I don't understand the show "King of the hill"

I don't understand the show "King of the hill"

In one episode I just watched he is outraged that his niece was going to vote for a communist for president.

Then when he describe what a communist is he says "It's someone who wants to tell everyone what to do" Dictatorship can relate to communism but the politics and history of communism is much more complex than that.

He get's annoyed when she calls him a communist yet has no idea what a communist actually means...

And then he is all like "vote bush because he is a republican' yet he has no actual idea.

What is even the point of this show? That hank and his friends are readnecks? wtf

The episode where he kills Peggy explains it all

t. Dumb commie

its ironic because he is actually "telling her what to do"

also his ignorance is funny, which resembles the typical american political ignorance

you dumb fucking commies ruined my country with your "utopia"
fuck you OP

the point is that propane is the superior choice for any red-blooded american's barbecue

>its another disguised beenie thread

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You're stupid as hell OP.
I'm a vegan and I love King of the Hill

The joke is Hank is a dumb redneck fanatic who votes republican even though he would benefit more from the democratic platform. This happens to rednecks in Mississippi as well. It's not that deep OP.

If somebody asks for a well done steak you ask them politely, yet firmly, to leave.

Thats the point.

He's a bit of a redneck but the point is good American values, and being slice of life, etc.

How the fuck do I explain it?


The whole point is "Rednecks are dumb, republicans are dumb". Liberal propaganda hidden in a bad, unfunny show that wants you to vote Bernie or Hillary while your wife cucks you with Tyrone.

It's making fun of hicks and retards. For some reason hicks and retards don't get it makes fun of them, so they pretend Hank is a great father. I suspect it's because they never had a good father.

Way to miss the point of the episode you dumb fuck.

Did you watch it? Hank is an upstanding guy. It makes fun of him occasionally obviously, as being too stubborn or too pushy. But he's overall a good person.

Mike Judge was the creator, you know. The guy who made Beavis and Butthead. So it doesn't have any political allegiances I believe.

it's a smarter version of the simpsons

which isn't saying much

god I hate the simpsons. it probably singlehandedly influenced american families that being a bunch of fuckwads is okay, especially with the husbands and men of the house are dumb trope

2deep4u cuck

Hank is a good guy if you had a terrible father. He made that piece of shit bobby and married the worst woman in the world Peggy. Did you watch the show?

Bobby will grow up and mature. You were a bit of shit when you were young too and look at you now!

Peggy... fuck. He's a foolish Southern American boy, thinks your first girlfriend should be your wife.

How as Hank a bad father really? Gave Bobby experience and raised him well enough. He's clearly not perfect but good enough.

It's a slice-of-life american anime

Hank Hill isn't supposed to be right 100% of the time. He's a character, not a mouthpiece.

>it probably singlehandedly influenced american families that being a bunch of fuckwads is okay, especially with the husbands and men of the house are dumb trope
Sorry, familia, but the trope existed before Simpsons. I don't even know if it popularized it. Check out sitcoms, older kid's shows, etc.

I can't recall the details, but Flintstones might have been the first.

He not only made a little cuck who has jungle love and hanks out with ndark skinned people, but he doesn't even tell him he loved him. If you're going to make a little faggot like Bobby at least be loving.

Stop excusing his idiocy. Hank's dad is awesome and Hank used to be a Chad, but he fucking blew it. And he's a fucking retard.

>Hank isn't loving
He said he loved Bobby in the first episode and a few other times. He always wants to spend time with him: hunting, camping, cooking, etc.

>Bobby is fucking other races, making them white
That's the opposite of a cuck.

>hangs out with Dark skinned people
Pointless racism. I can't take you seriously.

I think the part I like most about King of the Hill is finally it's a sitcom where the father isn't a complete oaf/nutcase. He's shown to be a hard working, God fearing, straight shooter with a solid moral compass who is always just trying to do what he believes is best for his family. He's usually portrayed to be the "fixer" of most situations that go awry during the show and is pretty often the man with the plan.

Flinstones was just a parody of live action sitcoms of the time.

Malcolm in the middle completely nailed the "dad as an oaf" thing though. Hal was so entertaining

>hank would benefit more from the democratic platform

top lel, have you even seen the show?

white males with a job a house and a kid do not benefit from democrats

must be b8

So did the Simpsons in the earlier seasons. Homer was the perfect blend of lovable oaf / good dad/husband


The trouble with the show is that they can't really be rednecks without being a whole lot meaner.

The Hill's would be Southern Democrats and their dog would be named after Lady Bird Johnson.

But you can't be even slightly racist on TV or people might start to thing that being with their own color is a good idea. That screws up the Elite Cheap Labor scheme where they take in millions of poor brown workers.

Also, as a comedy show, the characters have to be fucking stupid or there is no joke.

A more realistic and very racist un PC show would show working class southern blacks as crazy and stupid too; just like their white counterparts. They would also show trashy Mexicans/Hispanics and make regular jokes about them.

But the Elite Cheap Labor Scheme demands that whites have no identity so they won't block the millions of poor brown workers from coming to the country.

That means little to zero funny racist comedy from the mainstream media. Too bad.

I browse Sup Forums and you're being especially retarded.

Why is everyone a "cuck" in Sup Forums's eyes? I dont understand

It seems like doing anything makes one a cuck

>tasting the heat not the meat


>that episode when Hank gives Peggy a massage and it goes horribly wrong
can you legit recover from a broken spine?

Mississippian here, I hope you get Lou Gehrig's you commie fuck

It's a fucking satire you retard

>he thought Sup Forums was serious

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More like Kino of the Hill.

You're clearly just a fucking retard though Op, either you can't understand a cartoon or you've tried to make shitty bait.

way to address my argument

why would a white person vote for leftists when they want to tax you so they can ethnically displace you?