>The Babadook is amazing! Best horror movie in many years!
>It's mediocre at best.


>It Follows is amazing! Best horror movie in many years!
>It's okay at best.


>The Witch is amazing! Best horror movie in many years!
>It's boring. Nothing fucking happens.

When will this trend die?

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All three are good movies. What's the problem, they're popular? Too subtle for the jumpscare audience?

Just watched The Witch last night, really effective and spooky, measured and haunting.

When you get some taste, pleb.

>any year
>The Shawshank Redemption is a great movie!
>it has no depth whatsoever and is predictable as shit

All of them are numale movies.

babadook a shit

>whaaaaa where are my jumpscares

Sup Forums is 18+

It Follows was legitimately amazing right up until that retarded fucking ending, then.. yea, it was just okay.

It Follows was terrible, so Sup Forums is still 2 out of 3.

This is even dumber than the "not enough explosions" meme.

Your're waifu is terrible, go fuck yourself

>whaaaa memes
leddit ==========>

can't even meme correctly, aren't you missing 2nd period?

>>It's boring. Nothing fucking happens.
you know how I know you're a pleb? I Haven't even seen this movie and already know that your opinion is worthless

The Witch confirmed for 2016's best pleb filter

>This pleb doesn't want to live deliciously


Most horror movies are shit, so the mediocre ones stand out and seem amazing in comparison

>liked the babadook
>liked the witch
>havent seen it follows

Should I watch it then?

YEAH its good

I havent seen the witch but the other two movies the OP mentioned are complete shit

>it's a Sup Forums being Sup Forums i.e. plebs - episode

It's awful and has teenage girl acting. Worst movie i have seen in the last couple of years

Go watch SAW or something then.

Saw is a much better movie than anything in the OP.

memelenial pls

I have no idea what that even means.

There has never been a scary movie ever made. Film is just not scary. The best you can hope for is well made film with interesting characters, and I thought the babadook was fine in this regard.

It means he doesn't realize that he's a millennial.

Means your taste is as shit as they come.

I should have guessed Saw wasn't Sup Forums approved. It's a very good thriller and just because it's got a lot of shitty sequels doesn't mean it sucks.

>There has never been a scary movie ever made.
Every horror movie thread, there is always this one faggot...

That faggot is right though.

Eh... i know what you mean and mostly agree but there are spooky, tense, unsettling films. Bergman's Hour of the Wolf or Shame, The Cell, the parental psycho-pathos of the Babadook, the it's always coming/std allegory of It Follows, and the all alone in the spooky woods of the witch. Not like, omg I'm scared but, nice, this is spooky.

So you're telling me that no movie has ever scared you in the slightest? You've never felt fear or fright watching any movie?

So was the witch


i really liked this but why would the qt girl become a witch when her whole family was killed by one?

also the satan scene was goat.

i'm sure you eat your steak well done. with a coke and lots of ketchup.

>why would she accept a life of living deliciously when she most likely will die alone in a few days?

I just saw it last night.

The score was creepy as fuck. The dad was a good actor. The stuff with the actual witch was genuinely creepy, especially when Caleb is slowly walking up to her and then her old lady hand grabs him.

I was indifferent to everything else.

Her life was a dour dead-end, why not?

also the art direction was great.

>The score was creepy as fuck.

Reminded me of Jonny Greenwood, really effective.

Dad was a great actor yeah, just read an interview where he said (after losing 30 lbs for the role, and a lot of strength) he and Black Phillip legitimately hated each other from the first time they met eyes, and early on Black Phillip rammed him in the ribs, fucking his shit up, so he had to act on painkillers for the next few weeks, struggling to wrestle w/ the crazed devil goat.


they said they were 2 days from the town.


Babadook was really good fuck off op

No horse
Besides, what do you think would happen to her when she tried to tell them of what happened?

