America refuses to air The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson because of the twin towers

>America refuses to air The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson because of the twin towers

Why? Why are Americans still so butthurt about this?

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Because our country matters more than others, and New York matters more than any other city in the country.

It is a sad reminder.
The exact episode when the Simpsons turned to shit (even if the episode itself is good).

>Be freshmen me in high school
>my father worked on the 5th floor

Jesus if you're not fucking around I'm sorry.

Meant for

That episode was shit.

Unquestionably, the best Simpsons episode ever made is when Bart has to go to Australia and apologize. At least Sup Forums can agree to that, no?

It's cool he was still on the highway in traffic. He saw the second collision though and it fucked with him a little for a while.

9/11 ruined so many cartoons.

>Batman Beyond

I could go on.

Mountain Dew or Crab Juice.

Is he ok?

yeah, he married another man years later.

That episode of The Magic School Bus where they visit the Towers and discuss architecture and engineering.


Nah, most americans don't give a shit.

Is it true that Australians hate that episode?


Noep aussie here one of my favorites.

australians love that episode

Australian here.
No it's so much better than when the Simpsons go to China or Japan or any of the other wacky zany places they visited

this isn't true. i've seen this episode on tv in the years since 9/11 and i live in america.

>Why are Americans still so butthurt about this?
It's the only time, the so called greatest country in the world got cucked in their own backyard.
It showed the entire world that America is not as invincible as it claimed to be.
This was a massive blow to the Americans huge ego and thus they're still so conscious about this.
Man up and move on your dumb burgers, this shit happened 15 years ago.

fuck no australians love that episode
i especially love the part when the prime minister is in a lake drinking beer naked

Yes but you're illegal so you don't count

Most Americans really don't care. It's just the suits catering to the lowest denominator. In a group of 20 people, maybe one person would care. The bean counters will cater to that one person.


Why are Australians so obsessed with black cocks or CP and why didn't the Simpsons mention this?

When America said never forget, they meant everyone.
>Australia had to apologize for this poster

>So you see kids, these steel beams are so sturdy, not even jet fuel could melt them!

Kek is this real?

We are so sorry right from the depths of our hearts so terribly deeply sorry, we left out the 2nd tower

>"I see you've played knifey spoony before"

Yes and here is the apology from Paramount Australia
>“We are deeply sorry to have used that artwork for the marketing materials promoting the September 11 opening in Australia. Combining that image and date was a mistake. We intended no offense and have taken immediate action to discontinue its use.”


I think only Brazil and China got pissed about their episodes.

Some Americans got pissed about the Brazilian episode too because it didn't show enough poverty.

I'm surprised the episode where they go to Israel and a Jewish tour guide and Homer makes fun of the Muslim holy sites didn't cause controversy.

>we're so sorry

>You can no longer show a sky scraper getting blown up, or use the term 'towers' in a title ever again

>If you make terrorists muslim immigrants, expect public outrage

FXX has shown this episode multiple times since they started doing Simpsons marathons.

It was certainly taboo for a long time though.

I'm pretty sure that if it came out on any other day it wouldn't have been a problem

He dieded.

Lel. See Also, one of the main reasons man of steel was hated by America was because all the destruction reminded them of the incident.

It was an inside job, senpai.

Brazilian here, can confirm nobody cared about the episode at all

The only thing I remember directly effecting a show /movie post-9/11 was the trailer for the original Spider-man movie, where he webs a helicopter between the towers.

Otherwise, they still show that Simpsons, they kept it in the Sopranos opening, etc. There are so many Simpson episodes, anyway, how would you even know you missed a rerun.

Sounds like OP is butthurt about....something.

Jesus christ America get over it

He's almost as lucky as lucky Larry

at least it spawned My Chemical Romance

What part of Never Forget do you not understand, you foreign bastard?

They also pulled a poster for Spider-Man which showed the towers reflected in the eyes of Spidey's mask

>never forget by banning things that might remember you about it

I see

>bombings and terrorist attacks all over the world
>people barely give a shit anymore after a few years
>America gets two shitty towers blown up
>they never stop whining about it
Why are americans such faglords?

>spreading it's roots around the world, infecting, turning people into cunts

Butthurt amerifats.

>US destroys a dozen countries
>makes videogames and movies about it for entertainment
>a building or two falls
>US all butthurt


Because it was America's shoah never forget
Penn and Teller said it right, we should've rebuilt the towers exactly as they were as a big fuck you instead of getting some shitty glass spike

>Penn and Teller said it right

Five buildings. Not just two.
Also it was NYC. Pretty much the epicenter of the planet Earth's economy, politics, banks, pretty much everything that runs all society.
As a species, we can lose countries and survive. Americans could even lose DC.
When something happened to New York, it pretty much shit the planet down for a week.
So yeah, much more important than anywhere else.
Before you begin your insults, do your research.

