Her career will definitely be dead after Stars Wars, r-right?

Her career will definitely be dead after Stars Wars, r-right?

Overrated shit

Eaven if it dies after SW, who cares. Her fanbase will be bigger than most of the other actors.

Regardless of how her career goes, she can always shit in my mouth

>Ophelia really married Hamlet!
This sounds like such a revolting premise. People (especially women) should keep their grubby mitts off of Shakespeare

Literally kill yourself


You're right, OP, I'm sure this won't expose her as a shitty actor.

Until she is seen within 5 feet of a black guy not named john boyega and everyone just starts calling each other cucks

Looks like a literal tranny in this pic

She's supposedly a massive bitch so she'll be Katherine Heigl in a decade.

high school tier shit

if she is a tranny i would happily suck her cock clean

ummm???? why isn't the role being played by a PoC?

She's cute, not hot, or beautiful. Just cute. Cute lasts until they hit 25 and then the party is over. Then she'll play the second lead in a SyFy original movie

"A take on"

Literally fanfic written with a female lead.

Don't worry bro. I'm sure Hamlet will be a negro.

She doesn't strike me at all as a good Ophelia.
The dynamic between Hamlet and Ophelia is the most tragic love story in the English language, and it's not even the focus of the play. The tragedy rides largely on Ophelia's receptiveness and lack of resolution w/r/t the abuses of Polonius, Laertes, and Hamlet himself, which clashes with her 'strong jokey energetic' milieu.
Who knows, maybe Star Wars was extreme acting and she can do an airy dramatic role just as well

>Movie where you need to act
>but you can't act


I guess this role fits her a bit better than the one as Lara Croft.

Why would you want it to be dead? She's a cutie.

I've seen this it was great

What other Shakespeare movie adaptions are good?

You haven't read it

Majority of Sup Forums has predicted that her career will die after SW.

The Lion King is pretty good, you should check it out.

For a Few Dollars More

I couldn't understand a WORD said in that film. Had to turn it off.

It is high school homework tier bullshit. It's nothing more than a real life meme.

I know you're 15 and you resent the C- your English teacher gave you, but let it go.

Why is she there with Matt Damon?

I like how we don't even pretend to like good things amidst the Star Wars and capeshit. Plebs and proud of it.

>not watching your macbeth web-dl with subtitles

>like how we don't even pretend to like good things
I like what I like and I don't like what I don't like. Because some old fart of a professor loves Shakespeare doesn't mean it's good. The only reason it's "good" is because someone, one day, decided it was good. It's just their opinion. There's nothing notable about writing poetry where the take away is questioning sexuality. Wow, big woop. So deep.

English class is by far the biggest waste of time. I'm not 15 by the way.

Shakespeare is one of the greatest of all time. Your shit opinion means nothing.

She'll be a meme forever.

>Shakespeare is one of the greatest of all time
irl meme

what does it feel like being retarded?

Kill yourself, degenerate.

Okay, for my amusement, who do you think the greatest writers of all time are?

Why was Rey wearing makeup while being a scavenger? At least try to keep it realistic JJ.

Ironic that you posted a picture of George Lucas. Shakespeare is the writer equivalent of Lucas.

why is she famous.

she's a 7/10 for a bubblegum blockbuster reboot chosen because she was a nobody with no negotiation power

Creator of the best of the English language. Your response is typical of those who can't understand his work due to a lifetime spent watching Tim Allan movies and drinking leaded paint.

>not 15
Ok, you're either 16 or younger than 15. If you're any older then that means you're literally retarded.
Not figuratively.
You genuinely have an extra chromosome. Do us all a favour and remove yourself from the gene pool before you spawn more retards.

Othello with Orson Welles

Forbidden Planet

>Throne of Blood
>The Bad Sleep Well


Will we ever get this?

Branagh already made the GOAT Hamlet

I want another Othello adaptation. Boyega can play Othello.

>not Boyega as Iago with RDJ as Othello

>Reading Shakespeare
What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm not answering your question, but Macbeth fucking sucked bro.

>swn rip off chunks of your flesh

Forbidden planet is the tempest in space.

I'm dreading at the thought for Hollywood casting a non white as Hamlet.

Moors =/= Negroes


The english language is one of the worst on the planet, easily the worst of the romance languages

Shakespeare barely salvaged it


pretty much anything by branagh or starring him

>easily the worst of the romance languages
I thought that was German

>I'm not 15 by the way.
I'm totally convinced now glad you cleared that up

how? that is one of the most complex languages

>The english language is one of the worst on the planet
Oh, who could it be? The jew or the weeb?


Uh, is everyone getting baited or what? English is not a romance language.

Reminder that FaFDM>tGtBatU>aFoD


i wonder what her pussy tastes like



The Romances are French, Italian, Spanish, and Romanian. English is Germanic. Although it has a metric fuckton of borrowed stuff from French.

kek no, it might be classified as romance but it's nowhere close

like salty metal

what's matt damon doing there

Henry V with Kenneth Branagh

How do British """"'people""""" always have such memeable faces?

>take on Shakespeare
Is this as lame as rebooting a Hollywood franchise?

By having their own personality rather than copying what they see on TV.

Apparently this will be in Ophelia's point of view.

Hopefully when she drowns Daisy would be wearing a white dress.

People only make Shakespeare movies because there's no copyright payments.

It's the same reason all the faux-capeshit Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy movies have been coming out for years.

Lack of Americlap plastic surgery

>hating the most creative mind in the history of mankind