So she goes to the town and gets married off to some stinky rube who rapes her after she does tedious work all day for the rest of her life vs sexy spooky naked witch parties

She probably wasn't thinking, she just saw that her life is literally obliterated and there is nothing left for her. Maybe she really did think she was bringing all this death to the family.

Also, if she went to town, or people discovered her, they probably would've burned her anyways.
>would thou like a taste of butter?

post yfw she gleefully accepts Satan's propositions

>but why would the qt girl become a witch when her whole family was killed by one?
What would you rather chose? Being a young, attractive and powerful witch living deliciously or a puritan girl who will probably get accused accused of murder and witchcraft living in poverty in the middle of a forest?

It went to shit as soon as the thing grabs the main girl's hair at the beach. It went from being this abstract creepy antagonist to just another movie monster in my eyes.

Tomasin was a hotie.
I was hoping there was going to be an incest plot with her brother or her father.

not him, but the last time i was scared watching a film, i was a child and that movie was resident evil the 2nd one. it made me leave the cinema, and before that it was american werewolf in paris.

never felt any fear watching movies since then though. the faggots right.


Babadook is good, the other two are awful

>i was a child and that movie was resident evil the 2nd one

>I was a child
>Resident Evil 2

she could join the church, that would be logic.
also she could work, remember they were in a strictly ruled community and her family was massacred.

neat. she didn't have nothing to loose.

>It's boring. Nothing fucking happens.





>evans poster confirmed as an old fart


And when she arrives she gets burned at the stake or thrown in a lake.

The Babadook 7/10
It Follows 8/10
The Witch 9/10

This is my objectively subjective opinion
Can't wait for the 10/10 horror movie in 2017

the witch wasn't too scary but heretic in the exorcist levels

>murders her mom
>nothing to lose

i dont get it, whats tickling evan?

>Can't wait for the 10/10 horror movie in 2017
Any ideas what that would be?

>i share a lifetime with these people

Anyone else think young VVitch was Robotfu?

>the witch wasn't too scary
Jesus fucking christ man. She wasn't supposed to be.

>being THIS pleb


Neon Demon

I agree with your opinions. I liked all three quite a bit. The It Follows score is fucking great. All of these horror films are tapping into that Twilight Zone / allegorical thing very well. Babadook being the least effective for me because I'm not a parent and would have dropped that kid off at child services and lived happily ever after.

Holy shit, her Instagram is fire bros.

>10/10 would let seduce and plague


I dunno man

That slow walk out of her cabin was genuinely terrifying

Dat arm

Recent horror that's better than all the OPs.

Sure but that wasn't the point exactly. She was supposed to be this mysterious force that haunts but also seduces this family and ultimately, Thomasin.

She fine af


>american production
let me stop you right there


I completely agree, they're all just okay movies but when compared to most modern horror films they look like masterpieces. I also downright disliked The Witch, it wasn't creepy or eerie to me at all and the whole atmosphere felt forced by the cinimatography and overuse of score. The only moments that I thought were good was the baby getting mashed up and the very ending and the goat was a badass sometimes

google image search her name. some nice lingerie shots.

>I also downright disliked The Witch, it wasn't creepy or eerie to me at all and the whole atmosphere felt forced by the cinimatography and overuse of score
I know you try to sound sophisticated, but you sure didn't succeed.

let me try again


Normies who go to theaters try to convince themselves and everyone else that these movies are good because they want to justify having paid for it. When the blue ray rips come out the people who watch it for free judge much more objectively.

>When will this trend die?

You come to Sup Forums to be told what movies to watch. Plebs these days.

It's better than those other two movies.

I have a feeling you and probably 62% of Sup Forums EXCLUSIVELY watch movies alone. Sure, you'll tell yourself it's because you only watch "le filmme" but in all honestly nobody can stand being around a bunch of faggots that hate everything.

Come on user don't you want to live deliciously?



man she was so hot

I love Thomasin!


Shame's she's kind of ugly irl


>also satan was the goat


>Evil Dead is a shit remake
It's better than the original