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>it's a theon gets his cock back season

Reminder that Stannis IS a bad guy

GURM HATES religious zealots and always makes them the antagonists in his works




Azor Ahai does NOT exist

No prophecy exists. GURM is a full-blown fedra tipping atheist and you think any religion is going to be correct?

Stannis isn't a religious zealot in the books.

GURM said Stannis is an alright guy though, just an uninspiring leader.

Don't mistake widespread disappointment at D&D bungling Stannis' character for endorsement of his right to rule. There are plenty of people that don't think Stannis would be the best king but who also would have much preferred him to remain the greyer, more nuanced character he was in the novels rather than being le ebul burn my own daughter man.

>Don't mistake widespread disappointment at D&D bungling Stannis' character for endorsement of his right to rule.

I'm not, I'm talking about his role and actions in Asoiaf.

GURM HATES religion. That is a fact.

R'hllor is, by far, the worst religion (burning people, everything else is 'the great other' etc). That is a fact.

Stannis is the standard bearer of R'hllor in the books. That is a fact.

So it stands to reason that Stannis is the face of everything GURM hates. So even if GURM publicly says that Stannis is an alright guy, Stannis is nonetheless an antagonist.

Literally all semi-intelligent people are "fedora tipping atheists," that doesn't mean their fantasy book with dragons doesn't have magic. Inbred trash.

You claim you are "semi-intelligent", yet you appear to be illiterate because at no point did I suggest there is no magic.


Prophecy is generally the product of religion or religious figures. In the case of Azor Ahai it is a myth of the R'hllor religion and each religion seems to have an equivalent (ptwp, stallion that mounts the world etc).

What I'm saying is, given who GURM is and what his beliefs are, all the prophecies will likely be bullshit.

This is something the show (inb4 >LE FUGG LE D&D XDDD) is starting to explore quite well which they did with the Jaime/Cersei scene last episode.

He's one red priests believed AA, that doesn't mean he personally believes it

Doesn't matter. He is literally the leader of it.

Stannis was an atheist

Let's look back on all the mature men. Since Roose is gone, it's not looking good for them. Will there be any left? Or will Westeros burn due to the fact women can't rule.

>inb4 Varys isn't a Mature men
Haven't gone around to fixing this

But he literally isn't?

He's not like the Pope of R'hllor, he just is willing to tolerate it for the power it offers


You're right. He isn't their pope, he is their Jesus. He is LITERALLY the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Azor Ahai. He uses it as grounds to burn people alive. He goes along with all that Lightbringer bullshit.


Huh, who is 3rd row from top, far left?

Some coward who ran as his family was being butchered.

Those swings are ridic overexaggerated, why mix realistic sword techniques with cartoonish animation?



>Or will Westeros burn due to the fact women can't rule
That's the takeaway from GoT.

Randyll and Euron will go strong this season. Plus McShane's character. Also Thoros is confirmed to return.
Season 6 will be a good season for /mm/.

>mature man

He is like 32 or something.

>this creature is considered extremely attractive in the United Kaliphate


>no Nedd
>no Based Bobby B
>no Doran

>So it stands to reason that Stannis is the face of everything GURM hates. So even if GURM publicly says that Stannis is an alright guy, Stannis is nonetheless an antagonist.
If you think GRRM writes this black and white I don't know what to say

>muh mature men

He was taking a piss m8. Besides Radmure is alive

Fuck off pedo

Ending of episode 3:

>Jon is brooding in his chamber at castle black
>Melisandre enters, he ignores her
>After a while Melly makes an attempt to say something.
>Jon turns around
>"Egg... I dreamed I was old."
>fade to black

>religious zealots
>book Stannis

fucking showplebs, I swear

I know. I was trying to trigger blackfishfags.

Are those really the only two alternatives? Either you love mature men or are a pedo?

Don't like how they brought back John but that last ep was great overall man. I guess they're killing off way too many people though, could have gotten more mileage out of Roose imo. Really hope the mythical Ironbro/Kingsmoot shit is done halfway interestingly.

Dany haters are willing to go that extra mile into having disregard for what is both in the books and the show and very evident. Dany resists fire on several occasions even during the show. That DOES NOT mean she is 100% immune to it, but she is the only character known to have this power, even if occasionally. You want to write her off as some nobody, but she isn't nobody.

As for her not being Targaryen, I think this is also bullshit. I don't even like her that much if you want to call me danyfag and be immature about this, but its pretty clear that the whole point of Daenerys is that she is the ONLY (known) Targaryen through who we get to know them and about them. Her entire story fits to be Targaryen, details of her birth are known throughout the realm and just bunch of stuff.

>tfw Gerold Hightower is probably cut

Daenarys ain't real. She is no queen of mine and is probably a Dayne. :DDD peace and Aegon OK not Dany.

>We are suppose to believe that the Umbers were holding Rickon this entire time and waited until Roose is dead to hand him over to Rickon

Great writing D&D. The North sure does remember doesn't it?

