Why were there so many high school based comedies around the turn of the millennium?

Why were there so many high school based comedies around the turn of the millennium?

Where did they go?

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They grew up and became numales.

He's a loser she said

Loser isn't even set in high school

99% of them bombed at the box office, they made their money on vhs rental, as soon piracy skyrocketed the market died

or strictly speaking comedy

My personal favourite was 'Can't Hardly Wait'.

Every time I watch it I get these deep, somber, feels about how much I wish I had an experience like that in high-school. Even if I had been one of the nerds.

Idle Hands for the win.

I really hated the early 2000's with a seething passion. Everything is better now, there I fucking said it.

It's shit like this that helped creating those hipster faggots and tumblr, special snowflake degenerates



>just watched that Generation Kill episode where they sing that song

what the FUCK

They were continuing the trend of high school based comedy/dramas from the 80's.

She's so hot

They used it in Generation Kill?

They sure as fucking god damn dog shit did

I have to listen to this song now...

Right in the child hood.. I was like 11 at the time.

Motherfucker. Episode?

The feels this film gave me....


they realized more people dont loose their virginity in highschool, so to sell more tickets, they started making capeshits for them

This chick has a 10/10 ass

what happened with that chick? she was a jailbait yet in american psycho (or what), and then?

Mean Girls made the genre obsolete

you mean Superbad

This is the most comfy movie ever made

>american psycho
I wish. She was in American Pie.

>mfw I didn't even know any virgins by the time I graduated high school

Even the retarded special education kids were fucking eachother. How the fuck does a person make it through high school and still be a virgin? Do they not want to have sex? Did they step on a landmine and blow off their genitals?

>watch this video
>expect Loser to be a high school comedy
>watch Loser
>it's a piece of shit drama movie
Fucking Wheatus

they just lied to you

Everyone lies about everything in high school dumbfuck. Just like you're going to lie about not being a virgin in your reply

>/r9k/ tries to make excuses for what massive subhuman losers they were and continue to be

Why don't you just kill yourselves?

You're pretty much right. I'm a pretty big fucking retard and I still fucked a girl in 9th grade and in 12th grade. Never bang a girl after that.

I've got kids, faggot. If I'm a virgin we need to get those dudes that wrote the bible on the phone because I've got quite a story for them.

why are you so bitter about being a non virgin user?

Population aging alerts. There are no high school comedies anymore because there are not enough high school aged people to form a viable market.

all resources are committed into pandering the boomers and millennials nostalgia.

I'm not bitter. I just want /red9tumblr/ to get off my board because the thought of talking to them makes my skin crawl. I wouldn't talk to your kind in real life, no sense doing it on here. It's not like anything you say has any weight to it anyway, you aren't even people.

Yeah, the story of your wife's sons.

>Implying I didn't get tracked down for DNA tests proving they were mine by my baby mommas


>m-muh board
holy shit what a faggot

American Pie 2 > Road Trip > American Pie.

Don't give a fuck about anything outside this holy trinity

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>this whole sentence

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>Road Trip

Yeah, that's you in the picture. A fedora tipping permavirgin. Head back to your containment board with the rest of the untouchables.

>tfw i always wished my junior high school crush would finally notice me like that

>tfw it never happened

fucking movies man, giving me an unrealistic representation of how human mating rituals work.

Don't stop dude, this might even make it into a copypasta for cringe threads

>this might even make it into a copypasta for cringe threads

Maybe your posts now.

Thanks for proving my point.

can't remember, youtube has it though


Not just high school but generally school/college stuff were the capeshit of its time. I'm not sure exactly why the turn of the millennium brought so many of these but I imagine it's because they film makers at the time grew up watching stuff like that in the seventies such as Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Porkies.

>You are but what am I?
You're killing it

Teenagers no longer want to watch movies about kids in highschool, but special snowflake Mary Sues in dystopian settings.

Fuck off faggot

if the early 2000's capeshit were highschool movies, what do you think the capeshit of the future will be?

But hes right

I remember I was driving with my mom as a kid and that song came on the radio. She's like "eww what is this a lesbian?" and shut it off

>I really hated the early 2000's with a seething passion

Elliot was collateral damage.


>he wonders where all the lighthearted white comedies went

>all that civi killing in that episode
>mfw that smoke grenade hits some old bloke in the back of the fucking head

>Tromblys feeling when guarding checkpoint

Give me Recs For Tonight Please.

RIP Tom Green's movie career, gone too soon