This is false, they air it often enough, idiot.


>it pretty much shit the planet down for a week.


false, it was on FXX last week dumb fuck

Obama's do-nothing thinly veiled Socialist regime has both allowed the US to be the butt of the world's joke for the last 8 years, and has fostered the mass wildfire of SJW cowardice and victimization in the post-9/11 present. We are weaker now than we ever have been before, due to these types of distractions.

Is it any wonder that reams and reams of lifelong Democratic voters switched sides in this election year JUST to vote for a nutcase like Trump? Trump might be crazy, but the country will not stay bogged down by all this SJW faggotry under a Republican admin. it doesn't matter who it is.

Trust be when I say that nobody here in the US thinks "Trump" can "Make America Great Again," we just wish to shake things up and away from the oversensitive, creampuff mess we are wallowing in, and he is just the figurehead to get the ball rolling.

Many of us are sick of being hit with celebritarian clickbait culture and news stories about "tranny bathrooms." It's all first world bullshit. A great many of us still believe we can be better than this current crop of non-productive faggotry.

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Because unlike urrp, a terrorist attack on our soil by dirty disgusting muzzies is a big deal.

At least until this nwo shit and that nigger took over and turned us all as PC as urrp.

But it's okay, we're about to elect The Don to fix all this shit and remind muzzies to stay in their fucking place and shut the fuck up or get shot in the face.

Fucking hell this is gold. No offense to the guy whose dad worked in the WTC.

>It's the only time, the so called greatest country in the world got cucked in their own backyard.
Apart from, y'know, that time the white house got burned down.

America was a backwater shithole in 1812

Wait, they're asshurt because the episode shows that the WTC towers existed?


>Europe refuses to allow display of Nazi symbols or questioning of the Holocaust because of the Second World War

Why? Why are Europeans still so scared about this?

>15 years ago

i really liked that episode

>never forget
>forces people not to mention it and therefore making people forget

still allowed in scandinavia

Nah, some people here in Brazil got butthurt because of the monkeys on the streets, but I found the episode funny, Brazil is that kinda of country that starts the bantz but can't handle when the bantz turns back into it.

Mre like only Germanym and they seem to be rather nitpicky about all kinds of censuring, not only nazi one, tbf

Amerifat reporting in. I remember watching this on TV in syndication well after 9/11.

Will he exact revenge for 7/11?

>nitpicky about grammar = grammar nazi
>nitpicky about nazi imagery = nazi nazi?

because we aren't the ones who are supposed to be bombed. We do the bombing, other countries get bombed, not the USA. We still can't get over the fact we got bombed on american soil. In our minds its only supposed to happen in shit tier countries like eastern europe and middle east

Yep, they're ass blasted cuckolds down there who were still upset about WW2 war brides and that sent them over the edge

>Oi mates what's the good word?


Nigga I don't even give a fuck who wins. I don't even LIVE in USA. You trumpfags are so fragile kek

don't laugh at 9/11, man

I walked through blood and bones in the streets of Manhattan trying to find my brother

lolol bush did 9/11 ayylmao420

they are easily triggered

we aren't butthurt, it's just respectful. episode sucks anyway





i recognize that shitty norm macdonald joke that's shitty and isn't funny
but not because it's 'offensive' but because it's just dumb

There's not a single terrorist attack in the western world that had even half the killcount of the twin towers attack

Yeah I got so triggered with that sarcastic picture I posted. I'm fucking livid right now.

i guess that's why you replied when you really didn't have to.

>Buildings get hit on top floors. >Fat father couldn't even get down 5 floors.

I come for the shitposting and stay for the (You)'s.

That whole show is autistic as fuck.

They had to change the end of MGS 2 at the last minute because it involved a Metal Gear destroying buildings in Manhattan.

because theorists won. the attack resulted in all they had hoped for

>Why? Why are Americans still so butthurt about this?

It's one thing for a building to blow up in Israel, right next door to the terrorists.

It's another thing for a building to blow up in Madrid or Paris. A terrorist could literally walk to those countries.

But America sits across 3,000 miles worth of ocean from the Old World. For essentially the entirety of our history until September 11th we were essentially immune to serious outside attacks as a result.

its only NY that is hung about on it. there are "personal" stories from 9/11 "survives" (basically people who lived in NY and where many blocks away but whos moms pulled them out of school or something)
>It's the only time
Arabs and others are cucking you daily by using the media to brainwash your kids