Movie takes place in the 80's

>Movie takes place in the 80's
>Character quotes 90's flick

Was Dubsman from the future?

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Or he could have just been saying "see you later", & called her baby because she was the girlfriend of the guy he was impersonating.

And just happens to throw in another Arnold reference with "when I get back"

Stretching credibility there m8.

>watching old X-Files episode
>character says something is "caliente"
>Pitbull didn't start making music until a decade later

how did Chris Carter do this?

nice dubs

Keked and checked

"When I get back" is supposed to be an Arnie reference? Sounds like you're the one stretching it.

check em

>Sum 182 song

This is getting ridiculous, has to be on purpose.


>movie references another movie that has an out-of-universe connection to the same movie

e.g. pic related. Captain America has Star Wars on his list. Which is owned by Disney, who owns Marvel, who created the Captain America films.

I'm guessing he'll be shocked to see Nick Fury starring as Mace Windu too.


Russo's confirmed they did it for the lols

I thought it was weirder that he was playing Skyrim which doesn't come out until over 3 decades later.

What's Pisco

Also checked

Nice one, wouldn't have thought of that one.


Here's an example of disco:

So let me get this straight... you're telling me you cant stop getting "dubs"?

I like were this is going


I've seen movies and TV recreate the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's but why can't they properly depict the aesthetics and atmosphere of the 1980's?

I wonder how retro 1990's depictions are gonna look like in the near future?

That's right doctor. I just can't stop

I can now doctor.

pshhh.. amateurs..

let me show you how its done...

nothin personal ... kid

>Moon Landing

this is worse than ndubz faggot

douche bags used to say shit like hasta la vista all the time in the 80's

yfw no dubs today

t. millennial

>crosses out Star Wars and keeps Star Trek

tyb Captain Kek


>Steve Jobs

>i must experience steve jobs

lol what in the fuck?

Speak of the dubs and they shall appear

you gayboys need to stop trying


What did he mean by this


I hate when I'm watching a movie and they're watching or referencing another movie, as if it was a movie in that universe too, implying the movie that was referenced is fiction


is this a dubs thread

Finally I found the repeating digits thread!

Wubba dubba dub dub

Regarding the 80s, Halt and Catch Fire did ok I think but I haven't seen much of that.

The people vs OJ Simpson that came out a while ago might give you an idea about how 90s stuff will look.


Hasta la bye-bye was the proper douchenclature.

It's cause hardly anything has changed since the 80s

Nice catch!