What's your opinion of saw? what about the sequels?

what's your opinion of saw? what about the sequels?

also saw 8 is on the way apparently.

Saw was a fantastic, original, and pretty cool surprise.

The rest of them? Pretty terrible.

Did SAW have the nicest horror movie posters ever?

>what's your opinion of saw?
Great movie
>what about the sequels?

Pretty good, sequels were absolutely shit or borderline good (2 almost worked with Jigsaw being captured and then BS-ing most of the movie, while i have a weird soft spot for 6 because the ending is very nicely edited and paced)
It's up there for sure

This shit not withstanding

yeah that's a pretty awful poster

Eh it's fitting. It is the worst SAW movie.

I liked the first 3, fell asleep watching the 4th one and never bothered with the rest.

first movie is classic, 2 is ok, 3 is disappointing. 4 is forgettable, 5 gets a bit better, 6 is actually back to good again, and 7 is terrible

they should not add on to the series at this point, it got too out of hand with the overarching mythos. But it would be fine by me if they waited a while and rebooted w/o remaking them. If the reboot is shit though, never again.


guess that's where AHS lifted their season promo images style


Saw movies are based as fuck. Anyone who dislikes them is a plebeian piece of shit. Takes a true patrician to appreciate them, so much fun.

Spoken like a true 12 year old.

protip: hating on a modern horror movie series that has a long string of sequels doesn't make you look educated, patrician and sophisticated, it makes you what you are, a 13 year old boy hating on fun movies because he thinks it'll make him seem patrician.

>i'm not 13 YOU ARE 13
Liking saw sequels is quite literally the most retarded of opinions, glad blood and le shock factor is enough to keep your feeble mind entertained. Here, this should keep you busy for a while.

I bet you hate on the Crank movies. If you don't, you sir are a hypocrite.

first one is only good one tbqh

disturbedfu is cutes in 2nd tho

protip: you're a faggot

nah you just have incredibly shit taste

First crank is good, rest are unneeded

Same with Transporter movies


>this is what people with no taste actually believe

I guess Justin Bieber is a musical genius since he's had such a long string of successful album sales.

waste of time

Reddit has arrived.

Who /sawnewsequeleveryhalloween/ here?

> first Crank is good

First Crank is boring as shit, second Crank is hour and a half action sequence.