Cartoons/Anime you want a film adaption of but you know they'd fuck up

Cartoons/Anime you want a film adaption of but you know they'd fuck up

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Why would I want something to be adapted, believing they'd fuck it up anyway.

They are doing a film adaption.

With a full japanese cast.


It's actually doable in live action, but there's no way they could pull together that big of an ensemble cast and have everyone be good.


LoGH HBO series

>adapting animation into live action

Literally pointless.

Watchmen HBO mini-series.

>Full japanese
>Ed, Winry, and more as Japanese


Literally why?

>not wanting to see a fantastical cartoon world come to life

Sure, something like DBZ or One Piece literally can't be adapted, but Monster or Baccano could certainly be done.

>blond haired, yellow/copper eyed characters set in Not!Germany
>cast is Japanese

This would literally be one of the few animes requiring an all white or mostly white cast.

What would a live action version of Monster or Baccano be able to do that the animated versions don't already? How would it improve them in any way?

For Monster it could be better paced and cut down on a lot of the WHOOPS DARNIT HE GOT AWAY AGAIN/JUUUUUUUST MISSED HIM.

Yeah, because that worked out great for Attack on Titan.

I'm wondering what kind of stuff Hollywood would adapt if GITS ends up being a financial success.

congratulations OP

It's just about seeing a story you like in a different format.

It's always going to be disappointing, but there's always hope that maybe one day someone will make a live action that's better than the cartoon it was based on.

Speed Racer was great.

You know the reason I enjoy cartoons that I like is because they are cartoons.

The whole series hinges on the fact that he always gets away just in the nick of time. Also, I appreciate the slower pace since they can introduce side characters and flesh them out a little.
The only thing they could improve was the ending though.

Everything before they introduce terminator maid and the incestuous vampire twins could make a solid movie.

but user, anime characters are clearly japanese. only white supremacists would believe otherwise.

Oh god, that single matching tooth.

Most anime characters are meant to be Japanese or vaguely Asian, despite the art style inspired by Disney. Full Metal Alchemist is just one of them that's actually meant to depict white people.

>he doesn't want the incestuous vampire twins

Attack on Titan as well.


Cartooning isn't drawing from life but rather other cartoons and has been since the fucking 1800s.

Well I haven't watched that one so I can't really comment

>romanian orphans forced to participate in snuff films from a very young age somehow turn into master assassins, able to elude the police and mafia by the ripe old age of 10

Yeah, the series was slightly realistic before that. Their deaths was pretty good though, but that's only because Hotel Moscow.

Why do people want this turned into live action?

It literally wouldn't work.


I think they got away with it because they were kids. Noone really suspected them to be dangerous.
Also if I am not mistaken it was unclear for a long time how they even looked like.

Depends on the anime really. It's not good to over generalize. They're all different stories, with different characters, and different artists. So you have to look at it on a case by case basis.

Could white actors really do the characters justice? I'm not talking physically. But in terms of capturing the performances. Their behaviors and actions. The Japanese have a different way of acting that makes anime unique. if you take a roll heavily influenced by Japanese culture, and hand it to some western piggu, then wouldn't that drastically alter the tone of the world?

Oh shit that would be great if they pull it off
but I think a mini-series would be better than a movie

The maid came to town and looked so out of place that everybody was aware of her by the end of the day.

Then you have these two little kids who stand out even more, and have presumably spent their entire lives locked in a basement being raped, forced to have sex with each other, and torturing/killing people on camera. Yet they're so worldly they are able to procure a hideout and go around killing people without anyone noticing them.

>japanese people """"""""acting""""""""


>wanting a film adaptation of something that is so much better as a cartoon


Whos is the secong ching chong? I wanna butfuck her in the vagina

Trying to adapt a series into a movie is always a bad idea.

I wouldn't want a a shot for shot adaptation, but as long as they kept the crazy narrative structure I'd be happy.

I love Gurren Lagann, but fuck no. Live action would be terrible.

It could work.

>It's always going to be disappointing, but there's always hope that maybe one day someone will make a live action that's better than the cartoon it was based on.
Look at your premises user. You want to see the adaptation because
>It's just about seeing a story you like in a different format.
But you'll never enjoy it because your enjoyment rests on nostalgia, and any deviation from the source material with distract you from the nostalgia magic. So any adaptation that's not a 1:1 copy will be a "disappointment" for you.

pic unrelated


>butfuck her in the vagina

It's not that hard, when the show is essentially based on one upping the previous insanity with something even more insane. The characters aren't exactly realistic either. The show just sucker punches you with the occasional sentimental moment. But other than that, it's completely wacky and cartoony. There's nothings stopping it from working, other than potential bad writers/bad director.


I abandoned all hype for live action adaptations after Aeon Flux.

Still, as much as I hate capeshit, comic fags seem to like the endless stream of movies based on their cartoons.

I wound't even bother watching something like a One Piece adaptation, but certain things could work, and it's not like many anime series haven't told the same story in multiple ways before and were still good (GitS, NGE, etc.), so the 1:1 copy argument is a moot point.

How the fuck would you even do the mech fights or the final battle? Most of the main locations and mechs would have to be cgi, unless this thing gets like a billion dollar budget. If 90% of the things you see would be cgi with just some cutaways to human actors in cockpits what is the point?

Courage the Cowardly Dog.

