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Essential cryptokino

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Willow creek I guess
Troll hunter

Disney's Captain America: Civil War, produced by Marvel Studios

Are you high? Exists is one of the worst films of one of the worst genres in all of film.

Willow Creek is good though.

It's the only other thing I could think of. Willow creek is definitely better though

The Legend of Boggy Creek

Abominable has a neat death scene

Pine barrens was ok I guess

The Geek
The Geek 2

Why would you call a bigfoot movie "the geek"

Sorry to fly off the handle. You should watch Wendigo (2001)

Chill might check it out

This reminds me of the haunted by Chuck Palahniuk with the story of that guy who turns into a Bigfoot one in a while, at least I think that's what happened

Willow Creek had a shit ending

bump, i love this shit

The legend is real kurwa

i can guarantee this is the only bigfoot movie where he rips a guys dick off

Wow. I think it's the first time I've seen someone mention that film.

I remember my dad used to tell me creepy stories, one of them about the Wendigo.

Was pretty excited to watch it when it was announced, didn't think much of it when I saw it. Is it worth a rewatch?



This movie is fucking insane.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
The Hunter