Why do people hate Jar Jar so much?

Why do people hate Jar Jar so much?

He's basically the same as C3-PO was in the originals - a bumbling character, serving as light comic relief. So does that mean you all hate C3-PO as well?


C3PO didn't have as much screentime or lines as Jar Jar

>those digits

Do we have a name for that?

I hate him because he represents Lucas' boldest idea yet, but he was too cowardly to follow through. Imagine if C-3PO was revealed as a Sith in the OT, that would have been cray as fuck.

jar jar is C-3PO turned up to 11. 3PO is at least somewhat quiet and doesn't walk like a cartoon character from the 40's. he also speaks with some semblance of dignity and doesn't get himself hurt by being a bumbling idiot.

C3PO is a likable, relatable character. Jar Jar is an obnoxious piece of kiddie TV material that makes the viewer feel underestimated.

Well Jar Jar actually serves a plot purpose in TPM so I think that's understandable. Also Threepio did have lines and screentime in VI when he was the supposed God of the Ewoks

Pretty sure 3PO did get injured at many points. He gets captured by Jawas in IV and gets blasted into pieces when he's bumbling through Cloud City in V

3PO was kiddie material. Star Wars was always designed for kids as well. You literally have no argument

Also surely you would have been a kid when TPM came out unless you're about 30? In which case why the fuck are you on this site?

he gets hurt by wandering into a room he wasn't supposed to be in. jar jar bends over in front of the electrical beams of a podracer engine and gets shocked in the face, then drops a tool and gets his hand stuck in the engine like a retard.

>doesnt walk like a cartoon character
>likable relatable character
>somewhat quiet
Lol wut?

C3PO was a pain in the arse. Jar jar wasn't really any worse as a character, it's just the humour involved with him wasn't as clever (it was terrible) which isn't really a fault of the character design but the writing.

C3PO might have more lines but at least he talks normally, unlike Jar Jar who is pretty fucking annoying.

Prequels are classic scifi flicks

That a whole generation of young folk will be raised up by fanboy cynics to hate them is shameful. Just like how they corrupted all the kids that enjoyed the prequels in theaters

Some people just don't understand comedy

>he gets hurt by wandering into a room he wasn't supposed to be in.
.... So he's a bumbling idiot

Also, 3PO isn't CGI.

if you were stranded on an island and had to choose between C-3PO and jar jar to be stuck there with, you would choose C-3PO. that's the difference. C-3PO strikes me as a character that would wouldn't mind having a conversation with as long as you didn't get into a huge argument. jar jar would probably panic, wail and flail until he got tired, then talk your ear off.

idiot? no. as far as they all knew, they were pretty safe at cloud city. 3PO is naive, not stupid. bumbling? no. some shady character saw him and took advantage of his inability to defend himself.

>C3PO is a likable, relatable character.

cowardly gay robot detected

Kids fucking love Jar Jar. It's the man-children neckbeards that hate Jar Jar because he makes them realize they are watching something not created for them, but for children. Jar Jar symbolizes time passing and the reality of their inevitable death. They've outgrown the thing they love most, they've matured, but they choose to ignore it. They demonized it and call it racist, because in modern society calling something racist will get it removed. It's the 21st century equivalent of calling someone a witch. The liberals can't beat Trump, so they call him Hitler and racist. It's a last move of desperation. When they didn't approve of the prequels they called Lucas a racist, even though he's married to an african-american woman. Jar Jar represents the denial of maturity and the parental failings of the entire western post-world war II generation

I don't remember 3PO breathing in some animals fart.

Mesa don't understand dha hate for him either, OP. Mesa think hesa's really cool and kroke. Hesa's also mesa wife's son's favorite character.

i thought jar jar was funny as a kid. his "exsqueeze me" line made me chuckle as a 7 year old, but i hate him now.

what did he mean by this?

I hate Jar Jar, I hate Chewie, I hate both droids.

Well I'm uncorrupted, TPM is still my favourite, and more importantly I don't let my opinions be swayed by angry nerds who think that hating the prequels makes them part of some sort of exclusive club

I don't remember 3PO breathing in some animals fart.

I don't remember 3PO breathing in some animals fart.

I don't remember 3PO breathing in some animals fart.

I don't remember 3PO breathing in some animals fart.


I love C3PO. And I'm indifferent to Jar Jar - I definitely don't hate him like everyone else seems to.

The problem with Jar Jar is that they went full retard on him.

Never go full retard.

