SJW victory!

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All men must die... But we are not men. *smug face*

I should have dropped this show a long time ago but I'm a pathetic sucker who is addicted to it.

*kills prince with pocket knife

What kind of shithole society breeds so many bad pussies? Can you imagine how much of a cunt Elia must've been?

12 guards just stand around staring off into space while their king and captain bleed out, they dont even look at each other or at the snakes.

>STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER and weak friendly eunuch are 're being chased by vicious dogs and Ramsay's best men!
>Fucking bloodhounds show up, what the fuck
>One man and the dogs just disappear
I dropped it after this episode.

Oh shit, I just now noticed this.
I am officially a plebian.

No not really
Just like all lazy entitled women in the show and real life they want men to fix everything.
Elia was murdered and none of the men except Oberychad did anything except not give a fuck and continue with their day jobs which turn the cogs of society as the woman sat around eating chocolate and Turkish delight thinking a whip is a good choice of a murder weapon in the cabin on a boat in the age of armoured Knights.

This show is like a documentary on the inner workings of women's brains

>Every episode another man dies.

>Brienne wins epic victory over the hound
>barely holds off a minor horseman

What's up with this photo? Eddie Redmayne usually looks prettier than this

People still aren't tired of this show? It's like Prison Break, the first season was great but after that it just gets gradually boring.

Even if they don't want weak men controlling what possible claim do they have to rule Dorne? All of them are bastards and their plan is illogical.

Everyone keeps saying this show is unpredictable, but it's so fucking predictable.

>whos the best actor on payroll?

Brienne decided to take revenge on Stennis instead of keeping position and looking if Sansa needs help.
Ramsays men needed dogs to find Theon and Sansa.
Brienne, who has no idea where Theon and Sansa are find them anyway at the exact right time - something Ramsays man needed dogs for.
Instead of learning something about the consequences of making decisions, Brienne can have it all.

>implying the sneks aren't bad guys
>implying they aren't going to end up ruining their country that was far better under a man's control

Can't tell if you're being serious or not.


The only defense for this is that they were bribed beforehand. Still retarded that would even happen.

when a newfag is also an autist and can't detect even the slightest amount sarcasm

It's also stupid because Sansa is key the North, right? Yet Ramsay sends 6 men to go get her. SIX MEN! Why not send a fucking hundred? They could easily find her and kill whoever is helping her. Instead they send 6 men (one that disappears) and they're easily defeated.

She also made those dogs disappear.

>tfw you're a male guard at Snek house

And the battle-formation "its a bloody woman" is not very effective against her.

Matt Damon

Reminder: Ramsey is bat-shit crazy.
>20 men to stop army
>keeps around a smelly, potential enemy
>likes teasing / torturing
>couldn't be bothered with actually ruling

>control anything

The moment any of them has a son their game of control is done.

The only way this arc is redeemable is if the sand snakes get BTFO by men

As in, get their skulls crushed in like Oberyn.

Tokenism is the worst.

>The only way this arc is redeemable is if the sand snakes get BTFO by men
>As in, get their skulls crushed in like Oberyn.
Are sex slaves not a thing in westeros? I imagine it being a worse fate than dying.

>All straight white men must die.

What did she mean by this?

Is Stannis still alive?

He has become a Saturday cartoon villain. His motives are really not that clear now. Does he just want to rule I mean fuck he could of killed his brother off at any point. Killing dear old Dad seems a bit extreme when Bolton himself was pretty respected in his own circle. Risk a rebellion just because your dad had a kid.

>No scene where the king's men run her through the second she walks into the garden because he's too smart for that shit
>No scene of the price killing all the sand snakes because it turns of he trained with Oberon or some shit
Dorne jobs it again

You can seriously tell the writing has gone to shit.

>Roose didn't have Ramsay killed the second he had another son
Fuck you writers

Sure, a mindbreak likewhat happened to Theon is fine too

not just some random 6 men.
six GOOD men! He only got 14 left now.

You're wrong. This has nothing to do with Serious Joke Wizards.

>Sneks in King's Landing scene
>When asked how she will kill Tommen, Ellaria replies "I need only three good girls"
>They kill Tommen (wow)
>Cersei goes to the scene
>They prepare to attack Cersei
>Robert Strong stands in their way
>His foot gets lasso'd by the whip and he trips
>Stands back up
>His knee joint gets lacerated by the spear and he falls down again
>Stands back up
>This time the sneks are running circles around him and his Kingsguard plate armor gets punctured by the (plastic) daggers to the hilt


How is it that this guy was next in line to be prince of dorne and noone ever thought to train him to be a great fighter? Was his head really that far up the ass of the Lannister bitch that he never thought to himself, "Hey, Im going to be ruling a sexually Liberated Yemen one day, maybe I should know how to defend myself, especially from those poison and martial arts obsessed bastard cousins of mine"

>Gotfags only now realizing the show is and always was shit

Fat walda who is a female whale. Died this latest episode

lol training wouldn't do shit to sand sneks plot armor. Look how they dropped Aero in one stab to the back

if he wanted to live he needed sex-reassignment surgery tbqh

She was pretty fat though, I don't think anyone was saddened to see her go


What's better than seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time?

