boys swimming in the beginning of kick boxer with a creepy pedo grin

is there any other reason to visit southeast asia?

I was kinda impressed with Dragon Eyes.
Fun little 87 minute action movie.

The women aren't too shabby looking either

was JCVD in Breakin' an action movie?

guess thats where he learned to dance like that

This. Jingoistic 80s action flicks were top tier and I miss them.