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Based Garak Edition
Post rare Garaks and dank Garaks

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You guys better not post that police Garak again. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the value was going to crash from inflation


On that note, post Trek actors in other roles
There are at least three in this pic, one with her face obscured.
Can anyone get all three and the characters they played?

I remembered really enjoying watching Star Trek: TNG when I was younger. About a year ago I found the box-set in my house and watched a few episodes.

Jesus Christ they were bad. TNG is forever ruined for me.

Kai Winn was played by the same woman who played Nurse Ratchet, wasn't she?

>Did you hear that Dukat's statues on Cardassia Prime have been torn down and recycled into toilets?
>Really? At last, that's good news for him!
>Why do you say that?
>Because he's finally found a way to be useful to the Cardassian people!

Yep, Oscar winner Louise Fletcher.
Brad Dourif (guy with crossed legs next to the guy with a massive beard) played the serial killer on VOY
Christopher Lloyd, whose face is just visible next to Nicholson's, played the villain in one of the TOS movies

Left - Brad Dourif who played "Lon Suder" in Voyager
Right - Vincent Schiavelli who played "Weapon Peddler" in TNG
And Far Left, I believe, is Louise Fletcher who played the infamous "Kai Winn" in DS9

Fuck, I forgot about him in Wrath of Khan (Christopher Lloyd).

>Christopher Lloyd
Ah I thought so, wouldn't have gotten Dourif though

Wow, I'm glad I said 'at least three' because you found another. That makes four

He was in Search for Spock m80

did someone say Garak

Why are all the best characters horror vets?


Willing to put up with hours in the makeup chair, perhaps?

Tuvok is some kind of commander in the new Fallout. I was watching somebody play and recognized the voice instantly.
And of course everybody knows Quark was Andrew Ryan from Bioshock and Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank

Peter Cook was in an episode of TNG.

When I heard this I didn't even believe it but he has a small non speaking role, little more than an extra.

For no reason at all.

Just realized this guy was one of the aliens in Who Watches the Watchers


Any of you guys play/interested in Star Trek Online?
It's getting a TOS-based expansion.

Ray Wise has been in a lot of stuff.
Leon from Robocop.
He was also in Hope and Fear as Species 115 with the huge head. They were capable of translating languages very quickly.

You know what the sad part about this thread is?

He's a very good tailor.

And an even better sharpshooter

Remember Garak as "Elim Scissorhands"?

I do but none on 4chaqn cares about it.

The eightchan thread (/stog/) is pretty good but slow. In fact it is the busiest thread on their /vg/.

Guessing you came from there too.

Personally, Although I started playing STO because of star trek, I continue to play it for the game itself nothing to do with it being about star trek.

Space combat has some very original and interesting mechanics.

Anyway, mike from BrBa/BCS was in a DS9 episode.

Garak is beyond based.

Here's a picture of Kirsten Dunst, from Star Trek.

All y'all remember that Kirsten Dunst is from Star Trek, right?

>hurting poor Ezri's feelings

No one said Christopher Lloyd played a Klingon in Search for Spock yet?

This should have been its own thread, it's so fun and much better than the SHIT-ENCRUSTED OP "general".

>not klingoned

Here We can continue and hope people join in

Was she a stone cold bitch in that movie too?

>Hey pally

And of course, the most famous Shatner moment behind 'KHAAAN'

Look, she and Molly got the shit end of the stick out of Miles being moved to DS9. She was miserable probably the entire time he was posted there. I don't blame her for being crabby about it.

Nobody watching Colm Meaney's best role?

What about that time he crashed with no survivors?

Remember he got his motherfucker birthday snatched in Under Siege?

I fucking love him in that role. He's such a piece of shit.

Friendly reminder that Dukat did nothing wrong.


Dukat is responsible for the very existence of Ezri.

If that's not doing something wrong then I don't know what is.