GoT is pretty retarded, but who's to say that's the only group of men they sent out+

You do realize they used dogs for this very reason, right? They're not aimlessly running around. Hell, we still use dogs for all kinds of jobs because they're so effective.

plot armor preventing rape

Being so important to the show that you can demand the showrunners scrap your nudity and "no stuffing your face with cake" clauses... and get away with it.

*20 good men

>Game of Control
Doesn't have the same ring to it IMO

Because he's a fucking teenager and was probably given an education in ruling and not fighting.


>hes a fucking teenager

Robb was 14 in the books during WO5K. Jaime Lannister was knighted at 15. Robert, Ned and Stannis fought Roberts Rebellion as teenagers. Are you stupid? This is a universe where every lord in trained in fighting from a young age

In the books at this point his motivation is he is basically in love with Reek, abusing him is all he cares about and he completely loses his shit when Reek escapes with Jeyne.


This was great though

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

I like how show portrays women as powerful and subversive to gain favor with women and SJW faggots when in actuality all the women on the show are colossal failures at everything

You complain about her being fat, but you still want her to do nude scenes?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not objecting to chubby naked Emilia Clark. You just seem to contradict yourself

After the sansa rape outcry you will never see a woman in a weak position again. That's why fat walda died off screen and dany was neither raped or hit by fucking violent savages

>snek ladies will never tie you up and torture your testicles

Surprise and fear.

>and dany was neither raped or hit by fucking violent savages

Pretty sure Dany got whipped in a scene

This is the only correct answer.

>... In other places, the rape and murder of women and children is considered distasteful.
Proceeds to poison an underage girl and kill his teenage nephew. Good job, D&D, good job.


Oberyn's. Ellaria poisons Myrcella and have Doran's son killed.


Oberyn was good man. His lover Ellaria is the big slut, don't get confused.

The biggest problem is that stabbing him the moment he had a son.
He had at least 14 years before he would ever become a problem, and I doubt his twenty good men can stop everyone who would have undoubtedly seen Walda and the baby.

It doesn't take a fucking genius to work out that New Heir + Sudden Deaths = Murder

honestly I'm pretty immune to the level of pandering now

At least you're not a Supernatural fan.

>after 11 seasons God finally shows up and is a nu-male bisexual manlet

Just kill me.

kek, if you don't see where they're going with this then you're just not very smart. Ellaria and the Sneks are going to have a huge downfall probably next season.

Did you see the look of disgust on all of Doran's guards? They were in on the plot.

That brings up the point as to why they didn't just kill him instantly, rather than waiting for him to find out about the poisoning.

Given the inevitable shitstorm they're going to face, one would think they'd prefer to usurp him and secure their power as quickly as possible

>show wrritten by men
>"these women act just like real women"

I see someone has been "friendzoned" all the time kek

Most people are fucking idiots and i hope this show becomes so bad they will regret wasting time watchiing it, but even if it ends really badly you will still get plebs praising it.

The best thing is the people that get behind characters like this are batshit insane, and you can call them out on it. Same shit as those that saw the end of The VVitch as something satisfying, and a "win" for women.

The majority of Got fans are not known for their intelllect, one reason the show has been allowed to get away with the shit it does and for being shit.

really? do you have a pic of him

>Import mudshits like crazy
I-It actually make sense

So glad i gave u hat show after season 2-like i thought they were supposed to stop with 5 they are STILL dragging out that fucking show? Whats next the bros are gonna go hunting clingons?

I'm just sad they wasted areo hotah. But wimmins appearently win the opression olympics.


>Weak men, no, but strong men now and forever will rule Dorne. ;)
>Cue the scene of the sneks in the pillory being raped.

>bad pussies

This meme, I like it.

Can someone seriously explain to me why are you guys calling them 'sneks' instead of snakes?


>This is my first day on Sup Forums

Go back where you came from.

I think the writers are portraying it so that literally all the bolton's are totally okay with ramsay killing roose, his wife and daughter.

Which only makes sense because they write it that way.

It´s not easy fighting in snow, but that was hardly the effect D&D sought with that scene. They just wanted to create suspence, consistency be damned.

his father knew he was batshit, he wasn't stupid. he only kept him around because he needed him. ramsey was dead the second he stopped being useful.

>makes one side remark about experimenting with "some men too"
>wahhh why do sjws have to constantly attack straight white males i'm so triggered
you faggots are more reactionary than sjws.

Roose also knew that he would be vulnerable if he didn't have an heir of age.
If he offed Ramsay, the chances of him being assassinated by someone wanting to control the North increase exponentially.

>Ramsay was conceived beneath the swinging corpse of his mother's husband

It all makes sense now, in a mythological sort of way

Just came from the other thread to let you know you're an enormous faggot and a cocksucker