It's a Vito jr (puerto rican whore)shits the floor episode

It's a Vito jr (puerto rican whore)shits the floor episode.

What the fuck was this fucking kid's problem?

>He stepped in it

>Turd doesn't fall too far from the asshole.

It's bad enough he shit in the shower but has to step in it too.

Still kills me everytime I see this.

It's a metaphor of his rebellious attitude towards his father. Vito liked to get his fudge packed, Vito Jr. did the opposite.


I think he should have went full gorilla and thrown it.

Poor kids whole life is ruined. Emotionally shattered and broken will drift to drugs and petty crime.
The sopranos had god tier writing

That would have been even better in the show!
School kid screaming...
"Holy shit dude he threw it at me!"

That would have established his dominance and he would have been respected.

Lmao watching too many animal docs

Phil leotardo is based

mfw plebs americucks never took a shit in the shower and gently grab it and throw it to the toilet.

What the fuck are you on about?

This was the first episode I ever watched. I foolishly dropped the show then and there till finally watching from the start years later.


Look at that fat blonde in upper right

Godammit. Just accidentally clicked the cast button on this and it appeared on my TV in front of my entire family.

6A is pretty dissapointing imo but did have some bright spots. I'm watching 6b and it's a major step up from gay penguin.

You welcome

You really know how to shit on a good time


>Puerto rican whooer

Fuck red wedding everybody brings that up but 6b just so unexpected.

What does "Silo" reference?

It's franquito ! he's beatifull !

Which season/episode is that? Feel like I've seen it but can't recall.