Black Widow movie teased by Russo brothers

Will this be the first MCU bomb?

If Lucy can be a success, so can this

They're bantering about fucking GLA for chrissakes, this is light years from even beginning production

>Will this be the first MCU bomb?

>this time. This time for sure!

Lucy was kino though, the closest the mcu ever came to not being a flick was star spangled man in Cap 1.



No. Nothing more than a fap fantasy. Nothing's funnier than hearing Besson talk about the scientific basis in a complete myth.

MCU will never bomb.

I love her but come on, how is this gonna work? She's a "secret" agent when she's not "avenging". Are they gonna make a Bond film but with a woman as lead? Mite be cool but I dunno if it'll fit MCU especially since things are escalating rapidly.

They should have made this during Phase 1, honestly.

Salt wasn't that bad, so why not?

Black Widow isn't a particularly bad character, she just doesn't serve much purpose in straight-up action surrounded by most other Avengers. She's always worked best on her own, or with other low power characters.

too late for that

needed to be a prequel and scarlett is too old for one

maybe amber heard could be widow in a prequel they look kinda similar

No one wants a Black Widow movie except some tumblr SJWs.

Have it with a bunch of appearances of Marvel characters we have not seen before, like Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Valkyrie, and have Madame Hydra as the movie's main enemy, with some other classic Marvel badguys show up.

I would have liked one back during phase 1 and I don't see how that's got anything to do with SJWs.
Wish we'd get her. She'd be hot to see on screen.

Literally won't happen. She'll probably show up in future MCU films though. Besides the avengers, I mean.

They'll give the project to him, wouldn't they?

He wrote an screenplay about it for New Line Cinema 10 years ago... He's waiting for it since then!

He's still waiting for double coupon day

It wouldn't bomb because they would probably only spend 50 mill on it anyways

>Madame Hydra

Wait a minute, that surname...

They should use the right Black Widow though

Truly a villainous name.

>ruined the X-Men
>anything he touches always bombs

I hope he stays a hobo.

>ruined the X-Men
>Best movies are X-Men and X-Nen 2

you what

Thanks for the new pic

Also this has potential, a Black Widow Origins movie makes some sense at least, give her the soviet serum and freeze her, transport to current mcu movies

Didn't he write X-Men 3?

Are there any of her solo comics that could tie in to the MCU, or would they have to write a new story?

iirc ScarJo said she's not too keen on making a solo Widow movie.

No, he didn't, he left Fox and went to write Watchmen project instead.

Simon Kinberg & Zak Penn wrote that, but having Brett Ratner as directo wasn't helpful either for.

Nope. Fox changed the entire production team for X-men 3. New writer, new director,new everyone except the cast.

Oh. Now I am ashamed of my words & deeds.

about 5 years too late 2bh

Isn't Valkyrie played by a nigress in the next Thor movie ?


Are you an antebellum South Carolina plantation owner?

>Salt wasn't that bad

they'll slowly turning lol support/love interest characters into black chicks.

It's common armenian surname, what you on about?
Are you turks?

>MCU spy movie

It would be GOAT. Have you not noticed how we're onthe cusp of a spy trend lately?

>Mission: Impossible
>why can't I hold all this le Carré

Superhero spy movie would fucking rake it in, plus Black Widow is a great character. Especially when you know her comics background.

Yeah I was mentioning all last year that 2015 was a great year for spy movies. Things seemed to have slowed down now though.

>MCU spy movie
>It would be GOAT.
They had a great spy series
Agent Movie movie NOW

>Are they gonna make a Bond film but with a woman as lead? Mite be cool


Whats her superpower?

I heard S2 was garbage though.

>needed to be a prequel


A lot of her training happened as a kid, so flashbacks with a preteen actress would work to fill in the blanks. Otherwise it can just be a black ops mission too sketchy to share with the Avengers.

I thought it was awesome
Finale was a let-down though

The power of ASS

>Black Widow ft. Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye
It'll sell.

>Madame Hydra

This. The movie is good to go. In fact, they should go full Bond formula with it.

>Bond = Widow
>Felix = Hawkeye
>M = Fury
>Q = Stark (cameo)

I'll play Moneypenny.


Who's the "Bond Girl" then?

>I'll play Moneypenny
You enjoy being a wallflower who gets teased but never gets laid?

I think they missed an opportunity with Civil War by not having a reveal be that Black Widow was also a Winter Soldier.

She has slut powers

Coulson with a fake moustache.

Any other girl, obviously.

They could write her into Daredevil as well, long backstory there

It's annoying we haven't heard anything on Bond lately. I think it means that the Broccolis are up to their old tricks of clinging to the past when they should be forging ahead.

True. But if it does like Lucy, it will be awful.

How you you explain her lack of super strength?

>into Daredevil
>not Punisher


>doesn't enjoy getting teased sexually by someone out of their league

Don't lie to yourself.