Is ENT any good? Finished the first episode and it was alright (dat decontamination shower scene), hoping it isn't as shit as VOY

Yeah, it grows on you
you'll be singing along to the theme song by mid season two

It was a far cry above Voy and I found the meme about it being shit was completely false. Maybe not the best crew, but a solid show with great arcs throughout (especially in the last two seasons)
They did a great job compared to other Treks of actually remembering things that happened in previous episodes, so you can actually feel their technology and ability develop overtime and people make sensible suggestions.
Archer and Porthos are god-tier

Look out, best Grill coming through

>tfw raising a labrabeagle that kinda looks like Porthos
>but he's a pain in the ass who won't stop biting and peeing on the floor


At least you don't give him cheese

Cheddar and him don't agree

Have you tried hitting it?

>it's a Klingon episode


I give him a little flick on the ear (he's got those big 'ol Beagle ears) or I spank his butt.

I dont wanna abuse my pup and make him end up hating me

>tfw my mom was right
>I need to be less of a wuss

What series is the one in the far right? Voyager again?

I am an unlearned pleb

Garak was so cute as a kid.

This is surprisingly 100% accurate
It's jjtrek

Supposedly that's why he was cast for all those villainous roles. His "boyish smile" added to the scare factor


You mean Star Wars?

Genuinely can't tell if this is bait or you don't realize...

Did Kirk ever stop shitting on uhh klingons.

Another reminder

>best captain
Also dumping my Star Trek images

Did you seriously switch away from the red """fans""" caption because of that one autist who thought it was 'trolling'?

Nah, I just remade the image without the stupid shit to look cleaner.

Does T'Pol ever stop being a cunt

>daily reminder that the proposed DS9 spin-off starring Kira, Dukat, Ziyal and Damar having adventures in that Bird of Prey would have been the best Star Trek series

Around the Vulcan spiritual reformation

>you will never watch the episode where Kira and Damar get wasted on Kanar and accidentally eject the warp core

Is this actually a proposed series or is it just another dank reddi/tv/irgin meme


>when dat green stuff hits you

I don't think that's real, but apparently S5 of ENT was going to bring Shran to the main cast and explore Empress Hoshi's exploits in the MU, so we still have reason to feel shitty

I'm only on the third episode of ENT, Hoshi ends up finding her lady balls and womanning the fuck up?

So far all she does is complain and second guess herself.

odo played janos. raziel was played by the guy in the pilot.

Funny how the 60's trek tech looks the most modern again thanks to Google Material Design.

>character dies on space station
>resurrect her in a different body
>send her back to the place she was murdered to be a "counselor" where she has vague memories and everyone treats her like a living ghost
the fuck were they thinking

Yeah... hate to break it to you, but by 'MU' I mean Mirror Universe

>trust no one, not even yourself

I woke up 2 hours ago and I already started drinking or else I wouldve gotten that one

Worf's brother/future old man Jake Sisko.

I'm sure the casting director was distracted by the fact that he had just solved a 6,000+ year old controversy by finding irrefutable proof that God exists

Hey there Damar!

Can someone help a pleb out?

So ENT takes place before TOS in the "canon" timeline?


forgot pic

I wish I had his willpower

i was up all night drinking, then i puked, and now im tired and exhuasted and i have a shitload of trees to move.

im watching DS9 instead


>tfw too anti-social to move dat loud
>too afraid of getting pinched to sell to rando's

>After the bridge crew is done with their high fives over the day being saved they head down to Holodeck 2 for some R and R.
As usual they pick just about the gayest thing ever which is the Robinhood simulation. I mean seriously, that shit is written for little kids. It's like having a business meeting at a playground, but these morons can't get enough of it. About halfway through the simulation they're all drinking flagons and talking about the evil sheriff of Nottingham, when suddenly Riker's Greatest Teabaggings starts up. One minute they're sitting around the campfire singing and BOOM there's a giant version of Commander Riker trying to smother them all with his stadium-sized scrotum. I made sure to fake a door lockout too, so they were trapped in there for hours looking at Riker's taint and trying to breathe around his ball bag.

So I just watched Threshold and I've come to the conclusion other than all of the completely nonsense theoretical science they use the whole episode it's not near as bad as everyone says.

Not a contrarian here or devil's advocate, I actually enjoyed the episode somewhat for at the bare minimum being interesting and at least talking about far out ideas like infinite speed and what it my do to the body. Crazy Tom "Salamander" Paris..