But not live action. Actually, it doesn't even need Courage in it. Just give Dilworth a bunch of money to make a surreal animated horror film.

The budget doesn't have to be that big.
Yes, CGI would have to be used heavily. Remember Pacific Rim?

maybe in 10 years they could make a decent LA/series.

peter jackson and guillermo del toro could probably pull it off

only if we have a full Kaworu x shinji sex scene

>Later, Shinji confesses to have also loved Kaworu, indicating how the feeling was mutual, and their relationship leading to be potentially romantic.

kills me every fucking time.

Jackson, yes. del Toro, fuck no.

del Taco's almost as bad as fucking JJ "fuck over every franchise I touch" Abrams.

this would be great, any inherent weirdness could just be shrugged off as "Oh Japan XD"

also this, it's story would've done much better as a movie, but I know they'd focus way too much on the kids with powers shit and it'd basically be an xmen spinoff

Again, what is the point if basically everything is cgi?

I don't want an anime cinematic universe. Whats wrong with the actual anime? For movies, you have to snip the plot up and waste tons of money of boring spectacles.

I heard there is one in development hell. They are trying to rename Asuka as "Kate" and Misato as "Susan"

Everything wouldn't be CGI. Duh.
What's the point in adapting *any* animation into live action, when it's already a fully fledged story in animation form?

Pacific Rim is what Evangelion would be like if everyone weren't so useless and got their shit together.

Pacific Rim was shit though.

Literally the entire final fight would be. You're just trading one form of animation for another

Evangelion isn't more like PR purely because of the Jap's massive infiriority complex. In any alternate universe they've always won WW2, and in any kind of their fiction only Japan is ever on top of an issue that could endanger the world, either that, or every other nation is secretly evil.

>In any alternate universe they've always won WW2

That's definitely not true.

>only Japan is ever on top of an issue that could endanger the world

This is true, along with the frequent alliances with Germany, both of which I always find funny.

NGE and EoE only work as anime

okay not every, but it's more common than you would think, and sometimes it's only implied, like a character will look at a news report about japan's relations with other WW2 nations and say something like "seeing this, you'd think we lost the war."

Remember that all mainstream movies must support the Jewish Cheap Labor Agenda. That means that they can only be so realistic without encouraging people to groups up along color lines. Whites especially could become dangerous to the Agenda if they got their identity back.

All mainstream movies will be very out of touch with real life for this reason.

>no one's posted the obvious yet


Ed makes my dick rock hard
Fuck your judgement

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psycho pass was fucking awesome
such a shame about season 2 though

Fuck yes

I want to fuck Ed.
Even more so if he was a boy


Howard the Duck style


Season 1 was a bad, pretentious shitfest. Fuck both seasons.

what could possibly go wrong?

Other than fucking everything, apparently ;_;

>Sup Forums-tier garbage

It'll make an excellent flick and rake in millions just like capeshit.

Well, fuck you AND your quads.

A live-action Nausicaa would probably be good, especially split into multiple parts. It's such a big story that it kinda suffers in such a cramped space. Also, while it's kinda cheating, Akira would be an amazing television series. So much was missed in the film version that a television show could elaborate on. Off the top of my head, these are the only ones I'd actually like to see an adaptation of.

FMA is perfect as an Anime/Manga. Trying to compress it would be horrifying.

Neon Genesis Evangelion could NEVER have been made in the West in any recognisable way; not the fanservice, the existentialism, the story structure, the challenging ending etc. It's a story that could only really come from Japan. I shudder to think of an American version, with a young adult Shinji overcoming all his problems by punching Angels, killing his dad when he tries to start Third Impact, and having wacky love rectangle shenanigans with Rei, Asuka and Misato.

This, by EoT director, removing all the stupid shit.

HBO miniseries of Code Geass removing all the retarded shit and idiotic mechs has so much potential as well.

>Code Geass removing all the retarded shit and idiotic mechs

That show drives on retarded shit and mechs, what are you smoking?

>remove shirley stuff, the other guy that had a geass

>remove charles britannia's stupid god destruction shit and replace it with something better

>replace the mechs with better vehicles or even exoskeletons

instantly better

>removing all the stupid shit

Literally everything is stupid shit, and they already made a live action version.

>they already made a live action version.

Japs make live action movies out of animes every week. They're always shit, and don't count anyway, because nobody wants to see chinks in a movie.

Mushishi live action was actually pretty decent.

was just about to post this

fuck realism tho I want terminator maid and incestuous vampire twins

Revy single handedly changed my stance on gun control and got me to go out and buy a Beretta (I'm still pro gun control, but am enjoying having fun while I still can).

>I'm still pro gun control


there is a film adaptation of FMA, why do people think film is synonymous with live action?

the answer for me is none, the point of animation is that it looks better than real life and that you could do things that would look cheesy as hell with special effects

Western FMA casts?
Ed - Fuck if I know, maybe Jacob Tremblay
Mustang - Sung Kang
Armstrong - Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
Maes Hughes - Ryan Gosling
Scar - Javier Bardem or Mickey Rourke
Fuhrer Bradley - Daniel Day Lewis or Gary Oldman
Gluttony - Danny Devito in a fatsuit

>casting Ed as a 9 year old

Forget it, annon; it's Hollywood

Better to just adapt the concept into something similar

Fucking this, i want one but it's gonna be soo bad.

as a mini series it would work better, as for full metal it would work better if they follow the superior original series