>prequels apologists

>Why is [comedic character done by one actor and screenwriter] good and [comedic character done by another actor and screenwriter] bad?
>Entertainment is pure math, if you plug the same numbers into the equation you should get the same answer every time, shouldn't you?

Honestly he needed a partner. C3PO complains a lot and shuffles around, but R2D2 shit talks him constantly and puts him in his place.

Nobody ever puts Jar Jar in his place. They all just accept his antics except when Qui-gon grabs his tongue. Jar Jar was a bumbling fool with no straight man to play off of.

>implying there's anything to apologise for

>he's the funniest character we've ever had

what did he mean by this?

There's more to be sorry for than 10 holocausts. Prequels were the worst trilogy ever made in movie history.

Most of these creatures are came up with by the artists not george lucas himself.

Geroge lucas gets all the credit.

The Hobbit is worse. At least PT didn't ruin any pre-existing material.

Because they met C3PO as kids and Jar Jar as adults, and forgot that the movies are for kids.

I agree with all of this except trump actually is racist.

I'm not American and didn't seen anything racist in them. JJ and those Confederate whatevers seemed just stupid comic characters.

How DIDN'T PT ruin pre-existing material

>muh midichlorians
>and he was a good friend

>>muh midichlorians
I just glossed over it, some impalpable magic or microorganisms, what gives?
>and he was a good friend
I don't even remember what you're talking about.
It was cool that he actually fought. My problem with the OT is how atrociously bad its fights were staged. And the fight with Palpatine was entertaining, although just giving up and letting him be was an ill-thought decision.

>I just glossed over it, some impalpable magic or microorganisms, what gives?

It defeats the purpose of the mysterious intangible presence of the force, and just takes all of the cinema magic out of it by relegating it to some bacteria count

>I don't even remember what you're talking about.

Obi-Wan calls Anakin a good friend in A New Hope. They never act like friends in the prequels.

>It was cool that he actually fought.

dumb, dumb, dumb dumb dumb. The magic of Yoda was that he was this small little creature that emanated power beyond what his physical appearance would suggest. He clearly had transcended the need for physical weaponry in V, but when he's still a master on the council he's going out there and completely negating what he taught Luke by picking sword fights with someone he was clearly outmatched by? Emperor shouldn't have had a fucking lightsaber either, he mocks them in VI.

>Darth Vader built CP3O as a child
>This whole scene


>It defeats the purpose of the mysterious intangible presence of the force
That's not what Midichlorians are.

>He clearly had transcended the need for physical weaponry
No he didn't
>Emperor shouldn't have had a fucking lightsaber either, he mocks them in VI.
He didn't mock them

Just because the function is the same doesn't mean that unlikable CGI piece of shit is charming or humorous in any way.
C3PO succeeded in all areas where Jar Jar failed

C3P0 was stuffy and a little annoying, but he tried to keep his dignity in humiliating circumstances, which made us simultaneously glad he got a little bit of comeuppance but also sympathetic for a guy having a hard time in a situation he's not ready for. Plus, his role gets smaller as the movie goes on - he tricks some stormtroopers on the Death Star and gets R2 to turn off the trash, and then he only has a few lines during Yavin.

Jar Jar just bungles around being clumsy, but we don't laugh like we did at 3P0 because he's just some clumsy clown. He's not in over his head like 3P0, he's "OH NOSA I BE IN OVER MY HEAD!" And he only gets *rewarded* as the story continues.

C-3PO is fucking awesome. I actually look forward to scenes with him in them. His presence in the OT elevates the films.

Jar Jar isn't as awful as people make him out to be, but he is absolutely not anywhere near the level of cool as C-3PO.

BAWK Redledditmedia gives me all my opinions BAWK

He calls it a "jedi weapon" in a mocking way and treats it like a toy. I forget the exact dialogue but he clearly thinks they are retarded toys for babies. Vader only had one because he was a fallen jedi. The sith were never meant to have them, it is very clear how much shit got retconned when you watch the original trilogy. Lucas had to jam in as many memes, sith, lightsabers, and reused bullshit as he possibly could.

So you're saying everything in the prequel reviews is wrong? Is that what you're implying here?

Sounds like I was dead on

3PO tries to act civilized and composed but ends up being a bumbling idiot. Jar Jar just flails around and screams all the time. It's not hard to see why one of these is funnier than the other.

Midichlorians are the middle man between the Living Force (the part all living things create) and the Cosmic Force (the part that binds the universe together). When we die, our Living Force becomes part of the greater Cosmic Force, which in turn can feed back into the Living Force if you're able to do so.