It was the ending that was just too wacky that was again UNNECESSARY. They didn't need to turn Janeway and Paris into completely different people but they di for reasons (that escape all normal conventions of rational thought when it comes to storytelling).

If you tell me that it's somehow worse than the episode "Resistance" with the kooky old man who thinks Janeway's his daughter, I'll need some good evidence to the contrary.

>Commander Riker uses the holodeck for everything, from his darkest fantasies to the most ridiculously mundane task. One day he'll be oil wrestling with kangaroos on top of a giant mattress or making love to a duplicate of himself with huge breasts. The next day he'll show up in his bathrobe and use the holodeck to shower and shave himself. What makes me hate him is that Riker pays no attention to the rules about bodily fluids. He will use the holodeck just to go to the bathroom. He'll have a floating toilet made out of clouds and he'll lay the biggest and smelliest deuce I've seen this side of the neutral zone. Then he'll just walk right out like he's allowed to do that.

Requesting nudes of Leah Brahms (aka Susan Gibney).

She was a sexy lass..

Also, I like how somehow in this VAST region of space, that every society says "We've been warned about you!"

Oh it's very real

>Even as early as the series' first season, many story pitches ended up being unused for DS9. Fred Dekker, who worked on that initial season, later recalled, "On Deep Space Nine, we staff writers would hear pitches a few times a month, and I came across a couple of ideas that I thought would make terrific episodes. So I would write these up and submit them thinking, 'Yeah, this is going to make for a great episode,' only to never hear anything about them again. It was like throwing ideas into a black hole. Eventually someone said, we've got one of the biggest recurring casts in franchise history, why not create a small-scale snipoff?"[12] The spinoff, which was to be titled "Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Naprem" followed the eponymous ship and its crew, which had been introduced in the 4th season episode 'Return to Grace'. Cast would have included Marc Alaimo [Gul Dukat], Nana Visitor [Kira Nerys], Casey Biggs [Damar], and Melanie Smith [Tora Ziyal]; talks were conducted to bring Jeffrey Combs [Weyoun] in as a defective Vorta (a plotline which would later be used in Season 7).[13][14] Preliminary scripts outlined frequent guest starring from DS9 cast members as well as a romantic plot between Alaimo and Visitor, who had been enemies in DS9's original run. The idea was scrapped far into preproduction when studio concerns over split viewership and Visitor's pregnancy suggested an attempt to balance two shows at once would be damaging.[15]

>In the DS9 DVD edition booklet released in 2008, screenwriter Robert Hewitte Wolfe outlined some of the prospective episode:
>[Pilot] "The Naprem" Caught between her duties to Captain Sisko and her moral desire to take up the cause of freedom fighting, Major Kira must make a tough choice. When it is discovered that the Klingons are launching an assault on Cardassia Prime, Kira's care for Ziyal leads her to betray her uniform and engage in one of her most dangerous missions to date
>S1E2 "Concordance" Having successfully averted the Klingon attack, the Naprem begins to experience malfunctions in its warp reactor. A subspace shockwave causes Kira and Damar to switch bodies.
>S1E3 "Art to Reckon" Kira begins to second guess her choice to join the crew as Dukat's advances become increasingly obvious. The situation is complicated, however, when Dukat discovers Kira teaching Ziyal about his past crimes
>S1E4 "Benediction" After following a distress signal, the Naprem makes a surprising discovery - a dominion ship piloted by a 'defective' clone of Weyoun who wishes to leave his former masters. Tensions rise as Damar and the guest do not get along
>S1E5 "Atalanta" The Naprem finds a Klingon warship in a decaying orbit around an unstable gas giant. While Dukat is reluctant to help, Kira mounts a rescue mission. This plotline would later be recycled in Star Trek: Enterprise[16]
>S1E6 "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2372" As Kira and Dukat try to work out their romantic encounter in the previous episode, the voyager is interrupted by a plea from Captain Sisko: return to the station to help with a crisis on Bajor
>S1E7 "All Good Drinks..." A garbled transmission leads Quark to supply the ship with ten times the amount of Kanar requested. When Damar discovers the beverage is 2327 vintage - his favorite - hilarity ensues
>S1E8 "Clock Stopper" Kira catches Ziyal smoking. Directed by LeVar Burton

>tfw we'll never get any