Vesper = Gaspard Ulliel

>that jealous blonde on the right side

There isn't a woman, real or fantasy, who's into the Punisher

She survived, but the procedure wasn't a complete success.

Kino is a completely meaningless term and should never, ever be used in any serious response.

Didn't you read Punisher MAX? There's this government agent bitch who gets wet from just hearing his voice.

The fightscenes in guyver were awesome

Why go with a boring character like Black Widow? Why not Jessica Drew or Carol Denvers or She-Hulk?

I know they can't use the X-Men or FF, but come on, surely there's a cool female with superpowers they can use

Captain Marvel is going to be a girl, and then of course there'll be Waspfu in Antman & The Wasp.

Could a Waspgirl solomovie take off like a hornet

I'm terrified they're going to cast some boring basic bitch as Captain Marvel
>plz be Lagertha
>or Yvonne Strahovski
>or maybe even Nicholsfu

Why is a spy with no superpowers, who's primary skill is emotional manipulation, on the team designed to fight super-strong bad guys and armies?

Wasn't Carol Denvers Captain Marvel?

I always get a little confused because when I hear Captain Marvel I think of Shazam.

>Carol Denvers
Yes, her.

>Wasn't Carol Denvers Captain Marvel?
Still is
She got promoted from Ms to Captain
There is also currently a new Ms Marvel
Shazam is DC but their Marvel Family really confuses things

>Will this be the first MCU bomb?

I am getting so sick of seeing and hearing this question every time a new Marvel movie is revealed or speculated.

Because somebody has to be Heart.

I thought some muslim girl was Captain Marvel now?
Or is she just Ms. Marvel?

I don't really follow comic books, most of my knowledge comes from video games and the animated shows.

But Hawkeye is the heart. They spell this out in AoU.

The heart has two halves.

The original Captain Marvel (in Marvel Comics) was a guy literally named Captain Mar-Vell.

Carol Danvers became Ms. Marvel, and later on took on the title of Captain Marvel since Mar-Vell was long dead.

When Carol became Captain, a little Muslim girl took on the name of Ms. Marvel.

Muslim girl is Ms Marvel

I totally forgot about that. The woman who hears his voice through the interrogation room speaker and has to open a fridge on her crotch.

That shit was really dumb.

Hey, at least it shows Frank's still in the game.

Oh okay, thanks for the clarification.

Why does she look like fucking garbage now? What did they do to her in Iron Man 2 that they absolutely failed to do in every other Marvel film?

this is prob the one cape flick I'm gonna see
just gotta remember to bring tha skeet blanket to the theater

>thanks for spoon-feeding me and changing my diaper

Everything they said you could have googled if you weren't a lazy faggot

>Lucy is good
>Cap 1 is the best MCU movie

You must have to try real hard to have taste this shitty

Guardians of the Galaxy is announced
>Will this be Marvel's first bomb?
Nope, BTFO

Avengers AoU is announced
>Will this be Marvel's first bomb?
Nope, BTFO

Antman is announced
>Will this be Marvel's first bomb
Nope, BTFO

Captain America Civil War is announced
>Will this be Marvel's first bomb?
Nope, BTFO

>Will Dr Strange, Black Widow, Spider-Man be Marvel's first bomb?

Black Widow works best as a side character. For fuck sake if anyone's seen civil war you'd know the airport fight was pointless for her hence why she disappeared and is seen hiding by the Quinjet.

I was honestly shocked and pleased by her fight scenes in Civil War, shes pretty crazy but yes this will fucking bomb. No one cares enough to make her own movie.

This is unless she teams up with another in-demand or already high profile actor superhero

Are you saying you don't enjoy this more realistic portrayal of women? How fucking dare you?!?!?!

>Will this be the first MCU bomb?
you do realize that the The Incredible Hulk bombed right?

Just do a fucking anthology film. Three 30-45 minute featurettes of Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Hulk bookended with "Fury Files" shit.


Send money pls Marvel.

There was a script doing the rounds where she heads to Europe to discover secrets about her past after experiencing a series of blackouts and visions.

She is accompanied by a new bookish Shield agent who has an ulterior motive.

We see in a series of flashbacks a man fighting in the first world war and committing cap style acts of superpowered valour, and later on the same man working with a young Dr Erskine to use his blood to engineer the super soldier serum.

Romanov discovers on her travels that she was actually born in the 1920's and was the first recipient of Erskine's work. Through further flashbacks we see that the man is in fact a 2000 year old Brian Braddock, who received his amulet from the Asgardians so that he could defend earth from the Ice giants in their absence. We also learn that he is the Shield agent travelling wth her but that the amulet was taken from him by Ivan, the movies villain.

Black Widow and Captain Britain then get the amulet back and she rejoins the Avengers.

That's not part of the MCU and was never meant to be

>not part of the MCU
It is, it has the after credit scene with Tony Stark