ITT: movies that are an easy 10 on the comfy scale

>ITT: movies that are an easy 10 on the comfy scale

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Pretty much all Terence Hill/Bud Spencer movies are essential comfy core.


From the thumbnail I thought this was Apocalypse Now

>4chins lost my picture

It was the one with Samwise saying that feely "down here it is our time" at the bottom of the wishing well

>it aint that movie starts playing


The Fifth Element

the mummy

wonder what cruise will do



The Thing

>dat soundtrack

Dat giant bubble gum balloon


Lawrence of Arabia




literally no one cares about these movies aside from retarded hungarians

It's a national treasure in Germany. :(

mostly because the voice acting is legendary.

Fortunate, son!

Based user!
Jed rules!!

You fine folks are wise and good.

You make me sad inside. Find your inner Bud 'n Terrence! Live, damn you! LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

dog a cute

Based actor to come out of the 1980's too! (It is actually a fairly chilling performance.)

Lost in Translation
Fellowship of the Ring

Count of Monte Cristo

A League of their Own

Even though they're not objectively good movies, these are comfy as fuck. I just feel happy watching them.

>Lost in Translation
>not Somewhere

I've always wondered if it's only a thing here or worldwide.

Eagle Vs Shark

France here, they used to show these movies all the time during summer back in the 80's n 90's. Still find these highly entertaining.

Starship Troopers



Italy is worldwide


don't ever talk to me or my nation ever again

t. Italy

Back To The Future

Uncle Buck
Better Off Dead
Little Women
Fifth Element
Grumpy Old Men
Only The Lonely
Dumb & Dumber

you fucking faggots wouldnt know a comfy movie if it shat you in the mouth.

read and weep.

>the straight story
>the way way back
>the prestige
>home alone 1 & 2
>wild things

these are just a few examples.


>the prestige

You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

All the Indiana Jones movies and the first pirates of the Caribbean are maximum comfy. Also Muppet treasure island. Get on my level, pleb.

Good answer

>Rush Hour
>Ocean's 11
>Any 80s DePalma (Dressed to Kill - Body Double)
>Goodfellas & Casino
>Midnight Run
>Down By Law
>Most Wong Kar Wai

Any movie with Bill Murray in it, specially groundhog day

Underrated and comfy as fuck

The Evil Dead trilogy

>Uncle Buck

maximum comfy

>implying the prestige isnt comfy
dude, its so fucking comfy i literally listen to the audio to fall asleep. im not even kidding.

this shit is calming and comfy as fuck


The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou

Would you?

Most Coen bros flicks with a few exceptions could be called comfy

damn, you stole mine.

Fargo as well.

i'd say adjani makes my cock too nervous to say comfy

Basically anything made by Altman

>Short Cuts
>The Long Goodbye
>The Player

I'd still fug her at age 60 desu

Pulp Fiction


Escape from new york


Anything directed by Wes Anderson.

Dude. You're my new best friend. Nobody else loves that movie as much as me.

Oceans 11 (2001)

Role Models

>mfw quando quando quando quando

they were big here in brazil during the dictatorship when all they let air on tv was westerns and mazzaropi


La Cité Des Enfants Perdus


>The Wolf of Wall Street
>I Origins (I guess)
>Without a Paddle

Addams family & Addams family values
Blast from the past
Mystery Men
Run Ronnie Run
Swing Girls


>Blast from the past
good choice

yeah I saw it in the theater with my little sister.

>Comfy thread
>80 posts
>no-one has mentioned Juno

Are you fagets even trying?

Cornetto trilogy
True Lies



nice meme

Thanks I hand-craft all my maymays.


Harry Potter movies are always comfy up until the final ~30 minutes, because then they get spooky