>Obi-Wan calls Anakin a good friend in A New Hope. They never act like friends in the prequels.

Pretty damn chummy in the opening sequence of Episode 3 now that the master and student thing is done with


It's almost like being dragged into war and seeing all your friends and colleagues die would give one a very negative view of war and craving adventure.

What's life like being a massive contrarian who dismisses valid criticism that happens to be very popular?

C3PO didn't poison the film with mr magoo powers like Jar Jar did.

What was that stupid post with the person aroused by that beast farting at Jar Jar?

Fart meme is the new fresh barney/pony meme on Sup Forums

How's BB-8 then senpai?

3PO is funny because everyone ignores him. Jar Jar is supposed to be funny because... he steps in poop and speaks in ebonics?

He's a very transparent marketing gimmick. I'm not saying there weren't obvious marketing gimmicks in the original trilogy (ewoks lol), but JarJar just took it to an overly obvious extreme, and his presence completely detracts from the movies. It's doubtful they would have been a whole lot better without him, but you can't deny that JarJar is just a kid-friendly character designed to sell toys and is completely shoehorned into the movie for that purpose.

Jar Jar is just not as likeable as C 3P0. The crappy dialogue in the prequals does not help his character at all.

The Originals are just better movies that feel like they have life in them.

Jar Jar is Bugs Bunny Tier minus the fact that Bugs is way funnier, meaner and usually competent at whatever he is doing. Remember, Bugs is a seriously annoying prick "Ain't I a stinka?" and is still funnier than Jar Jar.

C 3PO is a robot (fits with the futurist theme,) silly but useful once in a while, annoying fag type (his worst quality,) and just more complete of a character.

Like others have said, C 3PO is a guy in a suit, not CGI so the other characters react naturally towards him. He's an annoying fag of a robot but he is their robot.

>prequels come out, most people like them
>redditlettermedia takes the world by storm and now everyone hates them
>it is now normal to hate the prequels, I am a contrarian for still liking them even though this was the majority view when they came out


I fucking guarantee you that you liked or at least didn't vehemently hate the prequels before redditledditmedia tainted your brain. They have brainwashed a generation and it is awful to see such cinema classics treated this way

Were the nerds wrong about everything with Phantom Menace?

Having shit taste and liking the prequels is the definition of being in an exclusive club. A club of fucking retards.

You have a really bad memory. Ep1 was underwhelming from it's release and by ep2 the hate was already ingrained because most had higher hopes for it given the feedback that was already received by the time it was being made.

The consensus isn't so much they're fantastically awful but they were a missed opportunity riddled with cash-ins.

At first I though the prequels were just ho hum bland and boring crap.

Then Red Letter Media fucking slayed them in a very epic way and I started reccomeding that other people watch the RLM Star Wars videos.

>it's for children
Is that why half the movie is a convoluted political scheme with enormous stretches of political dialogue?

You've probably left the thread now but I want other people to see this so the meme can end. People compare Trump to Hitler not because they hate him but because Trump's rise to power is eerily similar to Hitler's. Both come to a powerful country which has seen better days with promises of fixing everything. Both are charismatic but untimately shallow leaders. They both can rouse a crowd into leader-worshipping fervor because of they way the speak despite there being little substance to their speech. Both chooses a scapegoat and blame all of society's ills on an enemy the ignorant already hate.
Before you mention Sanders and cuckholdry, I don't like either.

>I am a contrarian
Do you want a fucking medal? Disagreeing with the majority might make you feel special but if the majority is right, it's the kind of 'special' that means you have to take the special bus to that special school.

>it was cool how he fought
He literally says "your weapons. You will not need them" and never trained Luke with it. He's supposed to be wise peaceful old monk, and using a lightsaber goes against that.

Your whole post is just "no it isn't!"

Look at the post I replied to, learn how to read, and then come back

>The magic of Yoda was that he was this small little creature that emanated power beyond what his physical appearance would suggest
Yes, this. It's like when people complain Gandalf doesn't use enough magic in LotR. The characters are advisors, not warriors. They help by supporting people instead of fighting the enemy

>He's basically the same as C3-PO was in the originals
With a few pooping jokes thrown in.

>So does that mean you all hate C3-PO as well?
Yes, I actually hate him more than Jar Jar, because the latter was in one movie (and then a couple background appearences in the following two), while C3PO is in ALL of the bloody movies, and will proably feature in the remaining two of the ennealogy.

I'm sorry I totally read your post wrong

for yousa

30% of episode 4 was the story of c3po escaping and lost in the desert