The true capekino shall arrive soon

The true capekino shall arrive soon

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What the fuck is up with their mouths? Was this the same guy that designed the Bayformers?

>it's fake
that's a relief

>yellow ranger has tits


If only.

jesus. it looks like a cartoon.

We guyver now

Bravo, saban.

>those helmets

they should've let it die

Why the fuck do they have lines everywhere? Fuck, couldn't they have just tightened up the movie suits?

The helmets look like shit, but the rest is fine.

What I really want to see are the fucking zords...

>translucent extraterrestrial armor that crystallizes around their bodies


When's the 'murrican Kamen Rider reboot where the outfit is just Iron Man with antennae?

>inb4 some fag says the suits can't be adapted into a grounded aesthetics

They have the fucking technology. Why loose half of the budget on tweaking the fucking suits (five of them) instead of pouring that money into the megazord vs giant monster action scenes?

You joke, but the Blue Beetle suit in Smallville was basically that

One article mentions "wearing it" so it can't be 100% cg like the image implies... Can it?

They could've looked so cool, instead of WE LOW-BUDGET IRON MAN.

Always had lips famalam.

They look so bad, looks like The Dark Knight meets Beetleborgs

fucking Powerful Rangers

I really don't like Affleck's batsuit, he looks like an action figure that got sandpapered.


It looks fine - on paper. We still need to see a fucking person on it.

looks overdone. makes me wanna puke.


I'll reserve judgement until physical pictures get out. I do like the diamond chest piece having the energy in it though, regardless of the inevitable arc reactor comparisons.

>“These suits needed to feel like they were catalyzed by these kids and their energy, their spirit.”

>so I just made everything super shiny and super glittery and there's these fucking lines all over the place, teens love lines


I swear if they do something stupid like Rita is one of Zordon's old students or rangers or some shit

why is her hair green


I don't hate it. I think they look pretty cool besides the blue chest emblem.

Nice shoop.

those are 2 different people, you retard

These would look a million times better if they introduced some white to them.

The blue and black ones particularly are just a giant blah blob of color

these looked way better.

And the best part is that you know the trailer is gonna be some dark and edgy shit

>These would look a million times better if they introduced some white to them.

Nah those are fucking awful.

Original >>> new movie >>> old movie

It looks more like a miniature galaxy.
She always had her green coin, powerfam.

what is your top three

I bet you get triggered by people who read race into every time the word "black" is used

They are never going to do the Green Ranger with Tommy, the guy who portrays Tommy would make Saban force them to either include him or not use Tommy at all.

>pink ranger doesn't have a skirt.

What the fuck

>green ranger in heels

when's the boycott happening exactly?


I've literally never commented about costume designs looking ugly on Sup Forums until now; these are disgusting.

Like, really, really bad. It's like every single generic tacticool pseudo-armor design ever mixed with every single "random glowing lines = futuristic" design ever. I'm getting massive 2011 Green Lantern vibes off this.

Space, Time, MMPR

Switch Dino Charge with Dino Thunder.

Those three you have in God Tier are the best

why they don't look like dinosaurs helmets tho

kek in what universe do you think an actor from a two decade old series has this kind of power over a Hollywood studio?

The fuck does the green ranger have anything to do with this? The picture's just comparing Rita's gear being the same as the ranger suits. Hence my comment about her being an old ranger

He's drawing a parallel.
As in, "look, Rita's green battle mode draws on similar aesthetic ques, maybe they're linked?"

He's right.

Man I sure am glad I found Sentai and stopped being into Power Rangers years ago or I would be incredibly disappointed.

As it is now all I can do is laugh

you're a retard if you think the Michael's tier Halloween costumes and the 2016 generic, tacticool suits look better than the original movie's.

His face and hair pisses me off so much in this picture and I have no idea why

I knew nothing was going to be like this sexy piece of ass, but I had hopes

Saban has all the say over the movie, thats why its being made in the first place, and the relationship between Saban and the Green Ranger is almost abusive.

Move Jungle Fury up to Good and I completely agree with you.

Dude, she's using the green power coin to morph. That seems pretty obvious.
You've not seen her other not green costume?

There's another costume?


what are we, metal heroes?

One of the chicks should have like bigger tits or a bigger ass than the other instead of having the exact same proportions.

Be honest, how many guessed would you need to get that this is the new black Power Ranger?


>red ranger still has the best costume of the five

as it should be. Red will always be the true GOAT, fuck off Tommyfags


t. Austin St. John

There is, a generic black slutty number from leaked set photos. It'll be in the archive.

Rita's Green suit is a "power up" she uses to fight directly, drawing upon her green power coin. Well, I say coin, they may switch it up.

you are on Sup Forums

Just stop user. This is a real movie. It probably has the budget of every previous Power Ranger incarnation combined. No one cares about your children's shows.

user pls

They already said the asian guy is the black ranger and the black guy is the blue ranger.

This shit? The fuck are they doing?

Needs some silver / white and diamonds


It'll be camp, right?


That's the one, yeah it's not exactly awe inspiring is it?
The chest is a diamond.

>implying the ending parts to this movie where Fred saves the parents and the Rangers save Zordon didn't make you cry

Not even, his helmet looks more like a snake.

>Logo on the left sleeve

He's missing a gauntlet.

So it's been a rumor that Rita is the foreign former Green Ranger a while and the suits kind of confirm it. She changes costumes but these set pics show that at some point she wears a ripped up "evil" Green Ranger suit.

I bet the end of the film set sup her losing the Green Ranger coin and it going to the new Tommy.

I'd take that Iron Man mod over what we got.

Should have been black suits around the navel down and just have the color focused on their chest/shoulders and helmet. Lose all the glowy line shit in favor of something like Black Panther's shiny lines.

I guess they read a bunch of forum posts about how power ranger fans don't want black leather costumes and want color so they decided to make the entire suit colored.

That looks like a cross between a modern halo suit and the reboot robocop.

It's shit is what I'm saying.

>new 52ing power rangers
Is nothing safe from "realistic" "practical" armor plate filled costumes that look like shit? I think I'll stick with my sentai. Zyuohger has been going pretty good.

The original movie suits are still great.

Good list, agree with it mostly. Personal favorite is Lightspeed Rescue.

They confirm that she has access to a green power item that taps the UMG, or whatever the film version will be.

Doesn't imply she's a former ranger at all.

looks like an edgy version of the toonami guy

>120 million budget
This is going to bomb.

the black ranger reminds me of Robocop reboot

Those Michael's tier Halloween costumes are a staple aesthetic throughout the super sentai shows. It's a part of the charm.

damn, an 18+ graphic watchmen/batman/judgedredd style powerrangers, id watch it

Holy fuck those suits look really shitty, but I'm also very interested

Damn I've only watched the first episode but that white tiger bitch makin my dick hard nah mean

They look good. Like Power Rangers. Did you really expect spandex?

yeah, but the suit from the mmpr movie are practically the same aesthetic. I'm not saying the original outfits were bad; they're better than most of the other suits, but the original movies are a nice balance between sentai aesthetic and tacticool.

Isn't that less than Deadpool?

Nah, I think nostalgia will do a good job on this level of budget.

I love these suits, pretty awesome

Deadpool had a 50-60 mil budget