>GoT turns into Lost

oh, okay.

yah because aegon is not fake at all

I just like saying he is because it triggers people desu

only Melisandre of all known red priests burns people.

is it the same guy ?

>Include a flashback of Dany putting a collar on the dragon
>Show Tyrion removing an obviously completely different and larger collar

Can this show get anything right?

>such a shit-tier character hes the only major plotline dropped completely from the show
lmaoing @ your taste

this user is a christian and will take that as offense as well hehe


>inb4 Varys isn't a Mature men


neither is he in the show, recognizing melisandre's magic as obviously useful doesn't make him a religious zealot

burning shireen is rather questionable, though he did it for the spell, not for rhllor


The points you mentioned are not the reason people don't like dany

I don't like her because shes is more or less a dumb teenager given too much power and other annoying traits

The collers pissed me off too. they were so easy to take off, they were bound to come off on their own at some point

we can only hope. if all these silly prophecies turn out to be true, it will make the whole saga harry potter -level

hurr durr quasimodo jpg hurr

this isn't imgur or reddit, what do you gain from it? No one is upvoting you.

attention whore


well he is a mermaid


He wants the (You)s

Have they confirmed he's completely cut or is there a chance they'll just do him in a later season like they're doing the Greyjoy brothers?

Forgot about Kingsmoot. AFFC truly is the GOAT book

Yea I thought so, didn't seem to make sense in the context

>inbred briton detected

>He doesn't realise that most priests think Daenaerys is their Jesus

How do you explain discrepancies such as Daenerys believing she was raised near a lemon tree with green fields and sunshine - in Braavos, described by both Sa and Arya as cold, wet, misty and overcast, with throwaway characters also mentioning that citrus fruit do not grow there/

Before you go for the 'GRRM inconsistency' stuff, he actually acknowledged that there was something to that in an email some fan sent him.

About the fire thing - I'm not sure why you're so hung up on this. Firstly the show means nothing, if we take the show for canon explanation of book events then Pod has a 14 incher, Brienne is invincible, Dany is fat and Mance is dead among other massive problems. The show does the 'immune to fire' thing because it looks cool and normies understand that she's special.

GRRM has specifically addressed this and said that Dany is not immune to fire, she just is a bit better at dealing with heat than most people. This is unsurprising given that she was clearly raised in a hot climate. GRRM himself likened it to how Starks are good at toughing it out through cold.

>Details of her birth are known throughout the realm
What, like Jon's? Who is widely believed to be Ned's kid which is clearly fucking bullshit The realm knows shit all, this is in the days before good communication. There is an extreme likelihood that Dany either has a past that is not correct or she is not who she thinks she is.

Before you get angry again and start calling me names, remember I am just theorizing about novels, not raping your waifu.

what video game

Honestly? If I ever teleported to asoiaf universe I would devote all my life to hunting down blackfyre fucking shits. Holy fuck, I hate them so much. Blackfyre fucking shits are a disease, literally a fucking disease. They have no right to breathe air.


I hope so too user



>[citation needed]

t. Lannister fucking shit

Worst, unfunniest """"meme"""" ever on /got/




Started reading the books earlier today, when do these fabled "blackfyre fucking shits" appear?

How do we kill the women?I feellike every time a woman dies there is gonna be an outrage.


She'll be fine

Its possible there is something fishy about danys past. but her not being targ is bit of a streach. how do you even explain her eyes and hair?

She'll kill herself eventually.

post what you are most excited for:

illyn payne's tongue getting revived
sansa becoming queen bitch in charge
daenerys, tyrion, and varys riding each dragon into king's landing
jaime failing to protect the king again
ramsay bolton getting killed
littlefinger getting fucked in the ass by varys
asha dying to euron

There are a bunch of people in Essos who have the eyes and hair, the whore Jorah was fucking when Tyrion stumbled in on him for example.

Dany is actually Ashara's daughter with Aerys

>tfw Qyburn is cucking Varys by crossbowing Kevan

She'll be killed by Tommen, after Qyburn brings him back wrong.

>showfag confirmed

like how there was outrage when cat,lysa,foreign girl, funny whore, fat walda, myranda etc died?

Euron winning the kingsmoot over muh girl power and muh peace

t. Preston Jacobs

A lot of the Daynes have silver hair and purple eyes as well.

Daynes are known to have the purple eyes and the hair

true /LOYALIST/ user

Weirdly, there was outrage when Ros died. It seems so random.

>no theon getting volcano cock

They are mentioned alot in the Dunk and Egg novels

The best time to read them is after ASOS becauses reasons

Never, you have to finish the book and start reading the side material, showfag.

>trips of truth

They're not even in the books, they're a part of the backstory

That should tell you everything on how pathetic and autistic these people forcing it are

>I am Dusk and Dawn, the beginning and the end, within both hands i carry the will of my prince.

i can't belive D&D wrote this shit


great banetr

That user is right you know

Well fug, I thought I was gonna catch up on some of these memes I don't understand yet.